1. Faranox

    Need More Info [1.5.6] MP kicked from game 'Not Logged In'

    Summary: In the middle of several games of Skirmish the game would freeze for a moment and then put me on a screen saying 'Not Logged In'. How to Reproduce: Play Skirmish. Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10 Pro GPU: RX 5700 GPU Driver Version...

    In Progress Massive Lag Problem

    So today i played a few games, and in every single round there was a massive lag... and it was for everyone... everyone was complaining about it, the server itself was very unstable, and this happened all morning and it's still happening... unplayable atm.
  3. Resolved Game crashing when trying to launch multiplayer client

    When trying to start multiplayer through the launcher the game crashes on startup. Have tried both reinstalling and verifying files. Here is my crash report identifier: 2021-01-10_08.49.44_f15a3245363aecd76631f549e3433e9e Hope you can help! :)
  4. Conquerors Blade Module

    It will be awesome if Bannerlord multiplayer adopts Conquerors Blade's online Module
  5. Bloc

    Tablut/Tafl - Game Mode Suggestion

    Hello everyone, Today I had some time so I prepared something as a suggestion. I would like to suggest a game mode for Bannerlord. This is heavily inspired by Tafl Games as well as this old thread Why? Because I think it sounds fun and would be fun to play that game mode. And since Bannerlord...
  6. CeyXiong

    Unresolved Son Patch'ten sonra oyun 30 FPS'i geçmiyor

    Son Patch'ten birkaç gün sonra oyuna gireyim dedim oyun genel olarak 25 FPS çalışıyor şuan. FPS göstergesinde göre genelde 30, ama ne olursa olsun, nereye bakarsam bakayım 30'u geçmiyor. Sabitleme falan da yapmadım ayarları tekrardan düşürdüm, olabilecek en düşüğe aldım her şeyi, ekran kartı...
  7. I created a Roman Fort for Bannerlord

  8. EU4 Multiplayer Game Planning

    Hello, I am organizing an EU4 Multiplayer Game and I want to see if any of you want to join. The game will happen on this discord server - . The game is going to have their own ruleset and we'll see when we can start the game. If you're interested post your steam...
  9. Eagle'

    SG_Battle AKTİF

    SG E-Spor SG E-Spor Gaming Community, değerli oyuncularının birbirlerine saygılı bir şekilde eğlenerek oyun kabiliyetlerini geliştirmek üzere kurulmuş bir oyuncu topluluğudur. Discord sunucumuza gelerek sen de topluluğumuza katılabilirsin. Topluluk katılımcıları kurallara uymak zorundadır...
  10. PijákRumový

    Resolved undisappearing bodies in MP

    CPU: Intel Core i5 7300HQ GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 RAM: 8GB Every time in MP(skirmish, siege, captain, duel) bodies arent disappearing. I set the "number of corpes" to none but that didnt work. In duel and skirmish my CPU can handle it but in siege after 10 minutes of playing i cant even...
  11. AlbertFaubrein

    WB Coding How to spawn the player character in multiplayer ?

    I would like to know how can I spawn the player character in multiplayer. I've created a new game mode where the player can spawn by pressing a button in a menu but I don't know which operation I should use to spawn the player. I've already try the operation player_spawn_new_agent but nothing...
  12. Squirrel_of_Chaos

    Multiplayer Captain Battle new patch 1.5.5 problem

    I am a great fan of captain battle multiplayer and play only this mod. Since the news patch 1.5.5, I am very dissapointed, my men walk instead of run, sheildwall are now not fun to use, they change control keys to commande your troops.. they change too much thing and the game is now not fun...
  13. Few Servers

    Im Strongerdepp and i'd like to talk about servers. Dont exist any South America server but have a mile of players from this countries Are impossible play in Europe servers or North America because we ping stay above 300. Forming a bad experience both for the players on these servers and for us...
  14. GusThePug

    Rework the Feinting

    I understand that combat was designed for single-player and so it functions a bit strange in multi-player, and many players probably have been playing it since Warband, but I along with many others who are new to Mount & Blade strongly dislike how melee combat functions in multi-player. It is...
  15. Eagle'

    Unresolved Multiplayer Custom Map Ekleme

    Warband sunucum için custom map eklemek istiyorum ama ne güzel harita bulabildim ne de sunucu dosyaları arasından nereye atacağımı biliyorum. Sunucu dosyaları arasından nereye atmam gerekiyor harita dosyalarını? Ayrıca önerebileceğiniz mapler varsa sevinirim
  16. Eagle'

    Warband Multiplayer Custom Map Ekleme

    Sunucuma custom mapler eklemek istiyorum ama harita dosyalarını sunucu dosyalarında nereye eklemem gerekiyor?
  17. [HB] House Brightfyre

    House Brightfyre [HB] has finally started events on Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord! For now, we play BL once a week on Thursdays at 8pm EST. As the game gets updated, we'll move additional parts of our schedule to the game! For right now, we spend the rest of our time on Warband playing...
  18. Nonoloco

    Mutliplayer Custom Battles

    I would love a multiplayer custom battles mode. A bit like captain but where you have multiple options - Number of players on each time - Size of units - Custom unit selection - Maps - Time of Day It would be awesome just to be able to do a 1 vs 1 with hundreds of units on each side
  19. AlbertFaubrein

    Unresolved Multiplayer issue with animations

    Thanks to the lan /dedicated server issue fix, I can play Warband multiplayer again but sometimes when I'm not the host (I'm playing lan games) and I'm not in the same team than the host and I control every troops in my factions (100 bots per team), when I press the left mouse button and release...
  20. PowerToni

    Is multiplayer improved?

    Hi there. Haven't played the game since june I think, due to lack of fun and content. Has multiplayer got better? Is it at least fun to play now as Warband or is it still the same as it was at launch (few maps, few servers, few modes, premade classes)? Thanks