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ElvenPath asks what gameplay addition would fit in well? Go on and choose an option or suggest your

  • Backflip and sideflips

    Votes: 19 25.3%
  • Invincibility

    Votes: 3 4.0%
  • Dodge action via rolling on the floor

    Votes: 25 33.3%
  • Invisibility

    Votes: 13 17.3%
  • Stealth killlll

    Votes: 28 37.3%
  • Invision

    Votes: 2 2.7%
  • Deities (Please Explain)

    Votes: 8 10.7%
  • Invasion

    Votes: 24 32.0%

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  • Poll closed .

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COGlory said:
Not much.

Lol don't be funny. :oops: I can't stop spoiling it:grin: Cant help it lol

Yes there is an animation for that. oar moves.

We're working on a trailer. :grin: You'll see some cool features. Epic crouch features, Catching ledges, Climbing ledges and perpendicular surfaces, dodging and many many more. see i cant help it:p

thanks for all the throttle :p
Adorno said:
Ibanez said:
... Catching ledges, Climbing ledges and perpendicular surfaces, dodging ...
Are you serious? :shock:
M&B won't know what hit it.
It would be pretty ingenoius, if Ibanez pull it off for generic scenes. MB does not have any means for working with collision meshes after all


COGlory said:
Does that change with Havok?

well, the question wasnt for me but I'm afraid not. It is very sad actually. I asked Armağan very gently for some collision detection scripts to be added to module_system. He said maybe. Which means no:razz:

Thank you GetAssista. I had some idea for ledge detection. And most of the animations for this stuff are done. I will start coding it when i got time. I hope it will be smooth as i planned.
Ibanez said:
Thank you GetAssista. I had some idea for ledge detection. And most of the animations for this stuff are done.
Well, I thought about it a bit - you can put position 50cm in front of player using get_agent_look_direction or howisitcalled, then do set_z_on_ground_level, and it should put your position on the upper collision mesh surface or ground level. Then calculate difference in z between this position and player and if 1m<diff<2m you have a ledge. should work.

+couple more checks to see if player does not have anything directly above him


Lol I accidently editted this post while i was trying to post a new one and its gone now. I don't remember what was writing here before. :roll:


GetAssista said:
Ibanez said:
How are you guys?
Accidentally, I guess. We could've ended up as girls back then
*slams her head to a wall.

I thought I was posting "How are you guys?". I didn't realised that I pressed the modify button. :neutral: What's wrong with you?


*smashes the wall :shock: You didn't need to put me in coma for this :smile: I'm reading a post 10 times to understand it completely. My english suck. :razz:


But I said coma, not comma :cry: I want to listen these walls from dream theater now cuz there are no walls left around my room.

About the screenshot. Coming right away. It's not awesome but it will do, I think...

Here it is:

I won't show it in full resolution. It's quite wip. You can see that the ground texture and the armors bump maps fail epicly. And the armor model has some epic sharpening fails. Also you can clearly see that the rigging of the armor suck too.

P.S I don't know why I used a round shield instead of a spider shield on the back of that guy. And drows doesn't have bow I was just testing the animation.
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