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My name is Mehmet, and I go by the name Percival Bennet in the Bannerlord community. I am a mapper who creates maps for the Persistent Empires Module. On February 17th, myself, Pasha Bey, Deawrez, and Kerem started a new Roleplaying Server, utilizing the Persistent Empire Module. Agmund and I, another mapper, worked on the map for the server.

Due to the growing hostilities over time, we found ourselves having to dedicate more time and effort to the server. Despite having a say in the map development process, they began to disregard my input and eventually claimed that I had no say in the map whatsoever. Despite such challenges, I continued to strive to do what was best for the community and to keep trying. My dream was to establish a peaceful community server where such conflicts did not arise...

However, due to the negative developments in the administration, the lack of empowerment given to the rest of the authorized team, and everyone's discomfort with this situation, we decided to leave the server. Afterwards, despite my clear statement that I did not want my designed map to be further used here, they insisted on using it. The person who made this statement is known as Pasha Bey. I did not receive any payment for the map, it is my design and was drawn as a result of days of manual and program-assisted work. We were subjected to bullying due to the cruelty in server management and the resulting abuse of power.As a result, despite my decision to leave the administration and my clear statement that my map should not be used, they casually mentioned that they would continue to use it. I am deeply dissatisfied with this situation. I have been working on this map for more than two months, and I hope you will put an end to this appropriation of my efforts and stand against the injustice they have done to me.

I am referring the situation to Section Moderator @Lucon and Community Manager @Dejan for escalation to upper moderation. I would appreciate it if you could look into it.

My Witnesses:




DinorR The AS​







I have an additional confidential witness; I will not disclose the name but will inform @Lucon and @Dejan.
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Dear Decision Maker;

I, Pasha, one of the founders of the Northland Project, am here to provide necessary explanations and evidence to the decision-making authority regarding the unfounded accusations made against us. Firstly, being involved in such an accusation, even if we are justified, has deeply saddened us.

We decided to embark on the project with Percival Bennett in early February. Despite the clause in our project contract stating that "Each partner will strive to enhance the success of the roleplay server and provide necessary financial, labor, and time resources," he informed us at the beginning of the project that he was UNEMPLOYED and had NO INCOME, and would only contribute to the project as a mapmaker. When we offered to pay him for his efforts, he responded, "I'm not doing this for money, I'm doing it for pleasure. I'm not asking for money." We started working together on February 17th under these conditions, but his map turned out to be flawed. He sought a solution to this error on the Persistent Empires Discord server but could not find one. Later on, I purchased a functional version of the map from a Spanish mapper named Pirata, and after I bought he continued working on the project using Pirata's map.

Regarding Their Departure from the Project

They were repeatedly warned not to show biased favoritism towards players in their clan, as this behavior was causing significant harm to my project and players. Just yesterday, one of their clan members, who had received authority, attempted to ban a player WITHOUT EVIDENCE, and when we prevented it and asked for proof, he started insulting us, leading to his removal from the team. Subsequently, one of the Founding Partners, Percival Bennett, claimed that we couldn't do such a thing and engaged in a two-hour argument with us, after which he voluntarily left the project. Disregarding the provision in the Project Commencement Agreement made on February 16th, which states that "A departing partner cannot make any claim or demand regarding the existence or operation of the roleplay server," he requested the map from us, and we reminded him that he cannot make such a request as the map was made for the project. Similarly, another mapper named Einar was preparing a map for the second season of the server, and he also left the project and requested his map to be removed. Since we didn't have such a contract with him, we removed his map. Percival Bennett, being UNEMPLOYED and WITHOUT INCOME, we covered all expenses of the project, and our hosting company can testify to this with invoices. As I mentioned earlier, he always told us that he was "not doing this for money and not asking for money." He was satisfied with the progress and management of the project, but now he denies it because of his biased behavior towards players. He granted privileges to players in his clan, damaging the course and operation of the server. Witnesses from the other clans are available regarding this matter, and they can be involved for testimony if requested.

Additionally, I would like to point out that I do not believe it is appropriate to listen to the opinions of members of the Legoria and TMT clans regarding this complaint. I suspect that, like Percival Bennett, who is also a member with authority in his clan, they will present biased and false allegations.

Attached Project Agreement (English Version)​

This agreement is accepted by all 3 project founders.

Northland Roleplay - Project Agreement for Founders​



Hereby referred to as "Parties," the parties have come together under the terms stated below for the establishment of the specified roleplay server.

Article 1: Purpose

The purpose of this agreement is to determine the conditions between the parties for the establishment and operation of the roleplay server. The parties aim to operate the roleplay server successfully with joint efforts and contributions.

Article 2: Rights and Responsibilities of Partnership

The parties have equal rights and responsibilities in the establishment, operation, and development of the roleplay server. Decisions are made by unanimous vote, and each partner has equal say.

2.2 Each partner will endeavor to enhance the success of the roleplay server and provide necessary financial, labor, and time resources.

Article 3: Continuation and Departure of Partnership

Should any of the parties wish to terminate the partnership, they must communicate their intention to leave to the other partners.

3.2 A departing partner cannot make any claim or demand regarding the existence or operation of the roleplay server.

Article 4: Effectiveness and Termination

One of the parties may terminate the agreement by reaching a mutually agreeable settlement with the other partners. In such a case, the necessary procedures for terminating the existence of the roleplay server are followed, and the consequences are fairly distributed among the partners.

Article 5: Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

This Agreement has been voluntarily and mutually agreed upon by the parties, based on mutual trust.

This example agreement can be tailored to meet the specified conditions and objectives. It is important for the parties to carefully review these terms and make necessary adjustments before reaching an agreement.



Proof that Percival Bennett stated that he did not ask for money from us.

Proof of what Percival Bennett said to us out of spite towards a player without evidence.

He says he doesn't need evidence to ban someone, and that goes against our sense of justice.

What we said to him even though he insulted the family values of the players.

Again, his insults towards a different player.

Again, his insult towards to me.


Since the players who used to be in the Legoria clan play on our server, they want to ban them because of their grudge against them, and we prevent them.


He offers us such an offer so that we do not ban players from Legoria on the server. (The picture was cropped because there was a photo of himself and his wife in his profile photo.)


My witnesses;


Now I ask you again. Do you think that someone with such attitudes towards the players and us still does not harm the course and hierarchical order of the project?
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I do not accept the testimony of any witness here. You have been informed that you should directly state the names of the witnesses, I did not say anything about calling them here and making them write. Inviting them here to create a ridiculous drama here and expecting an explanation from them does not justify you.

Although I stated that we will contact witnesses directly, I do not accept the policy of calling witnesses here.

Also transmitted images etc. post full uncut footage of everything. Censor profanities.

@Deawrez @pashanizm @ReddShadow52
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Requests have been received for conducting research on individuals' statements, and upon these requests, witnesses will be contacted to obtain their statements. The process will be examined and decided upon by the Taleworlds Community Management and Bannerlord Mod Development moderation team, and the decision will be communicated to you regarding this matter.

@ReddShadow52 @Deawrez @pashanizm
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