1. Spears idle stances and switching from 2h to 1h

    Spearmen would look better if, when idle, they would hold their spears upright, just like the loading screens. Also would love to have the ability to swap from two-handed to one-handed when holding a spear with no shield (if the spear is light/short enough). What do you think?
  2. Xanno

    W+W for cav. Bumps and damage from horses with 0 speed, and slooooow inf spears

    How to make game balanced 1)Just delete this insta W+W for cav that gives them +10000 speed in 0,0001 sec 2) Decrease time that you lying on the ground after cav bumps - feels like my characker is summo guy 150 kg (or make that time less for light armored classes) 3)Make armored classes more...
  3. Suggestion: Braced Formation Command

    I suggest adding a braced or planted formation command, that would enable spear formations to brace their spears against the ground in an anti-cavalry charge spear wall. Such formations should be devastating against charging cavalry units. Especially if the braced formation could be combined...
  4. Buff spears.

    I don't know if anything was directly changed to spears since the infamous 1.5 (or was it 1.4) patch that changed a lot of the combat parameters, but they've gone from weak beforehand to utterly useless. My suspicions is it's due to the changes made to movement speed but I haven't done much...
  5. CrazyElf

    Spear / pike bracing in single player?

    Does anyone know what the current plan is for pike and spear bracing in single player? Will the mechanic look like the multiplayer equal or will there be changes compared to the multiplayer version? Right now I think that some units, most notably the Vlandian Pikeman, are not really viable...
  6. TheShermanator

    1-on-1 Spear+Shield Tournament Battles: The Wooooooorst!

    1-on-1 Spear+Shield Tournament Battles are this: The Worst (Jean Ralphio, parks and rec) So there are lots of threads already about the limitations of spears in the game's current iteration, suggestions for different spear mechanics. Here's one of many examples...
  7. Shik

    Looters vs Spearmen

    I modified the Imperial Recruits to use an imperial spear and a kite shield instead of an iron spatha to see what happens.
  8. brognar

    Fix Spearmen: They're not even spearmen at the moment.

    The effectiveness of spears has been discussed endlessly here, so I won't get into the specifics of the weapon itself. There is a larger problem in the game affecting spearmen in game, and it has effects on both gameplay AND immersion. Spearmen DO NOT USE THEIR SPEARS. They almost...
  9. GG Cannon

    Spears are weak.

    This is a feedback towards both Single and Multiplayer. Spears in the game are currently all considerable short to at most medium spears, both due to their lengths and improper way of holding and placement on the characters hand. They also possess too little damage and besides than on...
  10. khuzaithorde

    A fix for spears and cavalry (video)

    I feel that cavalry could be improved by: 1. Not allowing them to charge head on through a braced formation (especially spears/pikes) 2. If charging into a braced formation, horses will refuse the charge 3. Being able to have a successful charge only if hitting infantry from the flank or from...
  11. reset5

    Stabs are useless, they weren't as bad in beta, they were far better in warband.

    Let's look at every weapons stabs: 1. Two handed sword: stabs have such a long wind up, pair that with risk of it bouncing off enemies belly, pair that with little damage it deals and it ends up so useless no one uses stab attacks. Why stab when slashes are faster and more consistent in damage...
  12. Discussion Infantry Spears - how to make better

    Spears are weird in this, one of the most used and most effective weapons in history is kinda meh, the Triarii wall is alright but not at all what you would expect from a shield and spear unit. In close range its alright, if your skills are good you can strike a few times before a battle line is...
  13. OneEyedGeirtyr

    Improving Spears (so they can be fun)

    Hail! To get right to it, spears in the game as they are, are not viable on foot. Unless you are far more skilled at the game than your opponent, especially in multiplayer, they have little to no use aside from stopping the occasional horse charge. Im sure we are all aware of this. So before I...
  14. ZydrateTheSmoothCriminal

    Spears suck, here's why and a few possible solutions

    Spears and pikes are terrible to the point of being useless in Bannerlord. Or any polearm, really, their main advantage is being a group fighting weapon and their immense reach. Now irl, if you've a shield and proper training with it, it is possible that you can block one thrust and rush in to...
  15. Falrock

    Nerfing cavalry

    Right now cavalry on multiplayer are pretty overpowered. I get that they would be difficult to fight in a realistic situation but I think they should either decrease the HP of the horses or make spears more damaging against them. I often have cavalry charging almost full speed directly into a...
  16. [DISCUSSION] Thrust attack and Spears

    Hi all, I was wondering if some else is having problems with this 2 things, thrust sword attack, and Spears combat (without mount). For me sword lash attack is easier cuz can dodge thrust and overhead, rarely strike thrust. And spear attack is way to slow and open vs other weapons. What you...
  17. Marcquez

    Couching with spears

    I noticed that normal spears are not capable of couching/jousting with during battles. Would be nice when using the button to switch weapon stances on a horse with a long weapon to couch it.
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