1. Winnie

    In Progress Skirmish Client Will Crash after More Than 6 Players on One Side Immediately

    Summary: Skirmish Client Will Crash after More Than 6 Players on One Side Immediately. How to Reproduce: Make one side have 7 players, all players on a side with more than 7 will crash. "[Custom Server] Fixed a server crash that occurred when more than 6 players joined a team during a skirmish...
  2. Need More Info Web UI is blank

    Summary: After following server setup, I attempt to log into Web UI for the first time and get a 500 error along with a blank screen How to Reproduce: 1. Opened the required port in my router and created port forwarding rules in my computer's firewall (UDP and TCP) 2. Downloaded Mount and Blade...
  3. Errayn


    Summary: Can I ask the reason why family sharing is enabled again in multiplayer? We noticed people started again to evade bans. Do I need to fight for it to be disabled again every 2 months ? or is it better for us to develop different methods to ban people? What is the clear stance on this...
  4. Unresolved Multiplayer on consoles is still unplayable other then custom battles and a few questions

    Summary: Hello dear support person from taleworlds team I have been playing the game since realease on ps4 and i am very happy how much bugs and improvment you have implemented to singleplayer(especially crashes on the new version maybe 1 crash per 10 hourse when in the last one it was every 3...

    Future plans for modes or dlc or mods

    As a player of the community. I see major improvements all round. Here's a quick poll for future plans.... All platforms ideas drop your own.. You can vote 3 times
  6. Add more EU servers. (Xbox Multiplayer)

    You soemtimes have to wait 30 minutes to have a EU sever to pop up...its annoying. There are always East NA and West NA servers aviable for every mode but no EU even though there are as much as EU players as American, if not even more...
  7. About the new animations for female characters.

    They are abysmal. They look completely out of place, unnatural and ruin the feel of game. These are the kind of animations you would expect in combination with bikini armors. I can't take the game seriously when my character has animations like these. Nobody asked for this. The old animations...
  8. In Progress Captain mode and player hosted servers on xbox.

    Hello dear tech supporters! The latest update fixed an important problem and that we are thankful of! But there would be two more things that would make the multiplayer on console almost perfect! First, the captain mode is literally almost unplayable. To get into a captains game with friends...
  9. Guys save multiplayer for xbox?

    I posted this on tech support but I was told to try it hear too. Im talking about bannerlord on xbox here btw. About the "No connection, check your internet" bug. Look mates I know you guys dont give two ***** about this game or us but please just hear us out. Its a bug. It has nothing to do...
  10. RalliX

    B Native Reworked Troops & Items

    Reworked Troops & Items Version 0.2 Released Feb 24th 2023 to fix some bugs and further polish. This is meant to update the gameplay feel of Native while preserving it's spirit and character. I've heavily...
  11. [BRE] Hildebrand

    Toggle HUD keybinding

    For screenshot and recording purposes in multiplayer I'd love to have several options: - Keybinding that toggles Friendly Troops Banners and HUD only (ui.toggle_ui disables unit selection screen as well) - Option to have friendly troops banners show only when pressing ALT.

    Düello oyun türünde bu saldırı ve savunma türü nasıl yapılıyor?

    Hepinize esenlikler dilerim. Mount & Blade: Warband'in çok oyunculu seçeneğinde düello oyun türünde her gün hatrı sayılır vakit geçiriyorum. Mevlana gibi döne döne, rastgele yerlere baka baka saldırı ve savunma yapan oyuncuları görüyorum. Ben yalnızca düz saldırı ve savunma yapabiliyorum...
  13. CEOofCalradia

    In Progress High unstable ping on official TW servers

    Summary: I have this problem where I get high pings on official TW servers (any gamemode either through matchmaking or joining through custom server list). However, on private servers I have good pings. This only happens on official TW servers. I'm located in Germany and it's impossible to earn...
  14. takeoshigeru

    Suggestion General Avoid modifying the given AgentBuildData in Mission.SpawnAgent

    The AgentBuildData is a great API, we can specify everything we need to create an agent. However when calling Mission.SpawnAgent(AgentBuildData) the final spawned agent can be different from the created AgentBuildData. For example: Mission.SpawnAgent overrides AgentBuildData.Age...
  15. CaptainFracas

    Now that the siege servers work. Taleworlds should enable to TK on those.

    I played 2 games of Siege in a public server yesterday: The fact that there is no TK on those is really not helping the multiplayer I think 🤔 Many aspects of the combat are downgraded because of it. I know it's like this to help the beginners against the experienced players but to me, the...
  16. CaptainFracas

    1.0.3 finally fixed the sieges !?!?

    I tried to play some multiplayer sieges yesterday and it seems that the server doesn't crash any more 😃 Was very fun: Has anyone experienced some crashs in sieges since the release of 1.0.3 ?
  17. Nyvere


  18. KD Deathmatch

    I dont know it's legal or not in this forum community but you always welcome KD Deathmatch. We have Neo-GK mod in our native server so make sure to install NeoGK in your native before joining the fun. Our Juniors and High Admins have leading the server in Modded arena map and more modded maps...
  19. Grimmjow

    Unresolved Sunucuya Bağlanılamıyor Hatası!

    Fazla söze gerek yok, uzun zaman sonra gireyim dedim giremiyorum.
  20. Draggonfang

    Resolved Game Ended Server Not Responding

    Summary: Multiplayer matches on Taleworlds servers crashing How to Reproduce: Join almost any Taleworlds MP server Scene Name (if related): Seems to be any Computer Specs: OS: Win10 GPU: RTX 2060 Super GPU Driver Version: CPU: i7-10700 RAM: 32GB Storage (SSD): 970 Evo Plus 1TB...
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