1. Alparslan İslâm Çakıcı

    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord - (2.8.3) | Important Errors & Problems | Recommendations

    Summary: Hello, I wish you good times, I mentioned the problems in the Turkish Forum. So I did translate and rewrite it here as well, for that it can be seen in a way better. I thank you for everything in advance. May health, joy and peace be upon you *** I. The Problems I.I. Critical...
  2. Alparslan İslâm Çakıcı

    Open Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord - (2.8.3) | Önemli Hatâ ve Bozukluklar | Tavsîyeler

    Merhabâlar TaleWorlds ve kıymetli ekibi, Sarahaten tüm içtenliklerim ile son zamânlarda çıkarmış olduğunuz bu muhteşem ve güzel yeni oyunu, ve tabîî ki unutulmaz olan öncesindekileri, böylesine detaylıca hârika hâzırlamanız ve oyunculara olan ilginizden ötürü sizlere teşekkürlerimi sunuyorum...
  3. DJenxu

    MB3: Bannerlord Early Development Leaked Version - was Based on Warband

    This is not a mod, but an early development leaked version of Mount & Blade 3 Bannerlord, which was built on Warband but abandoned before much was done. I was so shocked that I couldn’t help but want to share it with you guys. Since my computer configuration is relatively low and this version...
  4. Calradian Demographic History Summarised — Expanded Map, Speculation, and Ideas

    Map Info Within the red borders is the official map in Bannerlord, outside of that is the full map from the game files I found on Reddit. The arrows depict rough migration paths of the peoples of Calradia, red arrows mean ancient (>2 KYA), orange arrows mean not-so-recent (>1 KYA), yellow...
  5. In Progress Inventory bug

    Summary: swapping characters while viewing an equipped item doesn’t change the item info. How to Reproduce: swap between characters while viewing equipment Have you used cheats and if so which: no Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: Xbox series X OS: GPU: GPU...
  6. Štvanci [SVCI]

    Štvanci [SVCI]

    Clan leadership Mr. Faptiful (Clan Leader) Halfis (Skirmish Team Leader) Vlk852 (Persistent Empires Leader) Er0l (Assistant Commander)
  7. Closed Bannerlord birth and aging options

    Özet : Hello friends. Birth and aging options that you can use when entering the game. If we make a new save, will any character in the game, including us, age or die from any factors? What is the output of the clock when it is turned off? Is it similar to Warband? Thanks in advance.
  8. Yldzhan

    Larger Map Mode

    My progress of 200+ hours so far on Bannerlord is going along fun, but it looks like the game will end before I can use my children properly. What mode can you suggest that can enlarge the map without disturbing my current progress? - Bannerlordta şu ana kadarki 200+ saatlik ilerlemem...
  9. SP - General A few suggestions

    Hello there ! First time commenting on the server. Thank you for this wonderful game. After several hundred of hours of playing, here is my list of what could be implemented to make the game more "logical". Don't hesitate to comment ! Arena : - You should implement duels, and being able to...
  10. Cquarto91

    Full Invasion 3 Peasant crossbowgirl

    1st time playing it so insane lol I didn't know you could become elite crossbowman until I played today lol.
  11. Game crashed when using my new world map.

    Recently I am focusing on creating my module. I want to make a entire new world which different with Calardia. I used M&B Bannerlord with version1.1.6 and Modding Kit with version 1.1.6. I just start with a new scene, and generate terrain. I saved this map in my module's directory and named it...
  12. Ashhh

    Bannerlord Türkiye Ligi

    🛡️ Bannerlord Türkiye Ligi Sunucusu'na Hoş Geldiniz! 🏹 Selamlar Dostlar! Bannerlord'un heyecan ve drama dolu dünyasına hoş geldiniz! Türkiye'nin en büyük ve en aktif Multiplayer topluluğuna katıldığınız için teşekkür ederiz. Sunucumuz, sizin için unutulmaz anlar ve eğlenceli vakitler sunuyor...
  13. Bannerlord Türkiye Ligi

    Bannerlord Türkiye Ligi

    Bannerlord Türkiye Ligi - Discord üzerinden başvurular açık =
  14. Larsus

    SP - General [Suggestion] Add an option to encamp with numerous functions

    Also posted here. I have not played Warband, but I did read somewhere that encamping was a feature in that game that is apparently absent in Bannerlord. I believe this has also been asked or suggested in the past, but I would like to go a bit more in-depth here and elaborate more on the idea...
  15. SP - Economy Comments on changes to the in-game pricing system and revenue expenditure

    I've played Overlord for over 800 hours, experiencing the game's economy from multiple angles and multiple ways of playing. Now I suggest that it's time to make some changes to the game's economy. In the game, income and expenses are settled daily. I think the frequency of this settlement is...
  16. oyun çöküyor

    kuzait haritanın sol üstünde gezinirken oyun sürekli çöküyor birşey çökmeyi tetikliyor ama bulamadım ss ve mod listesi:
  17. xXGodz__ZeusXx

    NA Native Mod Battle Kingdom of Atria Medieval battle simulation event. [Weekly Event]

    Kingdom of Atria Medieval battle simulation event. Saturday 8:00 PM Est Three Saturdays a month Contact Info: Discord: Zeus#5984 RULES 1) Each man should have the tag...
  18. Is there any way to make the ai not block in bannerlord?

    I made a super unit in a fantasy mod that should be able to 1v20 regular soldiers, but they get caught up in blocking their attacks getting stun locked and never attacking. I also modded it so their attack would crush through lesser units. They also can't get staggered. So its so silly watching...
  19. Estus

    Complete History of Battania! - Lore overview

    Took me a while to get this video done, but here it is :grin:
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