1. Wie ändert man die Tastenbelegung vom thrusten?

    Wenn ich irgendwen meine Mod spielen lasse, hat wie erwartet jeder ein Problem mit dem thrusten. Wenn man z.B. ein Schwert hat das slashen und thrusten kann, verwechselt man "thrust/von oben slash" in bestimmten Situationen ständig miteinander. Nach einiger Zeit neigen die Leute zu Waffen mit...
  2. Circle of Death Stupidity. Give player control after knockout.

    Lets be blunt here. The battle AI is really really stupid. I'm pretty sure it doesn't check the current state of the battle. They're either "offensive" if they had an advantage at the start of the battle, or "defensive" if they didn't. The problem is the "defensive" tactics are really really...
  3. Loaf Cat

    Need More Info [e1.5.7] Using CTRL to select multiple groups no longer works

    Haven't seen this posted in Known Issues. If it is, that's my bad! Summary: In previous updates, holding CTRL while pressing the numbers 1-9 would allow me to select multiple groups at once. For example, if I wanted to command only infantry and archers, I could hold CTRL and then press 1 and...
  4. Clan Parties Control Please

    Hello, I love the game, i really do. Honestly though, ive taken a break after logging 217 hours. The reason behind that is I'm simply waiting for one specific game changing aspect to be implemented. I cant be the only person who wants the ability to command parties that are ran by my companion...
  5. Holy Shift

    Let Us Change Block Direction by Holding and Dragging

    instead of releasing and clicking again via an option.
  6. Warbandit Bannerlordie

    More keys than 1-8 please

    I want to divide my army into smaller units and have better control of who does what and keep several units in reserve. I was thinking if its possible to make some shift+1 to shift+8 and ctrl+1 to ctrl+8 etc?
  7. MightyMidgit

    Give Attribute Points a Purpose Again

    As many of you know, there is ZERO difference between an Attribute Point and a Focus Point, except Focus Points increase learning rate and limit soft cap more than Attribute Points. In past M&B titles, Attribute Points had a purpose. In Bannerlord, I do not notice any difference between 10 and 1...
  8. Suggestion - Control Block & Control Attack

    Taleworlds - If possible, can we can separate Control Block and Control Attack for Horseback and on Foot? Menu Options: Control Block Direction Horseback: [Movement Keys] [Mouse Movement] Control Block Direction On Foot: [Movement Keys] [Mouse Movement] Control Attack Direction Horseback...
  9. Vatsug

    Permanent Control Groups for Units

    Permanent Control Groups for Units - why it's needed! - Loading a save resets control groups. If you set peasants to Group 5, they will return to G1 after loading / being wiped out and freshly recruited. This is tedious. (Why don't you just not save-scum? It would still be painful spending...
  10. Lornloth00

    Body Sliding? Control units after player death

    There are so many mods out within a week of the release. So I guess I'm requesting a mod that introduces body sliding into Bannerlords AKA auxiliary control. This is a mechanic that assign control of units in the players party after his/her death. This was present in the Warband mod Silver Stag...
  11. steffenbk1

    BL Other Controlling bots feature

    I've been looking through the files to find the usage of action that makes you able to control the bots in your army from the captain mode and try and get it into singeplayer. Only reference ive found of it is a string id Anyone know where to start?
  12. Disable Controller Detection?

    Hello, not sure where this question should be posted. I'm well aware that this is a mouse/keyboard game, but for Warband I used the controller during combat. Was planning to use Xpadder for Bannerlord, but the game seems to detect my controller. It has some default controls that conflict with...
  13. Unit control! Captains! An Optional idea!

    I had an idea after watching a multiplayer battle! The captain, which is the main character, always has to run back and forth between different units like cavalry, archers, and infantry to control them! This is find an dandy. But I had an idea! An idea I would like to share to possibly make the...
  14. kXlIdRoberta // Seb Merc

    Alternate command controls?

    Hello, I'm wondering if there will be any alternate ways to control your units without rebinding tons of buttons in Bannerlord. Traditionally it has been the F-keys, but now that I'm using a 60% keyboard as a daily drive that's not really a viable choice for me, are there any alternate ways of...
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