1. StaceMcGate

    1.80 Beta issues and suggestions

    Bugs - Character world map portraits either have glowing red eyes or their eyes are closed - Clan parties told to disband do not immediately do so, and may continue onwards for some time. - Spouses do not have access to trainer skill reallocation. - Army members do not purchase food while in...
  2. tomandre81

    SP - General Less is more

    Coming from Warband directly to this I felt like bombarded with HUD icons, text, clickable things. "Hold down ALT to see glowing objects / x-ray visions where people in towns are" etc. This is extremely immersion breaking and makes the game look like it's made for toddlers. You know, sometimes...
  3. You should not be able to block while kicking

  4. SP - General Option to remove projectiles from character

    I want TaleWorlds to introduce an option ingame that allows us to enable or disable projectiles such as arrows / javelins from appearing stuck in your character. It would be nice if either A) The projectiles that hit your character disappear after a certain amount of time. or B) The projectiles...
  5. AnFhile

    [WLL] Discussion & Suggestion Thread

    Discussion & Suggestion Thread Here is where you can discuss the tournament and anything related in a civilised, constructive and mature fashion. Also any suggestions in how to improve this tournament or future tournaments are more than welcome.
  6. SP - Player, NPCs & Troops Sugestions - change meta skill.

    Hello, I'd like to suggest changing the final bonus to Melee, Crossbow and Bow skills. From time to time I want to play full game with mods, also cheats. And that's when the problem arises. Because the sword is swinging too fast and the bow and crossbow are reloading too quickly, there is a bug...
  7. SP - General Suggestions to polish the game as of 1.7.0

    With the latest stable 1.7.0 update, I feel the game is starting to be in the final phases, although it still has some work to do to make it more interesting in the long term saves. Here, I will list some suggestions to polish the game in its current state, without out much of completely new...
  8. SP - Battles & Sieges Order of Battle suggestions

    Hi I want to share some of my opinions about the new order of Battle system and also see how others feel about them. I think that the system is really useful for organizing troops from multiple parties but by putting away the old system of direct assignment it is more difficult for me to...
  9. Pre-battle, allow to choose whether the main hero enters abattle mounted or on foot

    Now that there's a pre-battle screen to move troops around and plan the battle, that screen can be expanded to pick whether the main hero joins the battle mounted or not. We could also separate between a mounted loadout and an unmounted loadout, e.g. if I start mounted, I start with the mounted...
  10. kweassa

    [Mega-Feedback] On recent versions 1.6.x - 1.7.0 beta

    Overall Impression Played from early access launch to 1.4.x, and then had a long hiatus. Decided to comeback with the announcement of 1.7.0 beta in many months. From that perspective, having properly distanced myself from the stream of marginal changes throughout the versions, and able to view...
  11. GaMoR

    No Battle UI Imersion

    Hello I’m just playing with the new optional turned off Battle UI (1.7.0) and i love it. And i have a question as well: Is it planed - later down the line - to implement any immersive indicators that replaces the UI for health? Like heavy breathing for low health? Or pain sounds that very with...
  12. Riffraff99

    Let's not.

    I feel like i had a genius (or absolut horrible) idea. Lets spam their bug report system with suggestions until it collapses :iamamoron: What do you think? :unsure:
  13. StaceMcGate

    What 1.66 Needs

    Took some feedback from previous thread and played the beta to get a better sense of what is being worked on. Here's my copium and venting method in ways I think the game could be drastically improved without major overhauls. Don't expect folks to read the whole thing, just pick a topic and...
  14. StaceMcGate

    What the next patch needs

    Came back to check out the game after nearly 6 months, here's what I believe needs to be prioritized in future patches (feel free to disagree in comments) All of these I've mentioned before, but trying to maintain a glimmer of hope these get addressed. 1) Give Lords unique battle behaviors...
  15. Prodigy children

    Its really hard to level up children and create an heir. You could have something like 1 out of 10, 15 or 20 children ends up being a prodigy kid, with higher stats. Eg they could get say +50x3 instead of +5x3 SP at stages of development, and start out with 10-20SP in a bunch of skills.
  16. TheREALHayster

    SP - General Alliance Feature for Kingdoms/Clans

    I am proposing here for a feature that I feel would change a great deal about the modding of new custom kingdoms as well as improving the effect of a total conversion mods that override the base game. Currently the game only really allows for Kingdoms to be at Peace or at War which is the same...
  17. Spyware

    Does Bannerlord need more time?

    This isn't something for the devs, rather this should be discussion aimed towards all of us, the players and community of Mount and Blade. I've seen lots of diverse differing demands and people unsatisfied with the current product or its end result. In the devs' defense, it is still early access...
  18. DeLiXx

    Suggestions for troublesome game progression

    1. Conquering your first settlement with a clan's personal army In order to conquer settlements you'd usually need an army for which you'd need a kingdom for which you need a settlement for which you'd usually need an army for which... My personal experience with obtaining my first settlement so...
  19. SP - General 30 ways to massively improve Bannerlord (1.6.0)

    I love Bannerlord, and clocked 165+ hours in it already. I feel it has gone a long way from the early releases, but still has a long way to go to fulfill its massive potential. I will describe here several minor and non-minor aspects that may be improve to push the game to the next level (as of...
  20. SP - World Map [Suggestion] A diplomatic / strategic map view for the world map

    First of all I'd like to say that this game is amazing and deserves every ounce of love it gets. So getting right to it this suggestion is influenced by the games of CA and the total war franchise. A diplomatic map view showing the regions of the world map would be a good idea to view how much...
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