1. Can we play Bannerlord without Steam?

    Hello there, Dear Taleworlds and Community I have a simple question. I want to buy Bannerlord through Taleworlds directly, because my brother doesn't like Steam. So can he buy and play the game without using Steam, GoG etc. but directly through Taleworlds launcher or platform? Any help is...
  2. DarthKiller

    Bannerlord Custom Weapon Melee Damage

    Hello fellow modders and hopefully developers, Currently I am sitting on basically learning every aspect of modding in Bannerlord. I have already gotten into creating items, textures, meshes, cloth-sim properties, team-colours, weights and even creating custom item crafting templates/pieces...
  3. Lord Butters

    Sami Mod

    Notice how north of Sturgian lands we have vast nothing? well I want and plan on modding in a new sub-faction that is based on the Sami people. They will have villages and only villages. Small troop pool, No Calv..... Just kinda there to harras the Sturgia (because they don't have it hard...
  4. GG Cannon

    Long time, huh?

    Hey everyone. So long since I've been around. My life has been, well, very chaotic, as one would expect given the times, but still... I've recently started playing M&B2:B again to see how much the game improved after so long without touching it and wanted to share my thoughts, impressions and...
  5. Discussion Suggestion Modifying The Native Encounter Menu

    I'm trying to add two options to the encounter menu for when the player encounters a village being raided and he is neither a part of the attacking nor defending faction. The menu is called "join_encounter" and it is created with the non-serialized listener OnSessionLaunchedEvent in the...
  6. Bannerlord Captain Tournament

    Bannerlord Captain Tournament

    Tournament aimed to keep the community engaged in the captain mode, the objective is to make a shorter but more frequent series of tournaments
  7. julijs

    Cultivation, lack thereof.

    Mount & Blade Genre Sandbox titles can be inherently flawed as they contain many staples of other genres with an emphasis on free-formed gameplay, all of which are arguably under the perception of art by it's players; one may like the former rather than the latter. Bannerlord is a...
  8. Lucius Confucius

    Bannerlord was a gift

    Bannerlord is a gift to us all from TaleWorlds. Most games go for 60$ and provide only a limited time of gameplay before going stale. If we take Bannerlord and round the price up to 50$ and play for 500 hours, then that is 0,1$ per hour, basically free. Let's say you go out with a friend and...
  9. Aperox

    Bayrakları neden böyle oldu?

    Dün kaydettim oyunu çıktım bugün girdiğimde Kuzait / Urkhunait klanına ait herkes bu bayrağı taşıyor oyunun bi hikayesine göre mi bayrakları değişti yoksa bu bir hata mı anlayamadım?
  10. TheDragonknight

    NA Siege Completed Bannerlord 2nd Siege Tournament

    This is the post for the second Bannerlord Siege Tournament. The previous tournament concluded a few days ago and was won by the clan Syndacite with SkolderBrotva getting second place and Butterlords placing third. The next tournament will commence at the start of October but I encourage all...
  11. [BANNERLORD] Prestazioni pessime

    Ciao a tutti, recentemente ho ripreso in mano il gioco e ho notato, per assurdo, un calo nelle prestazioni rispetto ai primi giorni da quando è uscito: in ogni menù, dal principale all'inventario, si incorre in rallentamenti nel caricare le texture sui modelli, ma anche dopo avere cliccato su un...
  12. Were Flight Arrows Ever Used In Battles In History? (Found Some BL Stuff)

    I am aware of flight archery. I am aware that some civilizations used volley fire while others didn't. Turkish Flight Archery is quite well known. I was wondering if it was ever deployed in battle or just used for competition as the arrow construction was different. Was it just deployed on...
  13. Custom battle crash

    After 1-2 min of fighthing game just freez. Crash in custom battle 500vs500 and 300vs300 and even 200vs200. I tryed this on my main PC (Ryzen 5 3600, 2x8GB DDR4, RTX 3060, Windows 10), and on my laptop (Ryzen 7 5800H, RTX 3070, 2x8GB DDR4, Windows 10) always same result. Game verison from 1.6.0...
  14. Bannerlord Quest Redesign

    This is simple for me. I played the quest and i think i understand why it's so bad. 1. time limit. 2. negligible benefit 3. accomplishes nothing So the easiest way to fix that is simple. 1. make the banner divided in four and constantly in ownership of the rulers of Vlandia, Battania, Sturgia...
  15. T3CHET

    Thanks for 500 hours... SO FAR (personal post, pls ignore)

    I was scrolling Game Pass one evening, looking for something to sate the hunger. Looking for a weekend "time sink" if you will. I had looked over the title cards dozens of times and saw WB amongst the rest of the rabble and thought almost nothing about it "just another game with dated graphics...
  16. WarDudez

    Cinematic Bannerlord Videos

    Hi! I am about to create a channel on youtube using bannerlord to make short cinematic montages of different military units through history. The idea is to make the videos short but educational for every popular historical unit. This is my first video, please tell me what you think of the idea...
  17. BL Other How to set the individual upgrade costs and XP reward for killing for troops in bannerlord?

    In bannerlord's recent e1.6.2 update, in the patch note's "modding" section the game developers mentioned that "Troops can now have individual upgrade costs and XP reward for killing." so,if I want adjust some game balance through this method, how can I set them? where should I adjust if I want...
  18. The Sword animation (motion) is more unstable than the previous version.

    In the previous version, the feint motion using a sword was soft, but in the current version, the feint motion seems to be lagging. I think it's a bug, so I'm reporting it.
  19. MateusBR88

    UPDATE A EUROPE MOD (1.5.4 for 1.6.0)

    Hello lords, I recently saw a mod called Lazy Europe Conversion and wanted to update it to the latest version of Bannerlord, but I have no experience with mods (I just modified some troops with xml) and I am unable to open the map in editor mode when I click Open Scene it opens the normal map of...
  20. Crypex

    Bannerlord meme thread

    gem gud man.
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