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It has been 12 years since Brian mac Cennétig(Brian Boru) became the undisputed High King of Ériu(Ireland). After the events at Baile Átha Luain(Athlone) in 1002 even the previously defiant Máel Sechnaill mac Domnaill had no option but to surrender to him. The time till 1011 was spent consolidating his control over the island's many kings. In 1011 he obtained the subjugation of Cenél Conaill, thus completing his domination over the Northern Uí Néill, the northern part of Ériu.

Unfortunately for Brian mac Cennétig, conflict broke out again. King Flaithbertach Ua Néill, the ruler of Cenél nEógain a kingdom in the north-west of Ireland, who detested Brian's growing power, revolted against the High King's rule. Flaithbertach Ua Néill attacked Cenél Conaill in 1012 and was then subsequently attacked in Cenél nEógain by Máel Seachnaill who now fought for the High King. In response Flaithbertach Ua Néill raided the kingdom of Mide(Meath), Máel Seachnaill's seat of power, and Máel Seachnaill was forced to withdraw.

This exchange had the major consequence of allowing Sigtryggr Silkiskeggi(Sigtrygg II Silkbeard Olafsson), King of Dyflin(Dublin), and his ally Mael Mórda mac Murchada, King of Laigin(Leinster), to raid Mide themselves. Máel Sechnaill reciprocally attempted to raid the countryside of Dyflin, but he was beaten back and his son was killed in the exchange. Then Sigtryggr tried to raid Corcaigh(Cork) in Cóiced Muman(Munster) but he too was defeated and lost his nephew in the process.

All out conflict was now inevitable. In 1013 Brian mac Cennétig took his men to Laigin and from there to the outskirts of Dyflin and stayed there until the end of that year. At the same time Sigtryggr Silkiskeggi sought allies among the Norsemen of the Isles and managed to convince Sigurðr digri(Sigurd Hlodvirsson), the Jarl of Orkneyjar(Orkneys), and Bróðir, a Norseman from Mǫn(the Isle of Mann), to support him by promising them both separately the kingship of Ireland. Ironically, Bróðir's brother Óspakr would eventually fight on Brian's side at the Battle of Clontarf.
The Norsemen from Orkneyjar and Mǫn sailed into Dyflin during the Holly Week of 1014.
Ironically the name Bróðir was most likely of Gaelic origin from the Irish name Bruattar/Bruadar.

Soon, Brian mac Cennétig mustered the men of Cóiced Muman and was joined by two kings of Connachta(Connacht) Mael Ruanaidh Ua hEidhin, king of Uí Fiachrach Aidhne(Hy Fiachrach, in today's County Galway) and Tadhg Ua Cellaigh, king of Uí Mháine(Hy Many, in the southern part of today's County Galway). Máel Sechnaill of Mide also arrived to join him.

Brian mac Cennétig sent his men to cross the An Ruirtheach(the river Liffey on which Dublin is situated) and raid the area north of An Tulcha(the river Tolka) which was called Fine Gall(Fingal) and they raided as far east as Hǫfuð(Howth). Due to his age, Brian mac Cennétig stayed behind and watched the events unfold from his camp. Likewise, Sigtryggr Silkiskeggi stayed back within Dyflin just in case the tide of battle swung against his Norse-Irish alliance.

The tribe of Dál gCais commanded by Brian's son Murchad, Murchad's son Toirdelbach, Brian's brother Cudulligh and Domnall mac Diarmata of Corcu Baiscind(today part of County Clare) made up the front of the High King's forces and they were followed by the rest of the men of Cóiced Muman led by the king of Déisi Muman, Mothla mac Domnaill mic Fáeláin, and the king of Uí Liatháin, Magnus mac Amchada. After them were the forces of Connachta led by their two kings, Mael Ruanaidh Ua hEidhin, king of Uí Fiachrach Aidhne and Tadhg Ua Cellaigh, king of Uí Mháine and behind those were the men of Mide under Máel Sechnaill, but they may(based on the Annals of Ulster and the Annals of the Four Masters) or may not(based on the Cogad Gáedel re Gallaib) have joined the battle. Next to those were the lords of the family Ó Fearghail from the land of An Anaíle(Annaly). On one side of them were the Norsemen of Brian's army and on the left were the men of Uí Briúin and the Conmhaícne.
The Cogad(Cogad Gáedel re Gallaib) also mentions another king of Connacht, Fergal ua Ruairc, but it is known that he had died in 966 and thus was most likely incorrectly mentioned as having been at the battle.

