Mercenaries Reforged PLAYTEST - 10th January

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Dear M&B Warband Community!

I would like to wish all warband community a happy Christmas in the name of the Mercenaries Reforged developing team. It's time to dismount the horses, drop the swords, and spend some time with our relatives.

But it wouldn't be a Christmas without a Christmas present from us, and that is why we would like to officially announce our first play-test, after months of hard working into the re-creation of this Module on the 10th of January, as we wish for the people to try what we have so far, and collect feedback. Some people have been already Invited to the Playtest by a personal message. We have currently a few more slots available, and therefore, we would like to also invite everyone else from the community that wishes to register himself for the playtest.


The playtest will be limited to 4 hours, with a great boost to money received each round, so you may have a very quick experience of the Module.

Feel free to listen also to our dedicated Main Menu song - De jure, composed and created by sonnymusic, a freelance artist.

See you soon everyone!
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