1. Ixzzhaeldir

    Bannerlord Characters / Heroes buying Equipment from Towns

    Hi, I was just wondering if NPC characters like Heroes / Companions and other characters were programmed to buy stuff like equipment and other items from towns and villages? Im trying to figure out the economy here if goods actually get circulated throughout the world. thank you
  2. Lornloth00

    Save Game Manager Application & Bannerlord

    This application can be used to separate saves, configs, mod load outs in Bannerlord. So if you are using Windows you can set this app up for each type of mod load out and set of saves. So if you want to have saves and mods just for beta testing you can make a profile for that. If you want to...
  3. Mallard


    The characters seem to lack.... Character. I remember personally hating other nobles, and having multiple campaign spanning feudes with certain countries. Which is why I think most people were excited for the increase in notable characters, as it meant more to interact with. But those...
  4. Lornloth00

    Crafting Screen mouse wheel to scroll through characters

    In the crafting screen it would be nice if there were an easier way to switch characters because currently its not very ergonomic. I suggest that the mouse wheel be used to scroll through the list of characters in this screen to make it easier to switch characters. I also suggest the page down...
  5. Is there a way to sort characters in the character menu?

    Is there a way to sort the order of characters in the character menu? While playing my latest campaign I have noticed that the characters are not sorted in the manner that I have arranged them in my party or as they are displayed in the items menu. Is this a bug in the game? Also Is there...
  6. Darkath

    Character Assignment Gameplay

    Introduction One of the main immersive point of Warband is most actions were not automatic from a click in the user interface, you had to travel to see different lords or gather them around a feast to facilitate your interactions with them, request favors and improve your relations. In...
  7. Jancnahn

    AI Generated Names in Bannerlord (for fun!)

    Hello brave warriors and merchants of Calradia! Are you tired of using familiar character names in each playthrough? Have you ever not being able to come up with a good one when your brother says 'Hey, what's our family name again? Btw, no dice rolling now.' Today I learned that I could parse...
  8. A way to make troops more organic and decrease work time

    Hello, i hope this fits here, because well, its something that affects a huge part of the game (characters as in units and so on) and i hope that a developer gets to read this so this can be considered (if it hasnt already, maybe it came up and just doesnt work) the way troops are given gear...
  9. Aghalen

    Bring back Noble Titles

    I would love to see Titles brought back like in Warband. Apart from the cool factor there's an beneficial aspect to characters having a title to signify rank. It easily conveys information. How I would Implement it: Every Leader of a clan gets a title depending on the Culture of their faction...
  10. wherearewee

    Let us customize and rename random companions

    When we hire a randomly generated companion from a tavern, it would be really great if we had the option to rebuild their physical appearance from scratch (including gender and what faction they hail from), and rename them to our liking.
  11. Falrock

    Poll: Multiplayer naming system

    Should Bannerlord use the current system of steam name tag for multiplayer? Or revert back to Warbands multiple naming/multiple character system for more anonymity.
  12. The unkillable factions and how to fix them

    So as it often happens, once faction loses all of their cities, its remaining faction leaders wander the map being absolutely no threat, until they die, or if death option is disabled, they will continue to walk around the map in their pathetic state. What I propose is to give faction leaders a...
  13. Zyakan

    Need More Info No age ?

    Hello, As I'm running the game on the lowest graphical settings, I don't know if it's a bug or an absence of feature, but all characters of the whole Calradian world seem to have stopped getting old after they reach 30. I took a few hours to spot it, but when I discovered the Encyclopedia...
  14. Need More Info All Characters Have Asymmetrical Mouths

    All characters seem to be generated with asymmetrical faces. This seems more prominent on female characters but that might be because most males have beards and thats hiding it. Here are some screenshots.
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