Fix Spearmen: They're not even spearmen at the moment.

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The effectiveness of spears has been discussed endlessly here, so I won't get into the specifics of the weapon itself.

There is a larger problem in the game affecting spearmen in game, and it has effects on both gameplay AND immersion.

Spearmen DO NOT USE THEIR SPEARS. They almost exclusively use their sidearms, even when charged by horsemen. Spearmen should almost always use their spears, even in infantry engagements. Vlandian recruits are one of the few units who have a spear and no sidearm and they are quite effective in formation, but once upgraded into footmen they never use their spears and only use swords. The footmen are about equally effective against infantry but their swords make them useless against horses.

Spearmen need to use their spears more exclusively to give them a distinct tactical role rather than being a crappier version of melee infantry. Spear-focused factions/troop trees should play differently and demand different tactics, but at the moment they don't really. As well, spears "glued" to characters' backs look incredibly stupid and should be avoided as much as possible. I understand it's necessary but it looks silly when my entire army spawns in with spears glued to them.

Spearmen should either be denied sidearms (not a great solution) or should only use them in certain situations e.g. during sieges or when not in formation and surrounded by enemies. Spearmen in formation should always use spears, even against infantry. As another point, the backwards collision of stabs should be reduced so the AI can effectively fight with spears in formation.
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