1. Akfiz

    Real-Life DLC or Expansion: Michael the Brave

    Mount&Blade 1 had 2 real-life DLCs, Napoleonic Wars and Viking Conquest. I know it's too early to talk about a DLC or Expansion right now, but I suggest that when the time comes, a DLC similar to Viking Conquest should be made for Bannerlords but with the Balkans of 1600s instead. Ever since...
  2. Bloc

    Bannerlord Dev Blog Generator with Generative Pre-trained Transformer

    Greetings warriors of Calradia! Today, I will explain how to create a dev blog for Bannerlord - aka CallumBot. This might not be easy if you are not familiar with Machine Learning basics or at least somewhat not experienced with Python. Hence this is not something a regular user should do. But...
  3. sj_dj01

    Resolved Unable to log into multiplayer - Version mismatch

    Summary: I am unable to log into multiplayer. I go through the loading screen but right before logging into the places where I can queue for a game, I am met with a message that my version is incorrect. I have verified, redownloaded, and gone back to the previous version (1.5.8) <-- "eight"...
  4. Bannerlord haritada geçişlerde anlık takılmalar

    Tam 1 yıl sonra oyuna girdim ancak oyun hala optimize değil üstüne daha da çok karışmış ve haritada gezerken bir şehrin yanından geçerken falan ani takılmalar yaşanıyor, hangi sayfayı açmaya çalışsam oyun kasıyor savaşlarda bile bu kadar kasmıyorken haritada kasmasının sebebi nedir?
  5. North American Draft League

    North American Draft League

    North American Draft league is a draft tournament that is played on North American East servers. The tournament will be double elimination with the purpose of the tournament to get people playing again vs just doing pickups.
  6. ComradeCheekiBreeki

    Problem with settlement patrol (SetMovePatrolAroundSettlement) AI feature

    Hi all, I've been having a problem with this AI option. Whenever I set AI to patrol with the SetMovePatrolAroundSettlement method, they do so for a short amount of time (about a day) but then go into the settlement they are set to patrol around instead of patrolling around it and are stuck in...
  7. Akfiz

    DLC or Expansion: Wallachian Warriors

    Just like Mount&Blade Warbands has a DLC/expansion in real life called Viking Conquest, I believe the same will happen for Bannerlords eventually. and while it is still early to talk about working for a DLC or expansion for Bannerlord, that doesn't mean one can't offer ideas for when that...
  8. A Peace screen

    Want to start by saying I love the game and thanks to everyone who's worked or suggested stuff for it! I had an idea for a slight rework to the making peace mechanic and wanted to know what people thought. Basically in the days of old, when peace was discussed it involved the 2 leaders...
  9. Resolved Bannerlord "GPU aygıt örneği askıya alınmış" hatası

    Oyunun eğitim aşamasında sığnağa baskın yaparken askerlerime şuraya gidin emri verdiğimde (f1 sol tık) oyun crash veriyor başka emir verdiğimde sıkıntı olmuyor ama saldır vb. crash verdiğinde ise şu hata çıkıyor
  10. dijiTurk

    Gold Rush [BL][Mp][DLC]

    I know modding kit's terrain system is not so flexable. But, lets imagine that digestible (destructible pieces of lands etc) areas & some functional machines can be seen in bannerlord somehow.. So, with its all possible components..: >searching gold in a competetive wild area >improving...
  11. Middovah

    Sivil Ekipman Sorunu

    Oyunda sivil kıyafet diye bir zımbırtı var, her şeyi daha zor yapıyor, şehirde çeteler ile savaşıyorsun sivil kıyafet olduğu için yenilebiliyorsun, hapisten adam kaçırırken kıyafetimiz ve silahlarımız sivil olduğu için daha zayıf oluyoruz ve yeniliyoruz, sivil eğer olmadığı veyahutta çok az...
  12. jon01

    Skirmish Players vs Captains Players

  13. Takas ekranı

    Arkdaşlar takas ekranında sadece item ve para alıp verebiliyoruz. Diğer gözüken seçenekler kapalı . Tımarlar , tutsaklar , diplomasi,diğer seçenekleri var fakat kapalı sonradan mı açılacak yoksa geliştirmemiz gereken bir perk mi var ?
  14. Strykerdamus

    How about a Modding Contest?

    Taleworlds could hold a modding contest over the next 6 months. Perhaps selecting 5, 10 or more mods to win the contest, and winners would have their mods added directly into the game. They could even have community voting on the mods to see who should win. Maybe a prize of some sort? Winning...
  15. "Im glad to serve my kingdom and have no interest in serving another liege"

    this is killing me, everybody i try to recruit says this i like that people dont jump ship so easily but how am i suppose to recruit to my faction ? is there a way to tell whos can be persuaded or not ? is there a way to change there mind ? what can be done
  16. Alliance through marriage/marrying siblings off

    has this feature been completely implemented yet ? if so how does it work and what does it do im playing on the latest version it gave me the option to marry my brother off to rhagea so i tried it and he just disappeared so i reloaded an older save, what would be the benefits of doing that...
  17. Safe moddan dönme

    Merhaba oyun çöktükten sonra safe modda açayım dedim açınca ayarlar sıfırlandı bir daha oyunu açtığımda ayarlar sıfırlandı ayarları eski haline döndürmek için ne yapabilirim
  18. osael the tyrant

    [BROs] Battle Brothers - We are recruiting ! [EU/TR]

    Rules Respecting the entire Mount and Blade community. +18 To be against all kinds of racism and discrimination. Carrying balls between your legs. To know pre-intermediate level English. Tournaments and Events Our Brothers Osael BannerLord aran_w Serdar adolfi Decebalus hugo2dog...
  19. swally0ne

    1.5.10 Prisoner Bug?!

    Hey Taleworlds&Community. I found a weird bug on todays Session. You can see right here just wanted to let you know. Love the Patch so far, Great Changes to control Situations!
  20. Riffraff99

    [Poll] Bannerlord Reforged

    I am curios about how many would like to suggest TW reforging M&B 2 Bannerlord.
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