1. Emil

    JB Gamemodes

    JailArena (JArena) The guards and prisoners spawn facing each other. Both teams stay in their spawn areas. The Warden (acting as a referee) takes his position. He calls one or more fighters from either team to join the arena. They fight. Each team should have an equal number of fighters. After...
  2. Emil

    NARC Gamemodes

    Kingdoms Players have to group up into factions and claim one of the bases on the map. After some time those fractions may declare wars against others or make some diplomatic moves. The goal is to defeat other kingdoms and rule the land. Frontiers You need to settle this wild land. Like in...
  3. Emil

    NRP Gamemodes

    Battle Random nation versus random nation. Infantry follow their officers and cavalry follow their general. It's not allowed to kill surrenders. Line up in front of them and wait for the fire command from an admin or officer. Surrenders must announce it, drop their weapons and keep their hands...
  4. Emil

    Player/Admin Complaints

    Victim (In-game name of the victim, whether it be you or someone else): Server (On which of our servers did the incident occur? NRP, JB, NARC, Discord): GUID (The string of numbers which is automatically sent in the in-game welcome message. Put 0 if you don't receive it): Suspect (The in-game...
  5. Emil

    Unban Requests

    Name (Your in-game name at the time): GUID (The string of numbers which is automatically sent in the in-game welcome message. Put 0 if you don't receive it): Date (When did you get banned?): Server (Which of our servers did you get banned on? NRP, JB, NARC, Discord): Reason(s) (Explain why you...
  6. Waterz

    Taleworlds hosting, the problem...

    This is a rant straight up and I'm probably making a fool of my self but whatever. As we all know by now TW is hosting an event, which is great and all but my problem is when I ask for a server for its clans in the game. The people who kept Warband going as a game for more than 5 years, with...
  7. havena

    BL Coding server behavior / MP mod development

    Can u add server behavior for multiclientserver in current or beta BL branch, or give beta access to dedicated for MP mod development. currently impossible to work on multi mods :/ best regards

    I think the devs need to open up the multiplayer for us to host our own servers. The fact that there is only 2 north american servers is pretty silly IMO. i love the game and cant wait to play captain mode with my friends.... however we cant. devs please help
  9. Emil

    NW DLC - EU Campaign - Public Event

    Public Event on the Napoleonic Role Play Server in Mount & Blade: Warband - Napoleonic Wars DLC Join VOIP at
  10. PowerToni

    Can't find a single match

    Today a friend of mine bought the game and wanted to do a siege together, but we couldn't find a single match. There isn't even one server in europe. Please, don't let the game die before it even begins.
  11. Feldmarschall Ben

    NW_Unofficial_EU1 - Reviving Battle

    NW Unofficial EU 1 + is the good kind of server you have lost track of + provides Battle-Experience such as we have missed from the old days of MM/NW + offers fun gameplay reworked old maps and much nostalgy + is approved by Old Nosey 2020 has made the numbers of players who enjoy Napoleonic...
  12. Zen-G

    Çok Oyunculu'da Yaşanan Genel Sıkıntılar ve Beklenen Çözümler !

    Herkese selamlar. Bu konu başlığı altında kendim de bizzat deneyimlediğim ve birçok konu başlığı altında da gözlemlediğim sorunlara değineceğim. En az birini bile yaşıyorsanız belirtin ki yöneticiler ve geliştiriciler yapılacak ve düzeltilecek iş rotasına belki bunlardan birini ekler. 1)Oyun...
  13. Unresolved Multiplayer wont load with the new update

    Error code is: Version mismatch, Server Version: e1.0.0 - your version e1.0.10 so the servers version needs changing even though there where no corrections to multiplayer in this update :)
  14. metafa

    Server-side mods and how clients use/sync with them

    We just talked about this in the other thread, but I will try to summarize the arguments, correct me if I'm wrong. So we all hope there will be dedicated community-run servers (and I cannot imagine there won't, let's assume there will be) which will open the door for server-side mods, which...
  15. Unresolved Battle Server Crashed

    Half my games, I get disconnected and says battle server crashed. I play on NA and mostly captain and siege. Anyone else have this issue?
  16. Dedicated Server Software?

    Is there a way for me to host one of those servers in custom games?
  17. Nwoym

    Russian Far East Matchmaking

    Loving the game so far, just wonder if there were any plans for Eastern part of Russian Federation servers for matchmaking? All servers from my place have minimum 166ms on Europe, on Asia 250ms. Can't play with this pings, please make official servers or give us alternative solution. I live...
  18. Unable to send bug report/logs

    See attached screenshot. Server returns a 403 and bug report/log submission fails. This is from singleplayer.
  19. Duel Servers and Death Match missing

    It seems strange to me that modes from Warband, such as Duel Servers and Deathmatch, are missing from the game. Duel servers are especially important for practicing and learning the game for new players, and those who want to become skilled.
  20. Rilox

    Calradian Chargers Bannerlord Community on Discord Hello, I have created this server, to make an early in-game community, before the release, or for those, who have Beta Access, like me. It is rudimentary in this phase, but if you guys are interested, you could join to the server.
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