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Coming from Warband directly to this I felt like bombarded with HUD icons, text, clickable things. "Hold down ALT to see glowing objects / x-ray visions where people in towns are" etc.
This is extremely immersion breaking and makes the game look like it's made for toddlers. You know, sometimes finding out where stuff are by yourself gives you a sense of wonder and excitement. Exploring is also fun without being told where to go.

I also noticed you get a hit box every time you hit an enemy and it also turns read if you got a headshot. And on top of that a loud "thud" sound just make sure if you weren't paying attention, you sure would hear you hit something.
- Come on guys! In Warband I had no trouble seeing if I shot a guy far away or hear him scream as I killed him up close.
Can we at least get an option to remove the hitmarker both visually and sound?
I also have a problem with a glowing blue "!" over towns telling you again: "Here is a quest for you!" - Again, part of the fun is finding out stuff for yourself.
I miss the part in Warband where you had to ask lords where to find other lords, and also not knowing if they had a quest for you until you asked.

I also dread the season: just suddenly goes from summer to winter. How about spring and autumn? Or gradually notice it becoming winter?

Also the lack of variation in scenery got me depressed. Same tavern, same battlefield. very rarely I a different view.
I was actually hoping that Bannerlord had such a great engine without loading times and instead of waiting about 5 seconds going from the map to the "action map",
it would just zoom in and you would get the correct scenery from the map to the action map. That would be awesome.
Also being able to travel in real time in the action map would be great too. I mean your engine can handle 1000 troops at the battlefield.
How awesome would it be to just traverse the action map in real time and come upon a bunch of looters or a huge army? Well, perhaps in the future?

But I got to give you some pros: You nailed the combat! This is way deeper and more fun than in Warband. The physics feels right, heavy and good
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