1. BL Coding Changing missile speed, accuracy, etc for thrown weapons.

    Hi I know that changing missile speed, accuracy, etc for bows and crossbows can be done in weapons.xml, but how and where do I find the attributes to change for Javelins? Javelins only have the crafted components listed in weapons.xml, so I went to crafting_pieces.xml to find the attributes...
  2. Where to find Weapon stats in game files?

    It seems that the armor stats are hard coded in some xml files, but the weapons stats are not. Instead the weapons just list the crafting parts that make up each weapon. Is there something that I'm missing? Is there a way to calculate the stats from the crafted parts? I'm asking because I'm...
  3. Madijeis

    Spears! The ... drunken beggars of the battlefield

    Everyone already knows that spears suck on the battlefield. Unless you're on horseback, you either get a short weapon or a 2 hander and that's it. But, as many of the forumites and the other weird medieval fans that lurk around here know, the spear was, in reality, the single most used weapon on...
  4. please add warhammers

    please add warhammers to the game
  5. Make weapon (and possibly armor) prices based on material + skill markup

    As I've understood so far every weapon in the game is possible to make in the smithing section. If this is the case, I would like to suggest a different way of calculating weapon price that more accurately resembles it's economic value as well as the skills required to obtain it for free. I...
  6. zincra

    BL Coding Moding armor weapon Tiers

    Have anyone figured out how to mod armor and weapon tiers like it were in MBW Floris mod, where armors and weapons had different qualitys , like hardened, lordly, balanced sharpened. Seems like there is by default Some kind of weapon tiers you can craft, fine,masterwork or Legendary. But how can...
  7. BL Coding XML Error - adding custom items

    Hi any and all, I need some help. I am trying to add some crafted items into the game as normal items. As far as I know, I have done everything right but I keep getting an xml error crash when I load a save or start new game. I will link to my module file for review. I am using crafting pieces...
  8. DeFlunt

    Place order at a workshop

    I'm always annoyed that need to travel for hours to find a specific item that I like. It would be nice to have a feature where you can order stuff from a workshop. How should this work? IF a settlement has a smithy you should be able to ask for the catalog what they are making. What is in the...
  9. Feedback

    Why can't i choose my weapons from the start?

    So i made a Valandia character, picked my skill points for crossbow mostly and then started with bow and arrows. Okay, its early access, so i went to the nearest City and there was a Decent Crossbow but it took allmost all my starting gold and the city didnt even sell any bolts! Can u please...
  10. WouLinX

    Arena Weapons (Secondary Sword)

    I really, really hate when they give me just spear or shield & spear. Yeah, i can fight againts horse riders but i can't fight others without sword. Can you guys add sword as a secondary weapon to everyone in the arena. I know archers have swords, throwables can use as melee weapons but if its...
  11. Lusitani 5th Empire

    In Progress Animations: Characters grip on weapons and shields

    Since no one replied I making this post: Sometimes Npcs are not griping weapons and shield properly, the hands are just open. This needs to be fixed. Go through the Photo Mod Appreciation Thread and you can find plenty of examples.
  12. Question Regarding High Tier Armor and Weapons.

    Other than inventory cheats and stealing them off a spouse noble, is there any legitimate way of obtaining them?
  13. Sukuna Tempest

    Blacksmith Exploit.

    Some weapons give a lot of money, even though they are easy to make. Example: 2h polearm, I can sell one for 100k+ 2h axe, I can get 30k+ Maybe change the blacksmith's mechanics completely. Suggestions: Release all types of parts and all the weapons. apply mechanics where you can get some...
  14. Let Captured Nobles/Bandit Leaders try to buy their freedom with their high-tier items.

    I posted this in the wrong section so reposting this here. Sorry!
  15. Let Captured Nobles/Bandit Leaders try to buy their freedom with their high-tier items.

    As I mentioned in a separate suggestion, it is currently difficult to obtain high tier items. While I think they should remain harder to come by - particularly in the early to middle game, the present means of obtaining them, i.e. waiting for them to go on sale in a town, is not particularly...
  16. Pancakelord333

    Could we get some rusty 2h swords and mauls?

    Title. I havent played since a month after EA started, put about 70 hours in then walked away to let the game "cook" some more. And I'm really liking what i'm seeing on V1.5.5 now. Somehow my PC is even able to smoothly run massive battles mostly maxed out at 1080p on a i7-4790k, 16gb DDR3, GTX...
  17. TheGioManDude

    Ability to Discard Armor, Weapons and Clothes in Skirmish/Siege

    I miss the old days in Warband where I could go into battle as a naked man. This would allow me to save money as well as require me to rely on my pure combat skills. Please bring back the ability for us to choose which weapons and armors we want. THis can be easily integrated into the current...
  18. Custom armour and weapons modding

    Since modding tools are released I wanna make new armours and weapons.For example adding dragonborn armour from skyrim to bannerlord.Is it possible if so can someone teach me that I am not used to make mods but I could learn and make.
  19. RichardtheCat

    One-Handed Swords, Two-Handed Swords, How about Double Handed Swords?

    In-game we've one-handed and two-handed swords/weapons but why we are not able to use two different one-handed swords at the same time? As I know this is historically acquired as well. One-handed and two-handed weapons have their separated skill tree and perks. So, as far as I understand devs...
  20. nsg3

    BL Coding Noob Issue Naming items - Please help

    I'm kind of self teaching myself to mod. I've been opening up other mods and trying to figure out where everything goes and how it's all working. I'm currently just trying to make a sword out of pieces that are already crafted. What I am confused about is the {!=00blah isn the names. Somebody...
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