Add Starting as Monarch option in campaign and creates unique storyline quests for every leaders

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I think it would be cool to add in options to play as the Monarch of a kingdom along with its unique quest lines. Such example would be: Uniting Empire as one of Imperial warlords (Lucon, Garios and Raghea) or becoming first Tsar of Sturgia as Raganvad, becoming Chinggis Khan as Monchug etc. it would make the game way more interesting to play. The dev can start by creating events when a monarch has reached their goal such as: “Empire unification” “Sturgian Tsardom founded” “Khamag Khuzait Khaganate founded” etc.

As for the quests, it’ll be similar to how it’s done for the main storyline in Viking conquest. Each decision you’ve made will have impacts on your relationship with your subjects.

A lot of players including me wants to command a large army and manage the kingdom of a existing faction, adding these campaign option will make the game more lively.

It’ll also be a neat idea of designing an animation on every faction’s victory when they conquer all the lands the quest tells them to.
It would ruin the point of starting from nothing.
I'm not sure if you have played Viking Conquest in it you have the option to start as nobody, as a vassal or the king of a faction.

Letting players have choice dont ruin anything - if you are of that perception that sounds like an issue for you.
Just a bigger menu for the players.

There is already mods that kind of let you do such things though, but for those on console thats not happening anytime soon it looks(and PS never will get any mods if you look at their trackrecord of modsupport ehem).
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