1. Need More Info Mod Loading Not Working - Crash When Trying To Create New Char

    Not quite sure where to post this. Summary: Mod load order not working. Game crashes with the following mods loaded up when trying to create a new character How to Reproduce: mod load order image of mod load order Have you used cheats and if so which: Scene Name (if related): Media...
  2. PeasantOP

    Need More Info General Mods Used On Description

    This File has Mods, Bannertoops, ATC original mods, Drastic Battle, Bear My Banners. My mod is bannertroops(cause Bannerlord but I only modded the troops), troops and party template changes only. Field Battle Person: 2021-06-09_03.56.31_20a8c51b143daa1b0f37249b3ebf3e12 Siege Battle...
  3. momo1

    Warband Graphics Mods

    Is there a mod(s) that upgrades the graphics in Warband? All I've really seen are mods that add new models.
  4. TheGiodude

    There is apparently an operational mod for co-op campaign, with 1500 players in one game

    I saw a video by youtuber resonant, discussing a mod he found, where they basically built an MMO version of Bannerlord's Campaign. It is still being built, but the future of bannerlord seems bright, especially when the private servers are enabled/added. Here is the link to the video for the...
  5. Strykerdamus

    How about a Modding Contest?

    Taleworlds could hold a modding contest over the next 6 months. Perhaps selecting 5, 10 or more mods to win the contest, and winners would have their mods added directly into the game. They could even have community voting on the mods to see who should win. Maybe a prize of some sort? Winning...
  6. Mods in 2021

    Hey wollte mal fragen, ob es noch einen Mod gibt, bei der man viele Banner in seiner Armee während dem Kampf haben kann. Ich meine eine Mod wie "Bear My Banner". Ich suche eine, welche unter der 1.5.10 noch funktioniert. Leider wurden viele tolle Mods ja eingestellt... Würde mich auch sonst...
  7. Riffraff99

    Good WFAS Mods

    I am playing again more WFAS and i am searching for good mods wich add new factions and troops to WFAS, can you suggest some (please with fully written name and author so ppl can find it also in future)? Thx in advance :smile: Pic Source...
  8. Madrøx

    Modlara Türkçe yama yapmak

    Daha önce soruldu mu bilmiyorum ama modlara Türkçe yama yapmak için hangi programlar gerekli bunu açıklayıcı rehber falan var mıdır acaba forum içerisinde? Yoksa da bir babayiğit açıklayabilir mi? ekleme: Mod klasöründeki dil dosyalarını not defteri olarak açmak kadar basitmiş. Peki çeviride...
  9. BL Scening Editor Entity C+P

    Hey there everyone, I read through the documentation and i may have missed it but is it possible to copy and paste multiple entities? Trying to make a large fort and wanted to think smarter before harder. Thanks
  10. Talgorn

    Resolved Game crashes when loading any mod

    Summary: Hi there! Whenever I opt to load a mod, the launcher gives me the warning below, followed by the crash message I've also included. How to Reproduce: Load a mod and launch the game. Have you used cheats and if so which: No. Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video)...
  11. Help with carrying banner mods

    I can't seem to find mod that allows my troop tk carry the clan's banner. Carrymybanner mod doesn't seem to work either kn 1.5.9 main.
  12. DennyWiseau

    What kind of player does TW want MP to actually appeal to?

    Tbh I always find myself kinda confused and underwhelmed when joining MP In Bannerlord, it is almost always a cluster**** and quickly becomes boring and repetetive. I remember playing it initially with a friend at alpha launch and having fun with it for a while before it got boring. Now over a...
  13. Need help with 1.5.8 Mod load order

    Hello, So I've been getting back into playing Mount & Blade Bannerlord with some mods, but I have a few texture problems and sometimes I cant even reload a save. last time when I modded this game it wasn't this bad but I'm guessing I'm missing some incompatibility warnings, or maybe it's the...
  14. BL Other modding on epic?

    Hi, I recently got bannerlord on epic because it was cheaper than steam, Is it possible to install mods for the game if you only have it through epic? and if so how would i do this?
  15. Need More Info Sandbox Module keeps crashing

    Hi everyone, My game has just started crashing whilst my party is moving on the world map and I started to rotate the camera using right mouse button. Updated Crash Report On another crash report that I'm struggling to upload says that the crash is due to: Another part of the crash report is...
  16. how to install mods on Epic Games

    okay, so I bought the game on Epic Games a while ago and I know to theory on how to install mods, but when I go to the Epic Games folder, there's nothing there related to M&B Bannerlord. I tried right clicking on the shortcut to see the address, but it gives me...
  17. Est-ce que Bannerlord est ou peu devenir ce que l'on attendait?

    J'ai adoré Warband et ses mods, et pour moi, les seules choses à améliorer étaient les graphismes et le système de combat (Comme dans le jeu Mordhau où celui ci est excellent). Et j'hésite à me prendre Bannerlord qui, je pense à un avantage certain au niveau des graphismes mais je ne sais pas...
  18. Modders need to fix the game

    I really hate to say it but TW its just doing an awful work, i really dont understand their internal organizations or why they havent hired more people with all the money they made from Warband or Bannerlord release, but its none of my business and i dont care at this point. Modders really have...
  19. Kleidophoros

    Mod Ekibi Toplama Başlığı

    Mod konusu açmadan önce ekibe adam lazımsa buraya yazın, konu dışı iletiler atmayın. Öyle işte.
  20. Suggestions/Mod Ideas.

    These are some ideas that I would love to see implemented either by taleworlds or mods, please note I have not been able to play Bannerlord singleplayer due to my computer breaking right before release, my knowledge on it just stems from warband combined with the videos of Bannerlord gameplay I...
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