1. Resolved Multiplayer'a bağlanmıyor

    Selamun Aleyküm , bu kaçıncı yazışım bilmiyorum ama , şu sorunu düzeltin artık Bannerlord'da Multiplayer'a girdiğim zaman "Lobi ile olan bağlantı kesildi" "Sunucuya Bağlanılamadı" hataları alıyorum eğer ban yediysem'de söyleyin ama bi anda bu sorun olmaya başladı. Lütfen düzeltin artık Banner...
  2. Filips

    [SA] Mount&Blade Latinoamérica Videos

    Hello, I open this thread so that you can publish your videos of our Latin community, be it Warband, Napo or Bannerlord, we currently have Bannerlord servers thanks to our collaborators so we will be uploading them so that you can have fun and remember old moments. Thanks for watching, likes or...
  3. Filips

    DedicatedCustomServer.Starter.exe Crash

    I have problems with my servers, they always go down due to this crash and they don't last more than a day. I have them running on a VPS, this never happens with Warband servers only with Bannelord in any Battle mode, Siege, TDM, etc. even without people on them. Problem Event Name...
  4. Filips

    ¿Cuando servidores oficiales para Sudamérica?

    Después de 4 años todavía no hay nada, así como agregaron servidores para OC y EA, ¿por qué no para SA? @armagan ¿Qué pasó?
  5. Filips

    When official servers for South America?

    After 4 years there is still nothing, just as they added servers for OC and EA, why not for SA? @armagan What happened?
  6. KaiserAsh

    Need More Info Xbox Launcher still cant play on non xbox servers

    Summary: the Xbox launcher (Microsoft store edition) still cant play anything other then taleworlds xbox servers this is a big problem and it seems you guys dont care about it much when its effecting alot of people and some potential reasons this is happening is because we are still on...
  7. KaiserAsh

    In Progress Microsoft store edition (PC) can only play on xbox servers

    Summary: Microsoft store edition (PC) can only play on xbox servers. before the new update (I forgot the name) we could play with steam and other platforms but when the new update came out all it shows is some xbox servers and It is really annoying because I play alot of multiplayer mods I dont...
  8. In Progress Cant connect to my Server, see it in the Serverlist but Server not respond

    Summary:Unable to play Multiplayer, Login Failed Hello, i use this Tutorial to start my (local) Server. I can login to Bannerlord Custom Server Dashboard at IP 192xxxxx:7210 and start the Server (GameMode) Server is listet but has no Ping...
  9. Resolved Trying to run a dedicated server; it shows up in the list but I cannot join (Your connection with the server timed out)

    I am using a bare metal dedicated server from OVHCloud with Linux 22.04 LTS and I have been trying for literal weeks to get this thing to work. Before using OVHCloud, I also tried hostinger and my own old windows laptop--both could display the server in the server list but had the same issue of...
  10. Matim

    In Progress EU TDM servers full during peak hours

    Summary:Hello TW, your game gets more awesome every month and sadly since CRPG devs arent as awesome as you are there are more and more people willing to play your tdm to get good at the game and sadly your eu tdm server is full during eu peak hours! Could you please open another one or...
  11. Blayde

    In Progress Can enter server but it's empty

    Summary:so this morning I was playing without any issues but stopped went AFK for 2h came back and when i entered server i couldn't see anybody the server say warm-up and 00:00 time like shown in picture and i can't join, friend advised me to delete bin and documents files of banner lord i did...
  12. [BRE] Falcom

    BRE Public siege

    The Kingdom of Bretonnia welcomes seasoned warriors and fresh-faced recruits alike to our public siege server. Join us to experience large-scale public seating on a range of shared maps (thanks to mappers) and our own custom maps (BRE Siege Mod). In order to ensure an enjoyable experience for...
  13. Filips

    South America Official Server When?

    When will there be a server for South America? at least one in tdm or battle mode
  14. Unable to login since yesterday

    "Could not get access from your platform service." Login server down again?
  15. Winnie

    In Progress Dedicated Server Shutting Down with Delay during Map Changes

    Summary: Dedicated Server Shutting Down with Delay during Map Changes. This problem is most likely to occur on servers with more than 40 players. It seems that lobby actively disconnects from the server during the map change phase. It is not clear why, but it greatly affects the number of...
  16. Winnie

    Resolved Captain Client & Server Will Crash after More Than 8 Players on One Side at the Round Starts

    Summary: Captain Client & Server Will Crash after More Than 8 Players on One Side at the Round Starts. How to Reproduce: Make one side have 9 players after round start, Client & Server will crash at the same time. Media (Screenshots & Video): There is no log or other information, because it is...
  17. Winnie

    In Progress Captain Server Will Crash after Respawn a Large Number of Agent at the Round Starts

    Summary: Captain Server Will Crash after Respawn a Large Number of Agent at the Round Starts. The probability of this issue occurring on different maps is different, presumably related to the number of respawn points placed on each map. But it seems that some community players have fixed the...
  18. Resolved Server stats for custom servers

    Hello, maybe it's not the best forum to post my question. But is it possible to allow custom stats tracker for custom servers? For example you can add some config line with an url of the webhook and after each round the server will post simple JSON data (user login / kills/ deaths) to this...
  19. CEOofCalradia

    Closed High unstable ping on official TW servers

    Summary: I have this problem where I get high pings on official TW servers (any gamemode either through matchmaking or joining through custom server list). However, on private servers I have good pings. This only happens on official TW servers. I'm located in Germany and it's impossible to earn...
  20. Draggonfang

    Resolved Game Ended Server Not Responding

    Summary: Multiplayer matches on Taleworlds servers crashing How to Reproduce: Join almost any Taleworlds MP server Scene Name (if related): Seems to be any Computer Specs: OS: Win10 GPU: RTX 2060 Super GPU Driver Version: CPU: i7-10700 RAM: 32GB Storage (SSD): 970 Evo Plus 1TB...
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