No Battle UI Imersion

Do you switch off Battel UI

  • Yes and i like it how it is

  • Yes but getting the Informations without UI would be great (sound etc.)

  • No

  • No but if i could get the Informations without UI i would try it

  • I tryed it and it is not for me

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Hello I’m just playing with the new optional turned off Battle UI (1.7.0) and i love it.

And i have a question as well:

Is it planed - later down the line - to implement any immersive indicators that replaces the UI for health? Like heavy breathing for low health? Or pain sounds that very with the severeness of an injury? Limping? A simple solution would be to blur more and more the vision (not so many sounds needed [male/female], additional animation). For the shields may be distinctive cracking sounds (maybe at half of hit points and a quarter hp). And a sway to Bow and Crossbow, atm it is imposible to gues how "big" your aim box is (with low skill).

I know, I know why would you need the extra work if i simply could turn on UI :wink: but for immersion purpose it would be really great. The shield durability is more or less not so important you kind of get the feeling when its close to brake and you can check by swapping shields on the battlefield. But with the health it quite difficult and you can`t tell the difference between your blood on your cloth and the blood of your foes :smile:.
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