1. Favoras

    Closed Ugly gradient banding on menu background images in multiplayer

    Summary: Ugly gradient banding on menu background images in multiplayer, which I fixed with my mod, but I think it should be included in the base game (it is logical + to allow playing on official servers in MP). Maybe there's a reason you did it this way, like for some sort of optimisation or...
  2. Filips

    ¿Cuando servidores oficiales para Sudamérica?

    Después de 4 años todavía no hay nada, así como agregaron servidores para OC y EA, ¿por qué no para SA? @armagan ¿Qué pasó?
  3. In Progress [Multiplayer] Can't log in. Stuck forever on 'Logging in'.

    Summary: Can't log in to Multiplayer. Firewall not a problem. On main branch. How to Reproduce: Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: Win 10 64 GPU: 4070 GPU Driver Version: CPU: i7-6700k RAM: 16 Gb Motherboard: Storage Device (HDD/SSD): SSD As some others...
  4. Namakan

    In Progress Echerion - Wall without collision

    On Echerion, at the respawn location in the screenshot above, you can shoot, walk and jump through the wooden part of the wall between the stone and the tarp (top left above the water fountain, basically). This is especially an issue because it allows players another way (and angle of attack!)...
  5. In Progress Nord Town map exploit

    Summary: Nord Town like all multi-player maps is beset by map glitches, in the linked video I demonstrate cheating players and how to recreate the exploit they are using. How to Reproduce: The video tells all. Scene Name (if related): Nord Town Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs...
  6. Acorn

    Need More Info Server Shuts Down When Changing Map Multiple Times With In-Game Admin Panel

    Summary: When running an event, I need to change the map on the server multiple times. I found that if I change the map more than a few times, the server shuts down forcing me to relaunch to progress the event. My gut feeling is when the map is changed using the admin panel, it resets the...
  7. Duratan

    Selling Customization Items in Multiplayer

    The selling back of an item for 2/3 of the original cost should definitely be a feature in Bannerlord multiplayer. This allows more freedom.
  8. Popowiczka

    EU Native Skirmish Open [BNL] Bannerlord Native League #4 - Skirmish tournament (signups open untill 20th of January)

    Warriors of Calradia! We are happy to announce the fourth season of the Bannerlord Native League! The tournament will mainly be hosted through our Discord server. Signups will be done through this forum thread and an overview of rules, team rosters and match results can be found on our forums...
  9. AoC

    Can we talk about gold in TDM/Siege?

    Right now, in TDM you start with 120 gold. You get 10 gold for first melee/ranged kill and first 3 assists (dealing 40+ damage to an enemy someone else killed). You get 2 gold for each kill, and 1 gold for each assist after first 3. If you kill higher cost enemy, you earn half the cost...
  10. LordMamalakis

    Servers empty ?

    one week now max pop i've seen is 19 ppl on a deathmatch. Nothing more nothing less
  11. Winnie

    Need More Info [v1.2.7] Duel Mode Client Crash

    Summary: I was just staying as an observer in the Duel Mode Server when the Client suddenly crashed without warning, this is a common crash, please investigate in detail How to Reproduce: It is possible to stay on a duel server for long periods of time. Scene Name (if related)...
  12. Turnaround

    Please Re-enable Team Damage on Siege and TDM 🙏🏼

    Playing yesterday with team damage was great, first time I’ve had this much fun on public servers. It’s so hard to enjoy siege when archers can just shoot into combat and players roam in deathballs without having to worry about teamkilling or block.
  13. Namakan

    [1.2+] Hosting Dedicated Servers on Linux

    Hey there! Few people asked so I figured I'd post a quick guide on setting up a dedicated Bannerlord server on Linux using the native Linux files rather than using wine and the Windows files. Mind you, this will not go deep into how to configure your server - for that, I would suggest looking at...
  14. Game disconnets loses your loot for the match

    Hi all, anybody had this issue ? When for some reason the game disconnets while you are in a match, you appear to be losing all the accumulated loot while playing the session. Example: You played 3 team deatmaches, on the third one the game disconnects and when you eventually login again you...
  15. Cquarto91

    Full Invasion 3 Peasant crossbowgirl

    1st time playing it so insane lol I didn't know you could become elite crossbowman until I played today lol.
  16. Zeozzz

    Fix matchmaking!

    Fix matchmaking! It's been impossible to play and earn gold for customisation for a year now. People are just not there.
  17. Need More Info Unable to launch multiplayer

    Summary: I cannot launch multiplayer from the Bannerlord Launcher. I have played single player many times, and this is the first time I have gave multiplayer a go. When mousing over the play button there is no change and the button is just a blue colour How to Reproduce: Scene Name (if related)...
  18. Ashhh

    Bannerlord Türkiye Ligi

    🛡️ Bannerlord Türkiye Ligi Sunucusu'na Hoş Geldiniz! 🏹 Selamlar Dostlar! Bannerlord'un heyecan ve drama dolu dünyasına hoş geldiniz! Türkiye'nin en büyük ve en aktif Multiplayer topluluğuna katıldığınız için teşekkür ederiz. Sunucumuz, sizin için unutulmaz anlar ve eğlenceli vakitler sunuyor...
  19. Gotha

    Resolved [MP/SP] Graphic menu glitches / artifacts

    Summary: Some players encountered graphic glitches / missing / wrong textures in HUD when switching between branches - in this case between 1.1.6 to 1.2.5. Afaik It's fixable by deleting the %programdata%\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\Shaders directory. How to Reproduce: Happens sometimes when...
  20. xXGodz__ZeusXx

    MP MP Suggestions. Voip / Nicknames

    Add proximity chat to the base game - This will bring hype and content A lot of players found Holdfast and War of Rights because of the VoIP system charging a shield wall with a battle cry will be epic. This feature is already in the game just not used. Nickname changing - Allow all players to...
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