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Previous comments still apply: https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?threads/dellarte-della-guerra.412305/post-9747099

The modders are still active posting scenes on discord.
I have also seen/read on the moddb page it is still in progress. The 'Dell'arte della guerra' team still search for active supporters but it seems there are some new folks for development. It is obviously very much work and if i see the quality of the par example armour conversions then it is sure more than only very much work. Also new buildings and so on. And thats only 'some' graphics. I have my good hopes for this mod, especially if there is so much great looking work spent til today.
I can attest that Bullero is creating wonderful scenes; visual organic orgasms. As is Safran with his stunning armour sets, prefabs and other assets.
Keep up the good work, many of us are following you patiently in hope.
This mod is basically its own game. i downloaded a bunch of mods in order to try and emulate the late 15th century period. But man this mod is something else, does anyone know when this mod is planned to release? just take my money and give me the unfinished version it looks so danm good XD (im serious).
Which ones?
medieval arms and armor (1.7.0), My little warband (so i can add medieval armor to my troops), raise your banner, Realhorses, SOB medieval coat of arms (adds medieval flags), Vladian knight lances (adds lances), horse caparisons, dismemberment plus and my favorite swadian armory (adds those cool medieval feathered helmets and more cool armor. i use more but these are the main ones. Its cool but man the armors and other stuff in this mod just look much much better.
first quarter of 2028
What does it has to do the release of a mod with the end of EA?
Look, a developer of the mod wrote on the Mod Db site...

Duchess_Skye Creator Duchess_Skye Mar 19 2022

It will be quite a while yet. The game isn't released in its full state yet and it is too unstable to mod beyond visuals. When the game releases we might be able to give a potential release date but as it stands now it is way off.

so it has absolutely and mainly something to do with end of EA.
And one aspect should be clear and obviously not only seems so..., that affects most total overhaul mods for Bannerlord.
Sad point, but patience is needed...
If they really wait the end of EA probably it will die before. Many things can happen in so many years. Also, TW is not reliable.
Finally we must have the good hopes... :smile:
Anyway if i see in which way 'Dell'arte della guerra' will be and also is presented (p.e. the video...) then i cannot imagine that mod-team will cancel their development.
And clear graphical settings like armor, environment is now possible to convert and much many work to do.
Finally we must have the good hopes... :smile:
I hope they can finish it, but I wouldn't support a mod that has not even an idea of a possible ETA.
Anyway, in the meantime, for the plate armors lovers I suggest this mod:
Campaign map and the equipments of troops are such an eye candy. I hope you guys are planning to increase the battle sizes and army sizes to the reasonable numbers too, otherwise it would feel kinda silly to see 500v500 early medieval size armies in action
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