More Blunt weapons🔨

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Non crafting exclusive Morningstar
Non crafting exclusive Great Mace

Quarterstaff and Iron Bar
Long Club (from Warband)
Great Hammer (metal sledgehammer) from warband.

Maybe some early warhammers?
But I don't know if warhammers were around in 1000.

While becoming more prominent with the rise of armor in the later middle ages, blunt weapons were really always around, because they require little maintainance, are much sturdier than blades and things like the Morning Star or Quarterstaff would be very cheap to make, even if they weren't the most common weapons.
The lack of twohanded blunt weapons is pretty strange.


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And we should add modern steel even though it doesn't exist yet and set all their stats to 999999999999999999999999999999999999!!!
They weren't really, but neither were about half the weapons in the game. More variety is always a good thing and the 11th century isn't exactly the most diverse period for weapons and armour in the western hemisphere.
But I am pretty certain that long clubs and maces like this always existed trough human history.


I would also like Warbands Great Hammer back. I know, this is subjective because it's a bit of a of a fantasy weapon, but it has been in Warband too.
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