Unit control! Captains! An Optional idea!

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I had an idea after watching a multiplayer battle! The captain, which is the main character, always has to run back and forth between different units like cavalry, archers, and infantry to control them! This is find an dandy. But I had an idea! An idea I would like to share to possibly make the game more fluent and immersive at the same time!​

  1. wouldn’t It be cool If you could make followers captains of certain units? You could assigned them to archers, cavalry or infantry! That way, when you want to command a unit, all you have to do is press a key which would switch you back and forth between captains. This would eliminate having to walk all the way back to a unit to command it precisely.

2. in multiplayer this can be done by either buying captains for certain units. Or crossing to control them natively. If a captain does die, you would just loose the benefit of switching back and forth between units, and would continue as normal. I’m sure the units could revive some sort of moral and unit buffs for having a captain! Tell me what you think!!​


Oooh that’s really cool! Haven’t played the game yet only seen videos! Can you control them?
If I remember correctly, important characters (lords or companions) will control part of the army depending on who has the highest amount of influence (I believe), and they will control this unit depending on their character/personality.


I like your idea but at this point they will not implement anything new. However what you are saying is similar to how it is in singleplayer at the moment. You can assign "captains" to certain units for example, a captain to lead archers and another to lead cavalry whilst you, yourself lead the infantry. And for example if you are in your kings army and slowly progress in the ranks you might get assigned as a captain yourself (this I am not 100% sure about but I believe it will be like this) BUT if it isnt like that then when you join a battle with your army and your kings army then the king or highest rank will lead the battle I believe and you might get assigned as captain to certain troops.(this I am also not 100% sure about but they will implement something similar to the 2 examples I have given :razz: )

But keep your idea as that is something that is possible to do with mods if anyone has the dedication to do it (which I believe the m&b modders always do) Sounds like an experimental and fun idea though!
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