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Dell'arte della guerra is a global modification, which will take place in the late 15th and early 16th century Europe and Middle-East (1460-1510).

Player will be able to participate in wars like the War of the Roses, Thirteen Years War, Burgundian Wars, Italian Wars and many other conflicts or start a new one, of course!

Planned features (WIP):
  • Large and detailed map of Europe and Middle-East
  • Historically accurate troops, titles and heraldry
  • Gunpowder weapons and field artillery
  • Lots of playable factions (up to 45)
  • New scenes, both for battles, settlements and sieges
  • Custom music and sounds
  • New quests
Mod development is focused on local powers and conflicts meaning that new factions will be added gradually. This is current roadmap of the mod:

1. The Wars of the Roses
England - Scotland - Irish Lordships

2. The Burgundian Wars
France - Burgundy - Brittany - Swiss Confederacy - Savoy

3. The Reconquista
Castile - Aragon - Portugal - Navarra - Granada

4. First Reich and Kalmar Union
Holy Roman Empire - Denmark - Norway - Sweden

5. The Italian Wars
Milan - Genova - Florence - Siena - Venice - Papal States - Naples

6. The Thirteen Years War and Grand Duchy of Lithuania
Poland - Teutonic Order - Lithuania

7. Kingdom of Hungary and Danubian Principalities
Hungary - Wallachia - Moldavia

8. Ottomans
Ottoman Empire - Crimean Khanate - Karaman Emirate

9. Ruthenia and remnants of the Golden Horde
Muscovy - Novgorod - Great Horde

10. Northen Africa
Marinids - Zayyasnids - Hafsids

11. Middle-East
Mamluks - Qara Qoyunlu - Timurids

12. Additional factions
Georgia - Trebizond - Principality of Theodoro - Knights Hospitaller

If you want to help with mod development, feel free to message me here on Taleworlds forum, Moddb or by e-mail: [email protected]
We are currently in need of 3d and 2d artists, UI designers and musicians. Programmers and sceners are needed too, just there is nothing much for you to do due to lacking of modding tools. This will change over time of course. So keep an eye on our mod if interested and thank you for your attention!

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Hello dear friends! After a long period of silecne allow me to share our Work in Progress:





More pictures on our Moddb page :smile:
I see you guys have not been sitting on your hands; very good work team. I follow you guys closely and send you my sincere congratulations and good luck with the project. ??
It's fantastic, a real historic work! will you do a release at each step (for example just the war of the roses at the beginning) of will you wait to have finish all your roadmap?

you should post your videos on the media of nexus mod, a lot of people look there for the news about mods.
It's fantastic, a real historic work! will you do a release at each step (for example just the war of the roses at the beginning) of will you wait to have finish all your roadmap?
Thank you! Yes, we will fill the world bit-by-bit and release mod gradually. So in the first release will be the Wars of the Roses scenario on British islands, the rest of the world will be empty most likely :smile:
This came out of nowhere. I see a few projects created early in 2020 lying around abandoned, but this shines as a good show of effort and perseverance. Good job. :smile:
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