1. SP - General A cry from the heart (a lot of suggestions)

    Dear friends, this is a CRY from the HEART that you are reading 😩 Bannerlord has incredible combat mechanics, it's probably the best large-scale battle simulation ever created! I'm not going to dwell on its qualities, you know what they are. The battles are fabulous, the world of Calradia is...
  2. In Progress Cloth part clipping problem in MP

    Summary: A customisation part which i bought that looked good in armory menu, for some reason clips through all my classes in game If you cant fix this cloth clipping bug at least i demand a 300 g refund in game OR and update that allows us (players) freely sell any items for nominal price...
  3. SP - Player, NPCs & Troops Improving the player customisation

    I would love to see ginger hair added to the game to allow more people to create character a character that associates to them or to a certain faction. Battania is very much like the Celtics who were known for their ginger hair and beards. Just a small tweak that wouldn't take much time at all...
  4. Falrock

    Poll: Multiplayer naming system

    Should Bannerlord use the current system of steam name tag for multiplayer? Or revert back to Warbands multiple naming/multiple character system for more anonymity.
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