1. Resolved There are no OC taleworlds servers, again

    Summary: I would like to play some multiplayer, however, there are no OC servers up. How to Reproduce: Connect to bannerlord multiplayer, go to 'Custom Server List', try and find an official OC taleworlds server OS: GPU: GPU Driver Version: CPU: RAM: Motherboard: Storage Device (HDD/SSD):
  2. TheCrusader5

    In Progress Constantly getting logged out of multiplayer when trying to assemble party

    Summary: The game will constantly log you out when you are in the lobby. This is terrible when trying to create clan games, since people constantly get logged out and whenever one person gets in the party another gets logged out. How to Reproduce: Play mp and try to create parties it will...
  3. Falmeer

    Console Bannerlord servers

    When you guys drop Bannerlord on consoles. Please for the love of god put NA console servers in Chicago so we can have a central server instead of west players getting ****ty end of the stick.
  4. Fantasy Other Running my own dedicated Bannerlord server

    I would like to run my own mods on my own Bannerlord server for myself and my friends, much like I already do with Minecraft. Are there resources for doing this? I am hoping someone can point me to resources that others are using for running their own modded server? Are there other community...
  5. Randomly logged out of lobby over and over

    Myself and my group keeps getting logged out of lobby every few minutes, which makes it almost impossible to form a party for skirmish.
  6. Marth The Gryphonhearted

    MP Medieval New Permanent PK Server + Discord Forum!

    Hello Folks, I am here to inform you that a team consisting of some good friends of mine has decided to host a new PK server based in Europe, focused on balanced gameplay instead of role-playing. The server is called [PK]_Premium, and it is accessible for the public 24/7! If you are interested...
  7. Looks like the login servers are down again

  8. All NA servers disappeared

    All NA servers seem to have disappeared for both east and west. Thankfully we still have the GK servers up to get us through the weekend, but wtf.
  9. Mount&Blade Latinoamérica

    Mount&Blade Latinoamérica Admin General Facebook / Server & Discord: -Patricio Andres Rain Flores (Pato) -Franco Nicolas Martinez (el_miniums)...
  10. Vinn7

    South América Server can be biggest

    Hello everyone, in special the developers. Greetings from South America Dear TaleWorlds, I'll be brief with your time. I am the representative of the Warband group in Brazil, we are a lot of fans of the game Mount & Blade, we have created big tournaments and some paid with prizes and we want to...
  11. what's wrong with EA server?

    Why East Asia servers disappeared for a day?
  12. Winnie

    Consider Setting Up a Battle Mode Server in CN Region

    I am very pleased that Taleworlds recently opened up custom battle servers in Europe and North America. Battle mode is definitely the most anticipated game mode, I asked @NIN3 several times if it could open a similar server in East Asia, only to be told that the custom server is still in a small...
  13. [BRE] Gilles / Olgarth

    [BRE] Sunday Roleplay Event [Weekly Event] 1 SLOT FREE

    BRETONNIE ROLEPLAY EVENT SUNDAYS 8.30 PM French hour RULES Infantry (3 maximum per side) 10 ppl minimum. 2 lines minimum. Moving and attack on formation only. You cannot disperse in any case, under any condition or pretext. No throwing weapons. No loot. Archers 12 ppl maximum 1 line...
  14. Kaiser_SG

    Custom order menu

    Hello there! Someone can help me to do a custom order menu (b menu) for a Napoleonic Wars server. Thx.
  15. Goyyyio

    Resolved No south american servers

    Summary: We're a HUGE region with an incredible amount of players, but no one wants to play multiplayer because we dont have a server, and playing your game with 120 ping in NA and 250 in Europe is pain. I dont know why aren't you giving your players any feedback or answers on this, but we have...
  16. A1ex

    In Progress Disconnection from lobby

    Summary: How to Reproduce: Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10 GPU: GeForce 1060 6GB GPU Driver Version: 497.29 CPU: i7 960 RAM: 12 GB Motherboard: Gigabyte g1 sniper Storage Device (HDD/SSD): ssd samsung After 2-3 minutes stying at lobby...
  17. Unresolved kicked from the server (legit serial key)

    Hi everyone, as in the title I brought m&b warband about 10 years ago from amazon.. I never shared my key but I used it on the computer that I brought with and after 3 years that computer broke down and I got a temporary one that I downloaded and used that key as well.. and after that one, I got...
  18. [OSOD] Imperator

    Need More Info Ping issue still persists... am I able to help?

    Summary: The reason I am asking this is because my ping issues are still happening and I still constantly get about 200 ping in NA East servers. Am I able to help by doing the WinMTR and sending it to someone? Because if it helps resolve the server ping issues or at the very least help speed it...
  19. Kaiser_SG

    NW Coding Help with menu

    Hello everyone! I'm new in modding world, and i like so much this game. I play a lot of servers in witch this menu appears, and i decided to make one for my server, but i don't know how. Someone can recommend me some guide or template. thx
  20. Unresolved Dedicated Server Issues

    I'm struggling to get my dedicated server to show on the server list to allow me to play with friends, annoyingly I can host successfully on WFaS but not Warband. I have done the following so far in attempts to get it working : Port Forwarded 7240-7242 UDP/TCP which are showing open on...
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