1. Xanno

    Resolved Fantom hits

    Summary:All on video and screens below. I attacked guys and he didnt get any damage (on video and srcins you can see that weapon goes throgh his body) Otherwise i got killed by weapon that wasnt touched my character. How to Reproduce: playing this game in multiplayer Scene Name (if related)...
  2. Eagle'

    TR One-Handed Düello Turnuvası [Kazanan: Titan]

    Eagle' ve yetkili ekibin siz değerli oyuncular için düzenlemiş olduğu "TR Duel Tournaments" etkinliklerinin ilkini tanıtmaktan onur duyuyoruz. Düello şeklinde olacak bu etkinliklerden birincisinin konsepti "Tek elli kılıçlar" olacaktır. Tüm katılımcılara şimdiden başarılar. - Turnuva formatı...
  3. TheBard ✂

    Need More Info Frame Drops

    There is no need to explain it in detail, basicly entire game has frame drops in MP and it is annoying and ruining the fun. Just wanted to make you devs aware of it.
  4. Snorri

    Tips for a new players in multi

    In main multiplayer menu, loading screens and all other waiting time, there should be tips for new players, like: "shield wall is good formation to save your troops from arrows, but don't work well in close combat (capitan mode)", "Axes and maces deals better with armored enemies then swords"...
  5. El español

    Bannerlord online more toxic than chernobyl

    Well, the title said it all. Skirmish is totally full of people with mental problems and childhood traumas, I played around 20 - 30 games on skirmish (so I'm quite new ) sometimes I do quite decent, sometimes I end 0 - 9 , that is called learning. anyway is EVERY SINGLE game of skirmish I had...
  6. OSP Code QoL Day and Night Cycle

    Hello fellow modders! I have managed to make a day and night cycle in a mission for scenes. Here is my work. It is free for use and no need to credit me as an author. It is designed to work in multiplayer but you can change it a little bit to a single player design. Note: If you want...
  7. Resolved Help error to enter multiplayer

    Resumo : Hello good morning, my game goes normal in campaign mode but in multiplayer when I put to enter a box with the following information appears: 11:04:32: Installing BattlEye Service... 11:04:33: Failed to install BattlEye Service (4, 5). Como reproduzir : Nome da cena (se relacionado)...
  8. Rottensnare

    Servers on a sunday evening.

    Siege server almost always shuts down after the match, after that almost no one playing on the EU servers, as it can take several minutes for a few dozen players to come back. Skirmish is either stacks of semi-pro players or 3v3 since no one really plays this game. Not sure if TaleWorlds can do...
  9. TheBard ✂

    Resolved EU Servers have problems

    Summary: Well, EU Duel and SaB are more dead than online recently. How to Reproduce: you can't even reproduce, you can't log in. Happens a lot recently. Scene Name (if related): - Media (Screenshots & Video): @MArdA TaleWorlds
  10. HeinzAnimation

    Resolved Login Failed - Could not connect to server.

    Hello, i can not connect on to the MP Servers, trying it for an hour now. It worked yesterday, but not today. (Server Issues?) OS: Windows 10 GPU: GTX 1080 GPU Driver Version: 471.11 CPU: Ryzen 7 3700x RAM: 16 GB Motherboard: MPG B550 Gaming Plus Storage Device (HDD/SSD): HDD, SDD (Game Running...
  11. A fix I had in mind to the ramboing issues

    I think everyone hates ramboes (except for cav players who go rambo themselves ofc) but the solutions i had seen, like tether distances or an autokick dont really sound that effective. What I had in mind was a morale system, similar to the one in singleplayer but a bit more different. I'll...
  12. Danny5

    Skirmish troops selection when dead

    Just what the title says. When you die and you lost your lives, just a small suggestion on allowing us to pre select our troop when we die for the next round. So in that way, we can take our time in choosing, instead of feeling rushed, as I do. Lol
  13. jovechiere

    Need More Info [1.6.1] Crash game on Horse Death with Infantry Lance

    Summary: I was calmly killing several Vlandian cavalrymen, when one of them triggered a strange message in an error dialog box. "Method not implemented for network message. event_type: 0" How to Reproduce: In multiplayer, stand still and let the horse charge at you. Scene Name (if related)...
  14. Resolved CTD when logging into multiplayer

    Summary: CTD when logging into multiplayer. Can get past splash screen. Have tried, updating drivers, uninstalled game (from steam, documents), Verified files, How to Reproduce: Launch multiplayer, wait till login screen. Scene Name (if related): x Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs...
  15. TheBard ✂

    Need More Info Can't login to multiplayer // if it works, random logouts

    Summary: I can't get past the login mask. If I get past the login mask, I will get disconnected. Problem starts around afternoon as far as I have noticed it How to Reproduce: Not sure what causes it, but logging in afternoon/evening/night is more or less impossible. Scene Name (if related): -...
  16. Xanno

    Resolved Got damaged even when i wasnt touched by enemys sword

    Summary: All in video. (start on 5 sec) I get this ghost damage every day. There was around half of meter betwen me and enemys sword. Repair your game How to Reproduce: playing this game in multiplayer Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: Win 10 GPU: sapphire...
  17. Eagle'

    HUN Gaming Community / Powered by Eagle'

    HUN GAMING COMMUNITY HUN Gaming Community Eagle' tarafından oyuncuların birbirlerine saygılı bir şekilde eğlenerek oyun kabiliyetlerini geliştirmek amacıyla kurulmuş olup 21.12.2020 tarihinden beri M&B Warband topluluğuna hizmet vermektedir. Katılımcılar genel Discord ve topluluk kurallarına...
  18. Resolved Disconnected mid multiplayer game - "Could not destroy your old session."

    Title says all, perfectly normal game suddenly disconnected mid game, or timed out or something. Then when i tried to restart my game it said "Could not destroy your old session" and is completely unplayable multiplayer wise, which is the only thing I play bannerlord for Help?
  19. Kickpolls don´t work if the player kicked can join back.

    Unless add a period of 20 minutes or something before joining back, I don´t know what else to say.
  20. sj_dj01

    Resolved Unable to log into multiplayer - Version mismatch

    Summary: I am unable to log into multiplayer. I go through the loading screen but right before logging into the places where I can queue for a game, I am met with a message that my version is incorrect. I have verified, redownloaded, and gone back to the previous version (1.5.8) <-- "eight"...
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