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Hello! I’ve been trying to add a new map to our deathmatch mode server. I’ve used the add_map_to_usable_maps command in the configuration file and placed the new map file in the Mount & Blade II Dedicated Server\Modules\Native\SceneObj directory. However, when I attempt to connect to the server, the panel to download the new map doesn’t appear, and instead, an error message is displayed: “Response status code does not indicate success: 502 (Bad Gateway).” Could you advise me on how to address this issue? What steps can I take to identify and resolve the error?
Is the port used by the server to transfer map files to players fixed or dynamic? How can it be determined?
Are you hosting on a linux machine or your own pc at home? If you're hosting on your home computer, try forward/open all the ports on the router and see if that solves the "bad gateway" (i don't think so, though, that message doesn't sound like a port problem to me). If it does, you could do a tcpdump to see which port is used for transfer (http?). There's no mention about ports dedicated to file transfers in documentation or server setup tho.
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