1. SP - World Map Would you want More Kingdom diplomacy in/out the realm, and how do you feel/want about the idea of Coop?(more info)

    I've seen these questions stated multiple times on reddit and the forums, that I've wanted to see a proper poll on people's opinions. I imagine a majority of people would favour more internal/external diplomacy so that calradia feel more stable and has more government feelings rather then its...
  2. Bug or "Feature"?

    Here's the situation, I put together an army to try and break a siege of one of my castles. When I arrive I notice my army is slightly inferior to that of the besieging forces. I opt to break through their lines into the castle to reinforce the garrison from the inside. We actually then hold out...
  3. swally0ne

    Steam Awards: Bannerlord NOT most Innovative Gameplay

    Bannerlord didn't got the most Innovative Gameplay Steam Award. It's disappointing to me and I feel sorry for the devs. The M&B franchise is one of a kind. Beside all the issues Bannerlord is having, it's Gameplay of combining so many different genres is truly unique. Unique enough to call it...
  4. Fyren338

    *Eight simple ways to improve Banner lord multiplayer and a poll to see the priority.

    PSA You can vote more than once I think voting for all of them is based. In response to some of the replies I agree that the crashing servers is a higher priority and have added that to the vote. I also wrote a thesis in another recent thread I created explaining all of this which was derailed...
  5. SP - Battles & Sieges Official support: Crusader Blade mod? (DLC or something)

    Hi guys, I started playing this mod that combines Paradox Studios Crusader Kings 3 and Bannerlord in an interesting way: https://crusaderblade.itch.io/crusaderblade Basically, it allows you to even create your own char with own culture and own religion in the times of Saladdin and lead the...
  6. The Sign of 33

    [With Polls] Start listening to the community rather than just putting devs who doesn't even play the game in charge to make decisions!

    I'm sick of witnessing all the nonsense changes, multiplayer is heading in the wrong direction, start listening to the community and change whoever was making these awful and foolish decisions with someone else who knows what he is doing, preferably someone who actually plays the game from time...
  7. LioneI

    Should Bannerlord be more advanced ?

    Good evening, It's not a secret that compared to Warband, Bannerlord is a significantly more simpler and arcadish game. It's predecessor had many more features, better in depth mechanics, more management options and therefore was more complicated. In the other hand, we have Bannerlord with few...
  8. ChristopherR

    MP Community Survey

    In response to the recent update released by TaleWorlds and definitely not their inexperienced interns
  9. Cornelis

    Update Poll

    lets go pole dancing
  10. Ling*

    Why "Focus Fire" Should be a top priority and implemented immediately.

    Let's start by discussing 4 major exploits with the Ai caused by the lack of Focus Fire. Exploit 1: Ranged units being drawn into an unwanted melee engagement by a single unit. -It only takes one unit to force ranged troops into switching to melee weapons, which in effect makes them unable...
  11. dijiTurk

    is it icrease that? really? [poll]

    Goal: +100 votes.
  12. StaceMcGate

    (Poll) Skills

    Just curious on the community's assessment are which skills are valuable for their main character.
  13. Mister E Nigma

    MP Multiplayer poll/discussion for troop trees

    This would bring more variety and depth to the multiplayer aspect of the game and I think it would help to keep gamers wanting to return to the mp. As well as bring gamers that might not really care for the campaign but would buy and play the game for the competitiveness and tournaments.
  14. Riffraff99

    [Poll] How is the correct name of the developer of M&B?

  15. Aurex

    The state of Archery.

    Hello there! Looking for feedback and to share my opinion on archery today. I've been giving some more chances to single player campaigns recently, and I decided (for purely flavour-related purposes) to create a Battanian archer character. Previously I've steered clear of archery since I was...
  16. kreamy

    PETITON for Development Roadmap

    Please vote whether or not you want Taleworlds to release a development roadmap that can better inform the community of the games direction.
  17. MP_Erik

    [Poll] What do you want for Character Custumization?

    When playing Warband I quite enjoyed spending time in the character editor and immersing myself in a character. I also like being able to recognize my enemies by ther face and crest. As such there are some features that I liked to see in Bannerlord and others again that I still miss from Warband...
  18. Cri11e

    [POLL] When did you last play Bannerlord?

    We all know that Taleworlds have organizational structure problems both in moderation, development and community interaction. And all these seeps through to us players and either motivate or demotivate our engagement in the company and the game. So when did you last play Bannerlord? Tell us the...
  19. OrANgExEddie

    MP [Poll] Cavalry in Siege mode

    I have played a lot of siege mode since the start and by far the most annoying experience is the issues with cavalry in each game, especially in the late stages of a game. If anyone has participated in any of the siege events with Call to Arms, we were asked not to use cavalry. It was not...
  20. kreamy

    Help me develop the COOP concept

    Hi, I previously posted how COOP could be implemented. Before you post about what you think the issues are and why it cannot be done, think about how it COULD be done. This post is NOT looking to develop the concept HERE, rather, to develop the group who will contribute to how it would work...
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