Patch Notes e1.0.6

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Native: e1.0.0
SandboxCore: e1.0.6
Sandbox: e1.0.6
Storymode: e1.0.6
CustomBattle: e1.0.6

Multiplayer Crashes
  • Multiplayer blood particle crash fix.
Singleplayer Crashes
  • Fixed a crash that occurred while loading a scene.
  • Fixed a crash related to player executions.
  • Stability Improvements to the menu logic.
  • A rare “Army of Poachers” quest crash bug has been fixed.
  • A very rare crash related to “Gang Leader Needs Weapon” quest is fixed.
  • The game now gives clearer warnings in the event of a crash caused by missing Windows 7 updates.
  • Players who have issues launching the game can now use Bannerlord.Native.exe as an alternative solution.
  • Fixed one of the performance spike issues on the campaign.
Character Development System
  • Fixed “Leadership Disciplinarian”, “Trade Caravanmaster” and “Charm Parade” perks.
  • Added combat skill experience gain for tournaments and practice fights.
  • Added charm skill experience for successful barters.
  • Increased experience gain from successful romance and defection persuasions.
Quests & Issues
  • Fixed a bug that locked the main storyline phase to weaken or unify the empire when the success conditions were met before the player got the quest.
  • “Bushwackers” now use a mix of short and long bows (previously 100% longbows).
  • Lowered the tier of longbows for "Freebooters".
  • Reduced the accuracy of stones.
  • Decreased the damages of crossbows.
  • Fixed the length of the "Fine Steel Kaskara Blade".
  • Slightly reduced the speed of tournament horses (to make them more manoeuvrable).
  • Fixed the holster of the "Falx Blade".
  • The "Voulge" is no longer couchable.
  • Renamed the "Western Short Spear" to "Western Long Spear".
  • Changed the name of a Tier 2 spear that was named “Knight’s Lance” to “Western Short Spear”.
Known Issues


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Added combat skill experience gain for tournaments and practice fights.

Just keep listening, much love for u guys


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Good stuff, glad you guys are taking popular mods and putting them in the base game


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Since you guys insist putting out a patch every day, I'm gonna reserve this Friday to play 12h straight bannerlooords and not touch it until than. It feels like giving myself a gift lol, thank you so much