The foreign Norsemen formed the frontline of the army of Dyflin and they were commanded by Bróðir, Sigurðr and another man called Plait. The men of Dyflin followed, led by Dubgall mac Amlaíb, Sigtryggr's brother, and Gilla Ciaráin mac Glún Iairn, possibly one of Sigtryggr's nephews, and even further back were the men of Laigin under Máel Mórda. A sufficient number of men stayed behind in Dyflin with Sigtryggr Silkiskeggi.

Then Plait challenged and duelled a Scot in Brian's army, Domnall mac Eimín, the first recorded Mormaer of Mar. They fought and soon both perished at the end of each other's blades. And the two armies sallied forth. It was the 23rd of April of the year 1014.

Event Details

Date and Server
Date: Saturday, the 20th of April 2024
Start Time: 8pm BST(Note that it is BST NOT GMT)
Duration: 1.5 hours(8pm-9.30pm BST)
Server: Battle_of_Clontarf
There will be no password
Note: It is highly recommended that you arrive on the server 10-15 minutes before the start of the event.

The event will be played in 3 stages each on its own gamemode. Those modes will be in the following order:
1) Raid on Fine Gall - Raid Mode
2) Battle of Clontarf - Battle Mode
3) Siege of Dublin - Siege Mode
Each one of this stages has a unique custom made map for it made by our mapper, Jan Skrzetuski(Red Hussar). The first two represent real events and the third represents a possible hypothetical siege of Dublin which could have happened in reality but ultimately did not. Furthermore, note that only the battle map is based on the real battlefield of Clontarf. The siege and raid maps do not as I could find no sources describing Dublin and Fine Gall during that time period.
Now, the battle and siege stages will be extremely straightforward, just a normal battle and a normal siege.
However, the raid stage requires a bit of explanation. On the raid mode, the attackers attempt to burn the various defense points held by the defenders. On this particular raid map, there is an added feature: All defenders spawn in a spawn room which has teleport icons to the various defense points. By using said icons you will be transported to those defense points. This was done due to the significant size of the raid map and the long distances between the various defense points.

Following the true Mod Events Community spirit, rules will be limited to the bare minimum for the event to be able to function. The rules are:
1) Do not spam messages in global chat. Vikingr has NO admin chat, therefore the host has to use global chat to send instructions. Obstructing the host in that manner will result in a mute/kick/ban.
2) Do not exploit any bugs in game.
3) Team damage will be on. Do NOT intentionally teamkill. Intentionally team-killing will result in an immediate ban.
4) Do not rambo. Since Vikingr is a melee-based mod, I will be lenient with this, but try not to stray too far from friendly formations, especially during the battle stage.
5) Do not intentionally delay rounds, especially in battle mode. Anyone who does so will be given a warning and if they don't immediately comply, they will be slain.
Unit class limits

