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With the latest stable 1.7.0 update, I feel the game is starting to be in the final phases, although it still has some work to do to make it more interesting in the long term saves. Here, I will list some suggestions to polish the game in its current state, without out much of completely new features (except diplomacy :smile: ):

1. When several parties of the same faction fights an enemy, the highest ranked noble should act as an army leader. The rest of the parties should be under control of that one commander. Similarly, if the player joins an ongoing battle helping an allied army, we should start as part of the army. Commanding our party in isolation from the army is usually disastrous.

2. When the player defends a fief that doesn't belong to them in the same faction, or while completing quests like the extortion or the poachers quest, the player should be able to command the militia and the garrison troops.

3. Add an option to select companions and heroes in the deployment phase.

4. Retreat option in the sieges should be disabled when defending. Defenders retreating in open battles should cause them to suffer losses.

5. Execution of nobles should have a lesser impact. It does not make sense having a relationship penalty with my own faction for executing an enemy lord. Even more so if they are dishonourable or cruel.

6. Prisoners in dungeons should be recruitable.

7. Construction in fiefs needs rework, it takes a disproportionate long amount of time.

8. Diplomacy needs a serious rework. In my save as Aserai, Unqid literally declared war on the ENTIRE MAP at the same time, and kept refusing the peace deals. We need alliances, time fixed pacts, non-aggression pacts, etc.

9. Caravans should be more secured as they level up.

10. Add camps and training camps to player's party.

11. Add options to command friendly parties of same clan to follow player and do some quests, like garrisoning fiefs and stockpiling food.

12. Please, fix reinforcements in battles. I literally had enemy Vlandian Cavalry spawning out of no where in between my troops, letting my archers holding ground get annihilated. A possible solution may be letting a baseline (for example 50) of minimum troops to spawn. These 50 troops should spawn outside the red zone behind the starting position of the army, and walk towards its unit.

13. We need an option to command a unit to charge a specific unit. When we command a line of infantry to charge, they usually disintegrate as they seek individual units, causing the line to break. It should charge as formation against an enemy formation, not individual unit.

14. We need shorter spears to be usable in foot combat (90-110 length).

15. Smarter archer AI to target killable units. Archers and cavalry should be aimed at rather than heavily armoured infantry with massive shields in shield wall formation.

16. Option to rebuild looted villages.

17. Add option to select siege equipment that be built on the walls as defenders. I may require to use 2 ballistae and 2 catapults. This may be tied by the walls tier.

18. Released lords should not spawn full stack parties so quickly after being freed. This should make holding lords prisoners more effective.

19. Shields walls should consider making pikemen brace behind shielded troops to halt cavalry rather then passing through a massed infantry line. This point along with points 12 and 13 should make the battles more tactical, not boiling down solely to unit types and quantities.
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