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I dont know it's legal or not in this forum community but you always welcome KD Deathmatch.

We have Neo-GK mod in our native server so make sure to install NeoGK in your native before joining the fun. Our Juniors and High Admins have leading the server in Modded arena map and more modded maps.

We have Balloon, Ballista, Trebuchet in some maps so yes, you can use siege weapons in our Deathmatch server.
Server is global and the ping is cool for everyone especially if you live in europe.

New weapons, new outfits and armors in Native DM server. We always enjoying and everyone is friendly. we have cool but not boring rules and funny people aswell

So let's ****in join this community and play with us. If you want to join the discord you'll find the link in the server press tab and see rules right there.

Turn on your filters and filtre with Deathmatch only and click every box you see in multiplayer serverlist. Thanks a lot.
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