SP Medieval Dell'arte della guerra

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Please, release the mod... ?
Sure, but only if it is something really 'playable' :wink:.
Meanwhile i think the 'vanilla bannerlord' is not fit enough for a great mod... like in past for Warband the 1257 or crpg mod. But anywa<y for me important this mod here must not be cancelled!!!!!
The models i have seen are looking to great.
Eventually for Portugal you can use the Pastrana tapestries as reference for second half of 15th century armours.

In fact it would fit perfectly with Portugal Neo-Reconquista of Morocco.

If you need historical referencing for Portugal during this timeline let me know.
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Greetings. I'd like to ask, when may we expect the mod release? I mean, I do not want to hurry you, take your time. I'm just curious, when we will be able to finally test it, because you guys have done a lot of fantastic job, like we've seen on the videos, and we're waiting unpatiently for your mod.
Is this mod still alive, or is it dead?
I hope not. If i seen the small vids and par example the graphical models of the armour and equipment it may not be dead :smile: Clear those implementations are not all needed... But on the other side before Bannerlord is not in a more stable/finished-like stage bigger mods with total overhauls, new maps, stories and possibilities are surely mostmost rare. Momentary there exist still nothing as mod comparable, good mods are more special gameplay detail changes.
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i hope it's not dead
and while it makes me sad that Byzantium is gone, but thank god Trebizond and Theodoro are still there
would also be nice to have Epirus as well

that means i can restore the Komnenoi dynasty back to the throne of Constantinople, also known as Nova Roma
use the character customization to create Constantine XI, and also invade as the Goths of Theodoro
and also give the Pope a smack down while reforming the Roman Empire

already hyped for this mod
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