Any clan or pub can take any unit class they want. Special unit classes will be panel limited and will thus be on a first come, first served basis.
Available Units(For Clans)
  • Ard Rí inna Érenn(The High King of Ireland) - In-game faction: Goídil​
  1. Dál gCais (Murchad mac Briain-Toirdelbach mac Murchada meic Briain) - Greintvald
  2. Dál gCais-Corcu Baiscind (Domnall mac Diarmata)
  3. Cóiced Muman-Déisi Muman (Mothla mac Domnaill mic Fáeláin) - Greintvald
  4. Cóiced Muman-Uí Liatháin (Magnus mac Amchada)
  5. Connachta-Uí Fiachrach Aidhne (Mael Ruanaidh Ua hEidhin)
  6. Connachta-Uí Mháine (Tadhg Ua Cellaigh)
  7. Mide (Máel Sechnaill)
  8. Uí Briúin - CSC
  9. Conmhaícne - House of Tudor
  10. An Anaíle (Ó Fearghail Lords)
  11. Norsemen-Manainn (Óspakr)
  12. Contingent of the Mormaer of Mar (Domnall mac Eimín)
  13. Des-Mhumha(Desmond) (Conang mac Donnchuan)
  14. Norse Contingent of Ulf Hreda (Ulf Hreda/Ulf the Quarrelsome/(possibly)Cuiduligh) - HMMF
  15. Other Norse Mercenaries
  • Dyflin-Laigin(Dublin-Leinster) - In-game faction: Norðmenn​
  1. Norsemen-Mǫn (Bróðir)
  2. Norsemen-Orkneyjar (Sigurðr digri) - Jomsborg
  3. Norsemen-Plait's contingent (Plait)
  4. Dyflin (Dubgall mac Amlaíb)
  5. Dyflin (Gilla Ciaráin mac Glún Iairn)
  6. Laigin (Mael Mórda mac Murchada) - Rota Strzelecka
  7. Dyflin-Garrison (Sigtryggr Silkiskeggi) - 1st "Saint George's" Regiment
  8. Other Norse Mercenaries
  9. Other Gaelic and Brythonic Mercenaries
Sign Ups(For Clans)

Sign Up Template:
Clan Name:
I have read and agree to the rules:
Expected Numbers:
Preferred Unit:
Contact Info(Steam URL and/or Discord name of commander/s):
There is no required minimum for any clan, but try to be as strict as possible in the minimum number you state. Also note that it might not be ultimately possible for your clan to be assigned as its preferred unit(essentially as its preferred faction) if the balance of the event requires you to be swapped to the other team. The host of the event has the final say on that matter.
In regards to pubs
Pubs=Players without a clan. As the event will be without a password, any pubs are welcome to join. It is highly recommended to all pub players to stay close to friendly clans. Straying off on your own, especially in battle, could get you slain as rambo as per rule 4. Your participation in the event as a pub player automatically means that you understand and will follow ALL rules as they are stated further above.
Map Overview
1) Raid on Fine Gall

Defender Respawn Area





2) Battle of Clontarf








3) Siege of Dublin






Event Contact Info
The host of this event is TheFearlessHussar. You can contact me on discord, thefearlesshussar, or on steam, Note that my response time will be significantly quicker on discord than on steam.
Event Discord Server:

As with any mod event, the information for the historical Vikingr event for the Battle of Clontarf and other possible info are always available and constantly updated on the Mod Events Community discord server which you can find via the invite below:
Mapper Contact
All maps used in this event have been made by Jan Skrzetuski(Red Hussar). You can contact him on discord, janskrzetuski, or on steam,
For the siege map specifically credit also goes to Dzhagger Pavuk, who made the base version of that map. You can contact him on discord, dzhaggerpavuk, or on steam,
See you all at the battlefield!
TheFearlessHussar, 1stSGR, Mod Events Community
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Clan Name: HMMF
I have read and agree to the rules: Yes and yes
Expected Numbers: 3-7
Preferred Unit: Norse Contingent of Ulf Hreda (Ulf Hreda/Ulf the Quarrelsome/(possibly)Cuiduligh)
Contact Info(Steam URL and/or Discord name of commander/s): blorgiteknowledge

-Sent on behalf of blorg who doesn't have a Taleworlds account.

And accepted
Clan Name: Greintvald
I have read and agree to the rules: Yes
Expected Numbers: 35-50
Preferred Unit:
1) Dál gCais (Murchad mac Briain-Toirdelbach mac Murchada meic Briain)
2) Cóiced Muman-Déisi Muman (Mothla mac Domnaill mic Fáeláin)
Contact Info: Discord - Milton
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