1. Smash Pot - I'm A Believer

    Pots and stones were the greatest addition to Mount & Blade series.
  2. [OSOD] Imperator


  3. Bug or "Feature"?

    Here's the situation, I put together an army to try and break a siege of one of my castles. When I arrive I notice my army is slightly inferior to that of the besieging forces. I opt to break through their lines into the castle to reinforce the garrison from the inside. We actually then hold out...
  4. KD Deathmatch

    I dont know it's legal or not in this forum community but you always welcome KD Deathmatch. We have Neo-GK mod in our native server so make sure to install NeoGK in your native before joining the fun. Our Juniors and High Admins have leading the server in Modded arena map and more modded maps...
  5. Scherdinger

    A question out of curiosity

    What is this? Atleast give him some "spodnie". - Russian translation is even funnier
  6. Rybn47

    Resolved Armies besieging a castle have a funny hop when helping ally party

    Summary: Tends from army parties do an unrealistic and not historically accurate move when attending a nearby fight when the main hero is involved How to Reproduce: Start a battle within 'help range' of an army besieging a castle Have you used cheats and if so which: Scene Name (if related)...
  7. NamFlow

    The pleasure is on my side! Let's maybe not meet on the balcony next time, shall we? People seem to be peeling bananas in here!
  8. Varian♛

    I need your opinion on our Funny Moments Video

    What do you think?
  9. iloveubaby

    Starving knights

    Guess what is the best way to gain influence early in the game when your clan has just about hatched and your host is a bit stronger than forest bandits, but you need to show yourself? Fighting big battles? Sieging castles? Wrecking havoc deep in the enemy territory? Nah! Just bring some...
  10. Deer

    Got a bit over eager with the horsetrade

    Not a complaint or bug. Just my little story from my first attempt as a savvy merchant. So, I had dabbled a bit. Figured out that midland palfreys could sell for a good prise if I got them for around 150. I then read that desert horses were fetching a much bigger profit. So I went south and...
  11. Resolved Black Boxes

    Screenshot of the Bug All Models in my first Fight (new Campaign) are replaced by Black Boxes.
  12. Resolved Northern Sloven Leather Glitch

    Found a pretty funny glitch involving Northern Sloven Leather armor. If you equip it with any kind of hand armor it does this: It's funny but probly shouldnt do that
  13. Resolved i died in the battle look what happend to the troops! i think ther talking sh*t before attacking ?
  14. Funky Donkey Memes 2009

    Camel Memes

    Hehe. ?
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