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Does anyone else notice that there's no arrow or unit markers when pressing f7 to order a group to face direction?

I used to just press f2 and there'd be a graphic showing me which way I'm telling them to face when I moved the mouse. Now I try to do the same with f7 but it just immediately orders the unit to face wherever my mouse is on the screen at that moment, there's nothing to indicate where they're going until they start spinning around. Does anyone else get this?

Generally, the latest changes to the bar command system have improved it but it's still so much more clunky than the original one. With the old system there were just far fewer combinations you needed to remember and the main keys were all within reach of one hand without having to keep moving it along the keyboard and looking down.


Anyone else having trouble finding specific lords? I've been looking for Derthert for about 50 days - checked out the encyclopedia but I can't get into the town keeps without bribing. Still I think I would have bumped into him by now.

Did you check the log on the right side of his personal page to see if he got captured in battle? Sometimes when a lord is taken prisoner it can be several weeks before he's ransomed. If that's not it, he might be part of an army.

In my experience, if you can't find a lord, its one of those two things. Usually he's a prisoner.
I was frequently checking the log. Eventually I found him. It seems he was captured at some point but that wasn't the main problem. I didn't have access to his keep (without bribing) and I was constantly looking for him around the "last seen" location. He was captured for a long time and then he was never found on the strategy map. After a long time in game trying to catch him on map, I gave up and started bribing the keep guards. Even after I joined his kingdom I don't think I ever saw him in the field again.
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