pattern welded texture for sword and other edged weapons

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This type of Pattern welded is done by take small steel rods of 2 types of steel. A harder lighter color steel and a darker softer but more flexible steel. Then welded them together to create lager rods , these are then welded together to make the core and final a rod of mostly harder lighter color steel to welded on to edge.

Pattern welded is came about between A.D 197 - 205. It was fist used by Romans. Over 64% of the 142 Anglo-saxon and viking swords from the 5th through the 10th centuries, discovered in England and X-rayed by the British Museum are pattern welded. 90 swords out of 106 found at Nydam a 200 A.D - 400 A.D site are pattern welded . Patten welded is not only use to make swords , but also spears and seax. Given that so many weapon were made this way and that Bannerlord is set in the 1000 A.D. I find it odd that pattern weldeding is not include in the game



The Sword in Anglo-Saxon England by Hilla Ellis Davidson page 32

Weapons and warfare in Anglo-Saxon England by Sonia Chadwick Hawkes
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