Revert back to the Warband System for Formations/Unit Assignments

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I completely agree: the old system gave more opportunities, the new system is for casual noobs who don’t know which units they have with heavy armor and which with light... Well, at least the developers added the ability to distribute companions into squads...

This just make you sound like you haven't played around with formation prefix's to sort units, such as heavy and light...
I agree the way you set up units leave things very messy. How can i have just a pike unit for instance with other units in it or separate bows and crossbows. units should be able to be sorted in menus on the campaign map instead of the battlefield.
The new system is better and more flexible, but it wouldn't hurt with some improvements to give the player even more control.

Like say, the player being able to set a tag on specific units in the party screen, and then in the formation manager have a filter to give preference to tagged troops, working the same as the existing filters for heavy armor etc.
I disagree. The new system is better.

Also, you can't really know if the majority agrees, since you have not asked the greater community. This forum mostly consists of a small niche of people who see the game in their little way.

We would need a poll from all Bannerlord players to truly establish what the majority wants.
I dont understand how the new system is better. You can't separate "pikeman" with the other infantry considering those with pikes always carry swords so its impossible to separate the two
Created an account on here for exactly this issue. The old system is superior in everyway. This new system makes tactical troop implementation nearly impossible. It can't distinguish troops well enough to allome to creare a specific fomation of strictly skirmishers or pikemen without throwing other random troops in there and messing up the works. The simple ability to plug a specific troop into a specific formation allows for so much more tactical creativity and army composition design that it becomes frustrating and boring using this new washed out system which largly took that all away. Anyone who thinks this new system is superior is either ignorant of the old system itself or is likely very poor at chess.
It's really, really, really fun having to stop the game before a battle and count my lower tier troops, melee and archers, (including Borrowed troops) so i know how many to place in the Reserve group ! otherwise they end up in the main battle line and massacred !!!!!

Well done to the genius who thought this system up.
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