1. Feature Request: Kingdom Banner Color

    Hello, The player's faction color is same as the player's home faction. It is really annoying to see two kingdoms with the same color on the map. Please add an option to change the player's kingdom banner color. Thanks in advance.
  2. Please, TW, improve the graphics of the night sky!

    If you compare the graphics of the Warband night sky and the Bannerlord night sky you will see that in WB the sky was full of stars, it was bright and colorful, it was a starry sky full of dreams. You could even see hints of the Milky Way in them. In comparison the night sky in Bannerlord is a...
  3. Droc3n


    Güncellemelerden sonra oyuna girmeme sorunu ve sürekli olarak Steam'da güncelleme var olarak gözükmekte.
  4. ulufarkas

    there exists any white horses?

    as seen one of the devlogs, there is a white horse (check the picture) but i have not seen any white horses in my 850+ hours gameplay. see the white horse on left
  5. BL Scening Question About Cave Lighting

    Hi all, So I am fairly new to the creation of scenes within the Bannerlord Modkit and I am currently having an issue getting lighting in my caves to behave like the lighting in the cave example "sea_bandit_a" included in the BL files. So far I have baked a scene with a large cover over my cave...
  6. [BRE] Gilles / Olgarth

    [BRE] Thursday Event / Scripted battle [Weekly Event]

    BRETONNIE THURSDAY EVENT Scripted battle THURSDAYS 8.25 PM CET RULES Infantry (3 maximum per side) 10 ppl minimum. 2 lines minimum. Moving and attack on formation only. You cannot disperse in any case, under any condition or pretext. No throwing weapons. No loot. Archers 12 ppl...
  7. Peradinos

    Party screen Shorting To Detachments

    Hello there, I would like to suggest some things to you! It should be easy to add since you had it into the game and then removed it. I want to have the ability to select which units are going to the Archer, infantry, pikemen or cavalry from the party screen, I know you implemented something...
  8. [BRE] Gilles / Olgarth

    [BRE] Sunday Roleplay Event [Weekly Event]

    BRETONNIE ROLEPLAY EVENT SUNDAYS 8.30 PM French hour RULES Infantry (3 maximum per side) 10 ppl minimum. 2 lines minimum. Moving and attack on formation only. You cannot disperse in any case, under any condition or pretext. No throwing weapons. No loot. Archers 12 ppl maximum 1 line...
  9. Alphα

    Bannerlord 1.7.2 - Personal review

    Hi all! It's been a while since I posted here. I've been waiting quite some time in order to let the developers polish the game before getting my hands back on it. I must say, it's nicely coming along. I'm really enjoying it, it has been a blast to start a fresh new campaign and to be honest...
  10. BL Coding Editing dialog

    This is my first post, I'm assuming that BL stands for banner lord, as the game in question in M&B 2 BL. I was wandering if there is anyway to change/edit text in dialog, say I wanted to change some backstories or change what lords say. I couldn't find the file that contained this. I also have...
  11. How to assemble dragon banner

    I have the three pieces of the dragon banner and I have spoken too istiana and Arzagos but I still have the three separate pieces in my inventory. Should this happen? I’ve went back and spoken to them but nothing more happen, just the 4 quests that appear after but the banner pieces are still in...
  12. Need More Info Black textures on map.

    Game was working fine today, I wanted to delete some mods.I deleted all mods and reinstalled the game at least three times now. Started a new save and this happened: OS: Win 10 GPU: RTX 3060Ti GPU Driver Version: 511.79 CPU: i7 8700K RAM: 16 Storage Device (SSD): 1TB
  13. Hodor-

    Liens importants !

    Tous les liens liés au Championnat Francophone de Skirmish (CFS) : Discord : Youtube : Chaîne officielle de la Ligue Francophone de Skirmish. Les VODS des matchs du Championnat de Skirmish seront...
  14. Bannerlord Görev ve Kitap okuma

    Merhaba herkese; Bannerlordda ödüllerine hile modunda erişemeyeceğimiz kültürlere özel görevler olsa güzel olurdu örnek vermek gerekirse; Kuzaitiz diyelim binicilik yeteneğindeki 250. perki açtıktan sonra ve 20. level olduğumuzda ailemizden kalan bir kitap envanterimizde belirsin(bu kitap...
  15. SoulPlayYouTubeRU

    Serve as soldier - the mod Author was bullied?

    What happened to the author of the "Serve as soldier" mod? According to rumors, the mod Author was bullied. A lot of people liked the mod. He developed the idea of the abandoned...
  16. Ridiculous Lag

    I spent 70 AUD on this game and it has gone from working well, to laggy, to unplayable. Seriously it was fine a week ago, but even with the new update now the simple loading screens fail (opening the program, all looting screens, all transition screens fail on loading times), and even the...
  17. [AG] Heir of Aenarion

    NA Captain Completed NA Captain Draft Tournament #2

    NA Captain Draft Tournament #2 It's been a long time since we last had a captain mode competition of any kind, and longer still since the first draft tournament. I propose that it's time to fix that, with the 2nd NA Captain Draft Tournament. I'll outline the rules and how to register below...
  18. CaptainFracas

    New footage of the Replay system in the last Development Update ?

    Hello 👋 The new development update just released. All the information inside are news from the 1.7.0. but something else interested me. During the video we can see some footage recorded with a flying camera in the game. Currently there is no way to record such footage without using a mod in...
  19. aivarioha

    Nvidia DLSS causes game to be black screen except for User Interfaces

    I wrote a ticket as well as posting this issue on reddit but I got no response. So I will ask here too in case some of you encountered it and maybe were able to resolve it. Anyone else experienced this issue where any DLSS setting turns your game screen black? The UI is still normal but...
  20. CptMuppet

    In Progress Mouse scroll speed depends on screen resolution and fps count.

    Summary: Mouse scroll speed increases if you get higher fps count or when you change resolution screen to some lower one, and it decreases for lower fps and higher resolutions. It happens everywhere in the game where you can use mouse scroll wheel for something, so it migh be zooming camera in...
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