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  1. Open Troops not obeying battle commands in Warband Medieval conquests mod

    Summary: I am playing the Warband Medieval Conquests mod for the first time on hard difficulty (76%) after tiring of vanilla and Viking Conquest. I imported a character with 10 leadership, 65 Charisma but my renown is still low. I can recruit an army of 200+ but after I have more than 50 troops...
  2. Ananda_The_Destroyer

    Group Targeting would be Much better if you target from any unit in the group, not just the "icon marker location".

    I appreciate that TW added a much asked for function to the game with group targeting, but about 1/2 the time I go to use it, the targeting mechanism cannot be found in time to make use of it. Something more important with positioning troops comes up and looking for the icon must be abandoned...
  3. Woopzilla

    Resolved [1.2.2] Square and Circle formation remain bugged in 1.2.2

    Summary: The 1.2.0 patch notes claimed to have fixed the issue, but unfortunately it is not fixed. How to Reproduce: Instruct your soldiers to form a square or circle formation. They will stand very loose and all face forward. The circle formation cannot be changed in size, it will be a huge...
  4. Krispe

    SP - Battles & Sieges Please Give Us a Command to Have Certain Units Use Siege Weapons

    Exactly as title says, with the new formation system I tried making 2 separate groups of infantry to control the siege weapons in front of them, and what do they do? They run all the way across the map to use the OTHER siege weapon. That's ridiculous and really REALLY infuriating me, those extra...
  5. SP - Battles & Sieges simple more specific orders in combat

    select a unit with number key. F1 for attack orders. hold alt and then click on an enemy units banner. units could apply their main feature, like archers advance, infantry charges etc. and one could still choose an approach since you hit F1 before. quite simple and something this game really...
  6. SP - Battles & Sieges Soldiers should echo commands to simulate relaying the message

    It would be really cool if, after you order your troops to do something and your character yells the command, if the affected troops echoed the commands among themselves. Something like if you send infantry into a shield wall, you yell "make a shield wall" and then a few of the infantry...
  7. GMBarak

    Resolved Can't use mouse back to raise shield once a groups is selected, this used to work in previous versions

    Summary: once a team is selected in battle mouse back doesn't switch shield on/off. How to Reproduce: start a battle, select a group, for example press 1 to select infantry. without giving them orders, roll mouse wheel to raise shield. doesn't work. Have you used cheats and if so which: No...
  8. LyonExodus

    Best units in Bannerlord update for 1.5.9. up to 1.6.1.

    Just so you know fellow Lords: this post is still relevant in 1.6. & 1.6.1. as no much as happened to the units or AI. i will update this page when and if some changes happen, everything said below about weapons and Cavalry is still pretty much untouched. Another reason is, at the time i made...
  9. SP - General Empty battlefield to practice troop maneuvers

    I'd like to be able to open up an empty battlefield with my army on it (and no enemies) so I can practice troop commands without having to worry about screwing it up while the enemy is charging at me.
  10. Viking2419

    In Progress During Battle Entire Cavalry Follows 1 Horse Troop and Leaves Infantry Outnumbered

    During Battle I sent to attack my infantry 20 troops and cavalry 40 horse troops against enemy infantry 40 troops and 2 horse troops. It should be an easy win but the problem is that all my 40 Horse troops go after the 2 enemy horse troops leaving alone and outnumbered my infantry 20 troops...
  11. Von Winterfeld

    Resolved 1.55 F3 Battle Commands Missing Labels

  12. tranphidung91

    Resolved [Bug] The battle command is automatically shown when I'm in battle

    Hi there, When in battle, the battle command just shown up automatically repeatedly and it's prevent me to hit the enemy. Whenever I hold the LMB and wait to attack, the battle command shown up and so I need to click the RMB to turn it off. It's so annoying, please help. Is that a bug? And so...
  13. Cant select multiple groups in battle any help?

    Hi unsure why but lately after the 1.5.3 patch cant seem to use the CTRL+ feature when selecting multiple units on the battlefield any help with this would be appreciated.
  14. Beergnome

    Disabling your character's voice on battle map?

    Just wondering if anyone knows of a way to disable your character's voice on the battle map when giving orders? It just gets tiring listening to their commands stop and stutter each time you switch up commands. Especially if you're doing a bunch in a row.
  15. Compound Formations and Designate Charge Points

    Just a couple ideas that I believe might add some more enjoyement and efficiency to in-battle tactics that I thought of based off my experiences in the game. Compound formations could be designated during or before battle essentially allowing divisions of units to be grouped together and...
  16. Advanced battle tactic commands

    why cant we use commands like protect the flanks or skirmish etc is there a mod out there that unlocks this or is it just not available to player only ai?
  17. SP - Battles & Sieges Ability to change rank and file of formation

    I know changes / improvements to formations are planned. But this is one particular feature I’d like to see. I have a line of infantry 3 men deep. I’d like to make the formation 4 deep without dragging the whole line out. Being able to press some keybind and order the formation to adjust this...
  18. How to fight Khuzaits with composite army?

    What are the best tactics to fight a veteran Khuzait army when you are inferior in Cav numbers, and have a mix of archers and normal infantry? I find those armies very hard to beat on realistic difficulty. I don't have time to even position my troops, as the enemy cavalry comes charging...
  19. SP - Player, NPCs & Troops Troop Abilities: focus fire, charge, stand ground...?

    I've always loved M&B's tactic system for its simplicity, but I was hoping for more in Bannerlord. I know this concern has been raised but I'm just gonna reiterate: implementation of some more focused commands would help make simulations feel more immersive. Right now, commands still feel more...
  20. Cannot get them to charge

    I must be doing something wrong but in the battle mode I cannot get my troops to charge. In videos they simplay say hit F1 and then F3 but that doesn't work for me. I have tried selecting the troops by hitting a number like 1, 2 or even 0 for all the army, then F1 then F3 but that does nothing...
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