1. Tackier

    SP - General Regarding Troop Colors

    The biggest artistic gripe I have with Bannerlord is the troop color system. Each faction is tied to a primary color, with the Empire for example, you'll have hundreds of pink soldiers with pink capes and pink shields, I honestly find this repulsive and wish a more practical color tone was in...
  2. Loading Screen Art - I can only draw one face

    I realised a little while ago that all 99% of the characters features in the loading screen art all look the same. White man with thin face and a beard. It's giving me Keanu Reeves vibe. Idk if this was intentional to showcase it's the same character (you) playing all factions, but honestly I...
  3. In Progress Scary Eyes

    So in 1.7.2 Most nobles or any npcs in settlements their face picture doesn't load the eyes properly some of the eyes are black, red or just missing and its absolutely terrifying LMAO. Just letting the devs know for the next hotfix maybe?
  4. erden520

    In Progress Crowns don't fit character's head

    Crowns don't fit character's head. When you look from down to up or from up to down with mouse to character's head, there is a gap towards front and that looks very weird and bugged. I guess you should take position of crown to back and take down the front side of crown. I mean position of...
  5. SP - General Please Put more newly added equipments in use

    in the recent several patches, the developers add a dozen of new helmets and armors sets into the game, but unfortunately, npcs, no matter lords or common soliders, just don't use them, that is a big waste of resource and artist's fruits of labor. so, please, put these fancy new equipments into...
  6. Grimmjow

    Zırh Askılığı (Feature)

    Model gördüğünüz gibi. Bunun eklenmesinin gerekli olduğunu düşünüyorum. En azından lord salonumda zırhlarımı sergilemek güzel olur. Hem oyunda en guçlü zırhı alınca zırh satın almayı bırakıyoruz. Lord salonunda birkaç tane bundan olursa bana yeni zırhlar aldırmak ve sergiletmek için bir...
  7. erden520

    Resolved (1.5.7) and (1.5.8 - Beta) Helmet Visiual Issues

    I was posted in 1.5.6 already, 1 community supporter answered me and said "I informed devs about the issue" but this problem still exist. Helmets' visors are above to character's eyes. Here is NORMAL: ( , ) NOT NORMAL: ( ...
  8. erden520

    Resolved Helmets issues after 1.5.6 Update.

    Something weird happened to helmets. Character's eyes are now above to helmets' visors. And something happened to character's beard too. I'm leaving here what i am trying to say. Before: / After: . I hope you fix this. (Another helmets also have the...
  9. erden520

    Helmet issues after 1.5.6 update.

    Something weird happened to helmets. Character's eyes are now above to helmets' visors. And something happened to character's beard too. I'm leaving here what i am trying to say. Before: / After: . I hope you fix this.
  10. Can we have UI redesigned to have a more medieval theme?

    Tab screen after battle seems like it's from Fortnite (no offense). And with the tool tips and exclamation marks showing quests as well as the town menu and many more just look like they're not really from a medieval sandbox game <3. Love the game and keep up the great work!
  11. HotPie

    SP - General Yet another massive post about mod/vanilla ideas

    Okay, it seems to be a common occurrence that people write an essay on their requests for the game, so here I am, having written an essay on my requests for the game. Quick disclaimer, I love this game, I fully support the developers, many of these points are a message to modders rather than the...
  12. Piconi

    The "Pendraic Mosaic"

    The Battle of Pendraic in 1077, infamously also known as the "Neretzes Folly", i tried to document the battle in a form of a mosaic, how i think Calradic artists would have done it, telling the story of what we know happened there, mostly from storytelling. The belligerents were: The Empire...
  13. jccullen123

    Need More Info ART PROBLEM

    file:///C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/Steam/userdata/926057300/760/remote/261550/screenshots/20200702214642_1.jpg IF IT DONT WORK GO TO MY PROFILE AND HELP SHARE IT
  14. In Progress [NSFW] Please fix characters exposing their genitals in certain dresses

    I love this game, but the immersion was ruined several times due to this problems resulting in female characters acting whore-like. Apparently a fully naked body was rendered inside the clothes for certain dresses Therefore when I sit on my throne like a queen in my favorite dress, the Western...
  15. Unique


  16. Need More Info Banners are flown from the opposite end in worldmap versus banner screen

    Summary: Player-created banners are appended to the pole from the correct side in the in-game banner editor. However, in the campaign map (and possibly other instances), the banner is appended from the opposite side. This poses issues for asymmetrical banners. To fix: invert the banner in the...
  17. blanketParty

    FUTURE 3d Modelling for MODS

    Hello! I am looking to get into supporting modders that want to make mods for Bannerlord. I have a little knowledge of blender but im looking for someone to help me to develop my skills. My goal is to know what programs to use so that I can model characters for Bannerlord. If anything just to...
  18. A Sketch a day until release of Bannerlord

    Howdy all. I was posting these on the Bannerlord reddit and I was told I should post them here as well. I'm doing a Bannerlord sketch every day until it releases. I'm on day 2. I will consider this post successful if it eases the wait for Bannerlord for even 1 person. It's certainly helping...
  19. Leopold DK

    Bannerlord Pixelart (My first ever pixelart)

    Hi, So I got inspired by Memoefe, and made a pixelart of a Vlandian Sergeant. It's also my first ever pixelart, so I believe it turned out to be a great piece.
  20. Piconi

    SP - Player, NPCs & Troops 📁 Creative Unit Aesthetics - archive

    Last updates - OP on 05. December 2019. / concepts up to page #16 As we can see, the main man Armağan himself has blessed this thread . Only together we can engold Bannerlord ! Everything is inside the spoilers which are directly below the respective faction flags. There are...
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