1. In Progress Cloth part clipping problem in MP

    Summary: A customisation part which i bought that looked good in armory menu, for some reason clips through all my classes in game If you cant fix this cloth clipping bug at least i demand a 300 g refund in game OR and update that allows us (players) freely sell any items for nominal price...
  2. Improving the player customisation

    I would love to see ginger hair added to the game to allow more people to create character a character that associates to them or to a certain faction. Battania is very much like the Celtics who were known for their ginger hair and beards. Just a small tweak that wouldn't take much time at all...
  3. Falrock

    Poll: Multiplayer naming system

    Should Bannerlord use the current system of steam name tag for multiplayer? Or revert back to Warbands multiple naming/multiple character system for more anonymity.
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