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I love Bannerlord, and clocked 165+ hours in it already. I feel it has gone a long way from the early releases, but still has a long way to go to fulfill its massive potential. I will describe here several minor and non-minor aspects that may be improve to push the game to the next level (as of v 1.6.0):


These suggestions are, in my opinion, minor ones that could be easily added to the base game:

1. Ability to adopt/assimilate companions into the clan, so that they become nobles.
2. Make smithing stamina increase over time, not just by waiting in town.
3. Caravans should be able to increase its strength, as they are easy targets to Sea Raiders and bandits late in the game.
4. Executions should become more prominent, and the effects are dependent on the target's personality. I shouldn't be hated for executing someone who is dishonourable or just pillaged and sacked a town of my kingdom.
5. Massively outnumbered enemy AI lords should be able to surrender peacefully. It makes no sense for 10 warriors to fight against a 300+ party, although characters with high valour could just fight to the death.
6. Allow the player to ransom captured clan members.
7. Add more Aserai boots.
8. Neretezes' Folly quest is VERY boring, and is the reason I don't really play a campaign. It needs to be skippable with some sort of optional quest or even a checkbox at the start of the game.
9. Add more branching quest trees to lords, with choices that have consequences. This alone will the world much more personal and alive.
10. Recruitment of garrisons should be easier. Owning a town and 2+ villages should be easily see recruits coming in to the garrison. At the current rate it is really tedious to amass a sufficient garrison.
11. Option to give lower rank AI parties from same kingdom tasks to, for example, recruit troops to garrison.
12. Easily know the gender of the child at birth, and prompt the user to name them, before assigning a default name.
13. More banner creation options, and ideally, a colour picker tool, rather than fixed options.
14. Option to be a mercenary soldier early game, for more variety of character builds.
15. Better ways to make money, rather than smithing and loot. Trade is viable early on, but becomes very tedious and boring later on (at around 100-125 Trading Skill).
16. Shield wall should make unshielded troops position behind the shielded troops.
17. I would love to see flagbearers in battles.


These suggestions are, in my opinion, major ones that mainly include new mechanics:

18. Please bring back the option to camp and train troops and ambush from Viking Conquest.
19. Ability to retain weapons grabbed from dead enemies in battlefield.
20. Battle Terrain System. Please.
21. A complete diplomacy overhaul. The game already has a barter system, so it should not be a big deal having diplomacy included. Agreements like Non-Agression Pact, Alliances, War Ultimatums, etc. will make the game on a much higher level (Total War and Civ style).
22. Player should be able to deploy troops before battle (Total War style). This maybe tied with the Leadership and Tactics skills.
23. One-handed swingable polearms.
24. More complicated formations for units. For example, testudo, cantabrian circle, and spear wall. Spear and pike infantry should be able to brace their spears. CA should be able to do full circles AROUND the enemy, not INTO the enemy. Shield walls should take into consideration shielded vs unshielded troops.
25. Ability to target an area for cav charges or archer fire.
26. Ability to stock castles with food and supplies.
27. For more rouge focused characters, shady options should be available. Recruiting from hideouts and gangleaders, and ability to become a raider/bandit lord.
28. Shock troops should have a default formation which is separate from infantry, since they are easily decimated when in line with regular infantry.
29. Ability to order clan member parties to follow you or send them on quests to complete issues for notables.
30. Clearing hideouts should have more consequences, and so should the main quest.
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