Which multiplayer naming system was best?

  • Warband

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  • Bannerlord

    Votes: 13 11.3%

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Should Bannerlord use the current system of steam name tag for multiplayer? Or revert back to Warbands multiple naming/multiple character system for more anonymity.
Hell yes!!! Make it the way it was in Warband. It was way more fun. This is not Chivalry this is Mount and Blade. Multiplayer in Warband had a party vibe to because you could make a bunch of different characters and you have fun expressing yourself. Besides how would the current system work in multiplayer mods?
Warband definitely as it leaves room for RP and you don't have to change your steam name extra for playing in a clan just for the tags.
Callum confirmed there will be profiles in the future, I'm guessing whenever the game is more polished.
I hope there is still an easy connection to steam profiles through the player profiles. Adding people on steam was a bit of a chore in Warband.
I wish we could get some explanation as to why Warband had all these seemingly basic quality-of-life features that are common in all games but Bannerlord doesnt and they need to be added in the future. The "Early-Access" excuse doesn't cut it, these features were all basically final when I was playing beta WB (before the Sarranids were even added). You guys are selling this game and its significantly less polished than Warband was in closed beta. I really don't understand it.
Like said before, this will come probably pretty late, near the end of early access. This was suggested back in october but we can live without it for now since clans really cant do much anyway right now

Well done on your original post. I am so glad it's gonna be included.
I don't mean to disrespect taleworlds but sometimes I wonder if they understand the reasons for Warbands success. It was the ability to choose and customise that was a big part of the reason on why it was great.
When I first fired up the multiplayer I was shocked at how weirdly mainstream and COD like it felt. Really glad changes are coming.
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