1. Emil

    INT NW Battle Open NW Public Events

    Introduction Our server is formerly known as the Napoleonic_Role_Play server, but we're amidst an on-going renaming process in order to properly include the growing number of servers we host in the name. These servers are NARC_RP, Skagerrak_Naval, NW_Public_Events and NW_Jailbreak. As well as a...
  2. Emil

    The yearly Waterloo event

    It is what NWRP is most famous for; and it's that time of the year. The Waterloo Event is here! Beginning on the 18th of June at 7pm BST, 1 Hour Earlier than our Usual Events Like last year we will be using the Event Stages: 1st, The Defence of Hougoumont 2nd, The Defence of La Haye Sainte...
  3. Need More Info Unable to play multiplayer - disconnected from lobby every time

    Summary: Recently I haven't been able to play multiplayer at all. I'm able to get into the lobby, but every time I try to join a server I get "please wait" for 20-30 seconds before a message saying "disconnected from lobby". I've checked my firewall settings, made sure my internet was working...
  4. Resolved Siege game EU server - NOT FOUNDED

    Summary: How to Reproduce: Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: GPU: GPU Driver Version: CPU: RAM: Motherboard: Storage Device (HDD/SSD):
  5. ParzivaI

    EU Siege is gone

    Just wondering what happened to the EU siege server, I can see every single region server (NA,EA,OC,NAWest/East except for EU, also haven't been able to play the two new siege maps, since the sieges always crash.
  6. SA-MP SERVERS | | Freeroam, Events, Gangs | Server Advertisement

    Greetings everyone, Are you looking for SA-MP servers Freeroam ? There you go! :) Language Servers: English/Czech/Slovak Visit our SA-MP Servers : Server 0.3.7Client server: To connect: Server 0.3DL Client server own /islands: To connect:
  7. RomanskiDude

    Musket Era I cant use The Deluge Mod

    i jhave download the deluge mod from this site and this site and from this site...
  8. Emil

    Jailbreak (Fortnite RP) - Saturday Public Weekend Event

    On Saturday at 6pm GMT we'll be doing another JB Event (Fortnite RP) since you've all been enjoying so much.
  9. Emil

    Pike & Shotte - Sunday Public Weekend Event

    A reminder for this Weekend we are doing Pike & Shotte at 8pm GMT on Saturday & Sunday. It will be on the Public_Events Server if you haven't already installed the mod here is a link: Instruction Guide: Install PikeShotte v.2 and...
  10. Emil

    Pike & Shotte - Saturday Public Weekend Event

    A reminder for this Weekend we are doing Pike & Shotte at 8pm GMT on Saturday & Sunday. It will be on the Public_Events Server if you haven't already installed the mod here is a link: Instruction Guide: Install PikeShotte v.2 and...
  11. 你工人爷爷☭

    we need north asian server. look at the hot siege mode in EA server.

    EA siege server have 120 people recently, but see this. players average ping it's 72. excluding the minimum value of 5 and the maximum value of 284, there are also 69. most of them are Chinese, as well as Japanese and Korean. so many players endure the delay we really need a new server in...
  12. How can i give a Map a own Name?

    Hi everyone, I am a Mapper and have a own Server. I loaded my own Maps up and replaced them with other Maps. So my Question is...can i give my Maps own Names like..."TrainingsMap1"..or so? Cause it is very problematic when one of my Friends joined on the Server and cant find his Map....
  13. 你工人爷爷☭

    about east asian server

    I’m glad to hear that a new server had been set in Western NorthAmerica , but actually many players from China, Japan and Korea could hardly play the multiple games without a VPN because the server is set in Singapore and the PING is too high XD!! So could it be possible to set a closer server...
  14. LAG problemi SW sıkıntısı artık yetmedi mi?

    3 Gündür ciddi bir lag problemi yaşanıyor oynanamaz derecede artık resmen oyundan soğuttu.. Zaten mp oynayan kemik bir kitle var oda artık bezip oyunu raflara kaldıracak bu sıkıntılar ile. TÜRK menşeili bir oyun yapılıyor ve en düşük 50-60ms ping alan bu TÜRK'ler, EU Serverlerında 2-3 ms ping...
  15. Eagle'

    SG_Official / AKTİF

    SG E-Spor SG E-Spor Gaming Community, değerli oyuncularının birbirlerine saygılı bir şekilde eğlenerek oyun kabiliyetlerini geliştirmek üzere kurulmuş bir oyuncu topluluğudur. Discord sunucumuza gelerek sen de topluluğumuza katılabilirsin. Topluluk katılımcıları kurallara uymak zorundadır...
  16. Eagle'

    Resolved Multiplayer Custom Map Ekleme

    Warband sunucum için custom map eklemek istiyorum ama ne güzel harita bulabildim ne de sunucu dosyaları arasından nereye atacağımı biliyorum. Sunucu dosyaları arasından nereye atmam gerekiyor harita dosyalarını? Ayrıca önerebileceğiniz mapler varsa sevinirim
  17. In Progress About game disconnection and ping issues

    1.In fact, servers in Asia cannot be used. I tried to play for twenty minutes without starting the game. It is accessible when using European and North American servers. Asians cannot use Asian servers, which is a good joke。Why not add some AI to the match? 2.Every once in a while, I will...
  18. Abbakus_86

    Resolved Game Crashes after every match ending in tdm and siege servers

    After 1.5.4 patch the game constantly crashing after every match.
  19. lokaler Warband Server - "Ihr wurdet verbannt"

    Hallo Leute, ich möchte gerne im lokalen Netzwerk einen Mount & Blade Warband Server einrichten. Das funktioniert auch wunderbar und der Server wird von den Clients gefunden, aber ich kann mich nicht mit dem Server verbinden. Es kommt jedes Mal die Fehlermeldung: "Ihr wurdet von diesem Server...
  20. CeyXiong

    Lütfen Artık Multiplayer'a Kayda Değer bir Güncelleme Getirin.

    Dakikalarca oyun aratıyorum 5 dakika diğer oyuncuları bekliyoruz ve sonucunda 3vs3 olarak başlıyoruz oyuna. Kemik kitleniz Bannerlord'dan nefret ettiler hatta bir arkadaşım klan olarak tamamen bırakmışlar oyunu düzelene kadar indirmeyeceğini söyledi. Keza bizde de oyun Multiplayer açısından...
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