1. Modded Linux Mint Empires of Europe 1700

    Summary: Gog version of the game installed via Lutris on Linux Mint crashes when started with Empires of Europe 1700 (with all dependencies) enabled. The core game works normally. When started only with 'Harmony' module it also works fine. I've looked through the Lutris and the game logs, and...
  2. Есть проблемы со сборкой

    У меня каждый раз крашится игра при окончании боя Именно тогда, когда заканчивается, в остальных моментах все хорошо буду очень благодарен, если кто-нибудь поможет мне исправить сборку или что-то подкорректировать ссылка на crashreport
  3. VVL99

    New mod

    What would you like to see in the new mod? Example.
  4. Lornloth00

    SP - Player, NPCs & Troops Help the modders increas hairstyles

    Please help the modders increase the amount of hairstyles, facial hair, scars, and markings by giving them the information they need to do this so that they can add more of these things through mods. It can be posted here if there is no where to post it. I am certain that players would like more...
  5. LAM_

    Need More Info Sudent Crash. Something to do with babies probably.

    Summary: Just continued with the save and after a sigue returning to Jalmarys it crashed, tried again a few times and same, im prety sure the prblem must be something about the babies, in this save i tried some loverslab mods and started raping any lady i saw to see if maybe i could build and...
  6. Singleplayer vs Multiplayer Mods

    Hey guys, as someone who has yet to play the game with any mods at all, I have a couple simple mod questions. Would a total conversion mod that is marked "SP" or singleplayer only not function for multiplayer? Meaning would the new units and their skill points (as seen in the modded...
  7. Yldzhan

    Larger Map Mode

    My progress of 200+ hours so far on Bannerlord is going along fun, but it looks like the game will end before I can use my children properly. What mode can you suggest that can enlarge the map without disturbing my current progress? - Bannerlordta şu ana kadarki 200+ saatlik ilerlemem...
  8. Console Update

    Is there any timeline, status, or plan of action for the 1.2 patch to come to console? I understand that at this point, players are just as tired asking this question, as players are answering with “ Be patient..soon..just wait”. I understand that they want to take their time and make sure it’s...
  9. Display troops levels - a useful tool

    After trying a couple of mods I consistently ran into an issue where I would not have a clear idea of the troop levels based on the name of the troop, and therefore get crushed forces much stronger than mine. Instead of taking the time to learn every level of every troop for each new mod I try...
  10. Need More Info cant load saved game after 2,3,2023 update

    Summary:I cant load saved game after last update 2,3,2023. game say these moduls are different Native sandbox core cusstom battle sandbox story mod. cna i fix it? How to Reproduce:1 Have you used cheats and if so which: no
  11. Shatti

    Top 10 Mount and Blade Warband Mods

    Sharing the top 10 Warband Mods
  12. mods for console?

    some xbox games have mods and i think you would get more players or keep everyone who has gotten the game already, if possible i would love mods for console! i love the game and am looking forward to future updates !
  13. Modded Crash upon loading Campaign.

    Summary: When I try to start an campaign or sandbox my game crashes saying the error" Could not load merged xml file correctly: ItemsError: Object Reference not set instance of an Object. How to Reproduce: Load the game, press on campaign and it crashes Have you used cheats and if so which...
  14. Need More Info Game keeps Crashing

    Summary: Everytime I use mods and I want to change my performance settings my game gives an error saying the following: " d3d_device_context_-?Map at rglGPU_device::lock_texture Failed! The GPU device instance has been suspended. Use GetDeviceRemovedReason to determine the appropriate action...
  15. Оптимизация сборки моов на версии 1.0.3

    Привет! Собрал сборку методом тыка из чего попало, попереставлял в списке загрузок, вроде, работает. Но иногда (раз в 2 боя) происходят фризы с равной периодичностью (1 сек фриз - 4 сек нормально). Ну и фпс страдает в целом. Есть ли решение проблемы и модификации на оптимизацию?
  16. KD Deathmatch

    I dont know it's legal or not in this forum community but you always welcome KD Deathmatch. We have Neo-GK mod in our native server so make sure to install NeoGK in your native before joining the fun. Our Juniors and High Admins have leading the server in Modded arena map and more modded maps...
  17. AngryPanCake

    Looking for Mods

    Hello, As I stated elsewhere, I recently started playing BL again. I ran into some really annoying issues! Playing most recent versions broke some of the Mods I like and reverting back to 1.7.1 I was playing before the "vacation" was also a pain in the @$$ as the game kept crashing because of...
  18. Lord Irontoe

    Mods – Can't play with 'em, can't play without 'em

    Modding this goddamn game is a truly miserable and frustrating experience. Its so bad it makes me seriously consider going back to modded Skyrim as an easier alternative. I'm convinced that the game actively hates mods. It seems to be impossible for me to put together an interesting modlist that...
  19. Lornloth00

    Save Game Manager Application & Bannerlord

    This application can be used to separate saves, configs, mod load outs in Bannerlord. So if you are using Windows you can set this app up for each type of mod load out and set of saves. So if you want to have saves and mods just for beta testing you can make a profile for that. If you want to...
  20. Need More Info Mods not loading

    Summary: When I launch the game from steam and the launcher opens, I used to be able to play with the mods and turn them on. But this is a new device, and ever since I downloaded it, I can't activate any of the mods except the birth/death options mod. I used to play on a laptop, where all the...
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