MP Historical Event - Battle of Clontarf

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Clan Name: HMMF
I have read and agree to the rules: Yes and yes
Expected Numbers: 3-7
Preferred Unit: Norse Contingent of Ulf Hreda (Ulf Hreda/Ulf the Quarrelsome/(possibly)Cuiduligh)
Contact Info(Steam URL and/or Discord name of commander/s): blorgiteknowledge

-Sent on behalf of blorg who doesn't have a Taleworlds account.

And accepted
Swapped to the Norsemenn side, specifically to Dyflin (Gilla Ciaráin mac Glún Iairn) due to current balance.
GG and thank you all for coming to the historical Vikingr event for the Battle of Clontarf folks! We reached a peak of an astounding 187 people on the event which is absolutely amazing! And most of all I hope that y'all had fun!

The next historical mod event poll will open tomorrow, Sunday, at 7pm BST!

168 people on this screenshot from in game:


The peak as recorded on mbcentral:
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