1. oświecony

    Hussar Sabre vs Medieval Longsword

    Interesting ;)
  2. 1217AD


    1217AD is a total conversion mod for bannerlord which will focus on north-western Europe in the year 1217
  3. mrgamerlion

    B Medieval Medieval Mod : Third Crusade

    Welcome to the official page of Medieval Mod: Third Crusade. The mod is set during the Third Crusade and we look forward to posting updates. The project began yesterday and we are continuing recruitment for our mod team. We have 2 modellers, 2 concept artists and 1 lead (the lead is me). We see...
  4. HoloNesan

    SP Medieval In the Name of Jerusalem II (Devblog 2020/11/3)

    It has been a hundred years since Crusaders took over Jerusalem. As time passed, grievances and struggles aroseupon the Eastern Mediterranean. Two kings of Jerusalem died soon and after. Guy of Lusignan took the throne through royal marriage and was crowned King of Jerusalem. Meanwhile, Saladin...
  5. Once Upon A Time (Idea)

    Hi, so, brand new here and not really sure where to start. Basically, i never modded or have any knowledge on the matter in fact. I am however a huge Mount and Blade fan and played a LOT of mods for Warband, (GOT,LOTR,Star Wars...etc) Big Overhaul Mods. Needless to say i loved them of course...
  6. Fergus MacLeod

    NA_Eden the current NA PK server

    Greetings all, I would like to welcome you all to join my server on Persistent Kingdoms. I have been hosting this server since late September. We have scripts that were written and developed by the PK developers themselves, we also have weekly map changes on Sunday mornings. We have a...
  7. Twilight of Chivalry

    Twilight of Chivalry

    Twilight of Chivalry Twilight of Chivalry is an ambitious Multiplayer mod project for Mount & Blade: Warband. Built by veteran Multiplayer developers and players, Twilight of Chivalry aims to be the ultimate medieval Multiplayer experience in both large-scale events and a competitive...
  8. BigSharky

    SP Medieval Dell'arte della guerra

    Dell'arte della guerra is a global modification, which will take place in the late 15th and early 16th century Europe and Middle-East (1460-1510). Player will be able to participate in wars like the War of the Roses, Thirteen Years War, Burgundian Wars, Italian Wars and many other conflicts or...
  9. Nemerius

    SP Native Medieval Vlandia Troops Redone 1.2

    This mod is made by Artintrex and Me Nexus Page: Description: Customized Vlandia troop tree to better resemble a 14th Century European country Lack of chainmail and plate armor used by Vlandia troops really bothered...
  10. Königreich von "Stich"

    Königreich von "Stich"

    ________________________________________________________________________________________ " Ein Sonnenstrahl reicht hin, um viel Dunkel zu erhellen ." Franz von Assisi , Katholischer Heiliger. So wie einst der Heilige sprach, so gehört das Reich von " Stich " euer Sonnenstrahl für eine...
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