1. Riffraff99

    Let's not.

    I feel like i had a genius (or absolut horrible) idea. Lets spam their bug report system with suggestions until it collapses :iamamoron: What do you think? :unsure:
  2. So what's the plan, exactly?

    Probably the 100th post of its kind, but here goes anyway. The way I see it, Bannerlord has broadly two aspects to its gameplay. The first is the systemic sandbox portion that you mainly interact with via the overworld map, NPC dialogue, settlement capturing/village and caravan raiding, and...
  3. WouLinX

    RPG Elementlerinin Artırılması

    İyi bir yayı kullanmak için okçuluk seviyemizin yüksek olmasını istiyor. Aynı şey diğer silahlarda neden yok? Sadece paramızın yettiği her silahı ve her zırhı kullanabiliyoruz. Sonra da erkenden sıkılmaya başlıyoruz oyundan. Zırhlar için belli bir seviye isteseydi, silahlar için de her silahın...
  4. Novagradsk

    MX250 versus BANNERLORD!!

    Intel (R) CORE (TM) İ5-1035G1 CPU 1.00GHZ (8CPUs) 1.19GHz 8192MB RAM NVDIA GeForce MX250 1983MB (VRAM) 3986MB Shared Memory (Paylaşılan Bellek) 512GB M2.NVMe Storage (Depolama) Can I run Bannerlord? How much get performance? What look like quality at 720p MED settings (or custom 720p), not bad...
  5. Cri11e

    ETA on perk overhaul?

    When is the estimated time of arrival for the new perk/progression system? I'm eager to start a new campaign but I need a reason/goal to be invested.
  6. AI needs better troops, automatic recruitment system

    So we are all missing the training XP from Warband because chasing looters all day isnt fun, so thats a thing we all agree and needs to be implemented and has been talked before. But apart from that I also find that the AI has way too many basic troops, most lords go around with about 100 troops...
  7. PowerToni

    Why lords don't surrender? And also another use of the renown system

    Would be nice (and realistic) that a lord with a party of 20 people I'm at war with would surrender to my army of 250 men. Never happened once. Also, I did a "bad guy" run, basically executing every lord I defeated. Wouldn't it be great if other people start to "fear" you? I mean, there's a...
  8. Falrock

    Poll: Multiplayer naming system

    Should Bannerlord use the current system of steam name tag for multiplayer? Or revert back to Warbands multiple naming/multiple character system for more anonymity.
  9. Performance Issues since Latest Patch (e1.0.4)

    Bought the game on launch and struggled with a few minor FPS drops/Stutter issues, usually when initially entering combat the game would lock up and stutter quite badly and then iron itself out, running smooth until the end of the fight (The drops usually start when charging an enemy/first point...
  10. Resolved Bilgisayarım kaldırır mı ?

    Arkadaşlar, abiler merhaba. Eğer bilgisayarım kaldırırsa oyunu alacağım. Oyunu alıp kaldırmayınca iade etmek de istemiyorum saygısızlık olmasın diye.. Bilgisayar özelliklerimi yazıyorum yardımcı olursanız sevinirim. Amd fx 8300 8 çekirdek 3,30 ghz Nvdia gtx 1050ti 4 gb ekran kartı 256 ssd 1 tb...
  11. The companion skill and focus attribution often leads to an exp bottleneck

    If not almost always. Summary : Let me explain : most companions will have 90% of their attribute points in the combat orientated skill trees. They'll have 8 vigor with 150 200 150 in vigor stats, and 4 control with 135 90 90 in control stats. They'll have focus points in all melee stats and in...
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