1. Captains League

    Captains League

    We hope to establish Captains Mode as a viable Esport that will continue to grow as our community grows.
  2. Eternal

    Programming for Tournament donations

    Hello! I'm trying to gather money for Bannerlord tournaments, offering to make personalized Discord bots/websites from scratch for donations. Umbra can also make logos and such. I've coded in JS for 4 years, so I am able to provide things like: Web scrapers linked to Discord Databases Websites...
  3. Reis-i Dogukan

    bence bannerlord özellikleri hazır ama

    en son oyun büyük oranda hazır diyorlardı bence insanlar korsan almasın orjinal alsın diye bazı özellikleri sonradan getirecekler :D
  4. Nasıl savaş açmaya ikna edebilirim?

    Şuanda Vlandiya lorduyum ama kimseyle savaş halinde değiliz ve imparatorluğa savaş açmak istiyorum bunun bir yolu var mı ? İmparatoru savaş açmaya ikna etmek yada başka bir yol.

    ışık ve karanlık modunda durmadan görevler geliyor bunları nasıl sileceğimi söylermisiniz haritayı görmedim bile yardım edin Kendi modumu bu mod Üzerinden yapmak istiyorum
  6. Relationship should differ for each person not the entire clan

    Before you get your pitchforks out I know a similar post has been made about this before, but I want to expand on it a little. Also want to point out that I'm not criticising the game, yes it needs work but I'm confident Taleworlds will provide. Now that that's out of the way I think there...
  7. Need More Info pc freezes when i play

    for some reason my whole pc freezes when i play this i end up having to press the power button on my pc to restart it, can anybody help me figure this out ? my pc works fine i have a gtx 1080 can play red dead 2 at max settings with no problem but this game for some reason will just freeze...
  8. B

    BEAST - Bannerlord Early Access Skirmish Tournament

    BEAST is the first European tournament. It will not be fully competitive due to the limited scopes, we're just doing it for the sakes of fun! You can talk to the tournament admins here. TheBard Aeronwen Crazy_Archer Killfacer/Deacon Ikea Knight
  9. Bannerlord'u Epic Games'ten almak

    Epic Games'te şuan Bannerlord yok fakat çıkıcak gözüküyor. Birinci sorum bu, Bannerlord ne zaman EG'ye gelicek. Bir de Steam atölyeden yapabildiğimiz modları EG'deki oyunda da kullanabilecek miyiz? Yani Şuan ki 60TL'lik kuponu bekletip Bannerlord'u EG'den almak mı mantıklı? Yoksa Steam'den...
  10. Antiquity Dark Ages FalloftheRome

    Conversion of troops of all kingdoms. The mod takes us to the 5th century AD. Redone all branches of the troops under the appropriate weapons for the era of the end of antiquity. Rome is in decline, raiders are everywhere, the newly created kingdoms of barbarians are pushing the borders of...
  11. [OP_Lw] - Ostpreußische Landwehr

    [OP_Lw] - Ostpreußische Landwehr

    Die Ostpreußische Landwehr wurde im Sommer 2013 gegründet und existiert in ihrer jetzigen Form seit April 2014. Auch nach all diesen Jahren nehmen wir noch immer jede Woche an Events im Warband-DLC Napoleonic Wars teil. Viele Mitglieder zocken natürlich auch in anderen Games zusammen. Wir als...
  12. RIP MP

    Can I say how extremely disappointing MP has been in the past month. I used to be able to get on siege with the appropriate amount of players but now I can barely even get 20 v 20. Seems that the love for MP has died even though I would say that the MP players love the game to death. We need...
  13. Rio

    The 1st York's Greek Light Infantry Regiment is looking for people to join their ranks!

    The 1st York's Greek Light Infantry Regiment(1stGLI) or how they have been called in history "The Duke's of York" is looking for new recruits. As a regiment that is almost 7 months old and has gained more than 170 members we proud ourselves of being a laid back and relax regiment. Things that...
  14. Oyunu oynamayı imkansız kılan buglar ve döngüler

    Herkese merhaba arkadaşlar birçoğunuz gibi ben de Bannerlordu yıllardır bekleyen biriydim fakat benim için hayal kırıklığından öteye gitmedi yazımı çok uzun tutmadan sadece oyunu şuan için dahi oynamayı imkansız kılan buglardan bahsetmek istiyorum. 1-) Snowball etkisi malum hepiniz...
  15. GG Cannon

    Small Civilian/Mercenary/Notable Parties

    I feel like there should be a few small civilian, mercenary and wandering notable parties. Similar to the player in the start of the game in a sense. Exemples: A family or group of civilians going from one town to the other for any randomized reason, sometimes with a small escort, sometimes...
  16. soldier123222

    Did TW remove the option to ask lords to find others?

    I recently considered starting the quest with talk to 10 lords about the artefact thing. I had to first find Lucan and i had a hard time finding him. I thought that id i join the Northern Empire i could ask the lords where he is, as in Warband you could ask the lords in your nation, and cannot...
  17. Edarin

    Unsolved 1.4.0 Oyuna giremiyorum?

    Oyunun ilk yükleme ekranı bittikten sonra sinematik girmeden kendi kendine kapanıyor?
  18. GG Cannon


    It kind of strikes me weird that any shop worker can sell the workshops, you never see that much of a difference from one workshop to another and there is no animation of the workers... well, working. But the thing that weirds me out the MOST is that we can purchase a workshop and then change...
  19. GG Cannon

    Suggestions and Inspiration for Ship Battles and Commanding.

    While replying on another post requesting ships for Bannerlord by @Rhyuus, I thought of what I believe to be a good way for ship battles, commanding and ship movement to be implemented. It could be somewhat similar to a fusion between 2008's Pirates of the Burning Sea and 2012's Guns of Icarus...