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  1. Bunduk

    Kingdom of player Faction Color Problem.

    When the player create his own kingdom there should the Faction Color applayed on troops and banners not look uniformly for example for sturgia culture they would look all blue even when the player have other sigil and background color. I hope this will be added to Bannerlord so every custom...
  2. Lusitani 5th Empire

    UI Color Palette - More Diversity

    I like the brownish color as the main choice but that doesn't mean everything needs to be brown or black. It's not just the examples above, it's everywhere. I'm sure you can come up with a more balanced approach to both the existing UI and in upcoming features. Color can be used to create both...
  3. Rangah

    Killfeed color change

    Would it be possible to give us an option to make the killfeed red and green only? At the moment, due to the different colors of factions, it's sometimes hard to tell in the heat of the match if your teammate got the kill or not. Enemy teamkills/suicides should also show up as green, or in the...
  4. Rulin

    Colorcoding or mini Icons for Perk Tree and better organizing

    This is a cross post. I thought it deserves a seperate suggestion here, to make it ... better organized. :xf-smile: Edit: Even though I still like the idea of more color coding in the perk tree, I realized that the govenor perks are not directly related with steward skills, they are just one...
  5. IdyllicNymph

    Resolved Kingdom Background Color

    I declared independence from Vlandia and still have a red background. Granted I did choose kingdom culture Vlandian but after 15 or so total hours of a successful war I really don't want to boot up an old save if kingdom culture dictates color. Red bothers me soo much-_- At release I uploaded a...
  6. nereid

    Resolved [1.5.4] Western Hauberk - banner color not applied

    It seems that the banner color is not applied to the Western Hauberk in the 1.5.4 version or is this intended? Besides the clipping with the mail mittens and the different chain mail coloration.
  7. hamletsdead

    Mercenary banner and clothing -- please fix ASAP

    Dear devs, can you PLEASE change it so that the flags and clothing of mercenary companies don't change to the kingdom colors of whoever you have a contract with? It's really lame, and not historically accurate at all. If the kingdom is renting my company's services, you get my services, not my...
  8. full_generation

    Resolved Colors intertwine at sunset and at sunrise. Brightness problem

    I'm on friends 1.3 main version. When I fight in the afternoon, the sunset, it becomes a color between bright and dark. Even if I fight at night, it's not such a bad color. Nothing is chosen during the war at sunset. Colors interlock. This is especially the case in sarranid cities and villages...
  9. Piconi

    Fief Names In Faction Colors

    I would really like to at least have an option for having colored fief names, following factions colors, that would really nicely support potential future feature of custom AI banners (rather than monocolor ones we have now) , and the modding capabilities, for example something like this (the...
  10. Change items colors while in kingdom

    I know if i upload an own banner i can alte rmy banners color to be different compared to my kingdoms color but my clothes coloring remain the same is there a way for example to make the clothes green while belonging to the Kingdom of Vladia?
  11. zMasterofPie

    Lack of color variety on clothing

    This has been driving me INSANE. Every tunic, every bit of exposed cloth on armor, has to have the faction's colors on it, and I've had enough. I'm playing as Sturgia, and I'll tell you that sickening shade of blue on clothing is really getting to me. It is not realistic and it just drives me...
  12. Kingdom base color doesnt update after you change your banner

    I created a kingdom while I had a blue banner and a while after changed it to purple, but my clothes and my troop's stayed blue since my kingdom's color is still blue despite the change. While this is not prioritary, I just wanted to let you know so it can be fixed in the future.
  13. Need More Info Bug: Gear Color Comparison Missing.

    Summary / Reproduction: Very soon into a new campaign (it initially works correctly), the color coordination of comparing new gear to currently-equipped gear, breaks. Whenever I hover over new gear, it will show both my current gear and the new gear side-by-side and each of their respective...
  14. Senator Lucon

    More colors for player and his troops in the future?

    Dont get me wrong im am happy woth the overall variation you can have for the start of your faction with the, |(tan)(black)(blue)(red)(pink)(green)| but if hopefully they add colors like white, gold or yellow and purple im sure alot of players would be ecstatic
  15. bannerknight

    Painting and not only crafting !

    Hello I have a suggestion which will make single player character look more realistic . Some times you play with a faction but wears another faction armor or dress like playing as an aserai prince while wearing some green britannic outfit which will be different for the desert aserai color so i...
  16. Unit Coloration

    Do you guys thing the units will follow the color scheme of the banner or clan you chose, like if I have a blue banner but have Vlandian troops will they have blue instead of red on items besides their shields?
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