1. Zyakan

    Unresolved Campaign AI flaws

    Hello, Here are some silly behaviour I noticed from NPCs parties : 1 ) Possible bug : When you gather parties to your army, they seem to not buy any food on the way. I regularly have to share my food with them. When going to villages to buy food, allied parties buy nothing even if they are...
  2. Villiage recruit logic after enemy Faction takes Town

    I have noticed that after an enemy takes a town, I have a lot harder time recruiting from surrounding villages. To me, this seems a little backwards as the enemy does not yet have a large presence in the area(they usually only leave a few dozen soldiers in the town). This i think is another...
  3. LawLeewer

    Unresolved Bug regarding recruting lords

    I was trying to convince a lord to betray his liege so I saved before entering the conversation. Failed some attempts then reloaded it (before leaving the conversation). When I try to talk to the lord again the 'persuasion minigame' shows up on any save I load and I can't try again or even...
  4. Greyfoxgrey

    [TD] Tzar's Druzhina [NA]

    Clan Name: Tzar's Druzhina [TD] Zone: NA Contacts: Salah Info Kak Dila fellow Druzhniks. Looking for a fun, active, tight-knit community? Look no further! The Tzar's Druzhina is looking for recruits. Why are you different from together regiments? we emphasize fun, don't allow toxic behavior...
  5. Unresolved Can't recruit Cavalry

    Hi can somebody help me out? I have 12 Stumper horses but when I click in the party tap to recruit horseman it says I don't have any horses? Can somebody help me plz! Thx!
  6. XIIIth regiment

    XIIIth regiment

    XIIIth тагма будет рада приветствовать новых игроков, для которых красивая игра и командная работа важнее, чем личный скилл. Клан имеет долгую историю. Основанный в первые дни появления Mount & Blade как сетевой игры, клан существует до сих пор. Основные требования к кандидатам: адекватность...
  7. Automate Units Recruiting

    Hi all, Does any of you know if it is possible, as in warband, to automate recruiting in towns and castles ? Good game, Spamalot
  8. hailtothechi

    Memory Thread

    Post old 33rd screenshots or videos here gang; Here's our 2 year anniversary video 33e Two Year Anniversary
  9. Lords does not recruit new troops

    Having played a large amount of time as a vassal of Sturgia, I noticed that the Lords do not recruit new troops. In my case, Sturgia is at war with Vlandia. And after a certain number of battles, there remain only lords with 5-30 units in their armies. The situation does not change over time. In...
  10. JohnVicres

    HOW TO SET RECRUITS TO OWNING FACTION'S CULTURE - Viking Conquest Reforged 2.054

    This forces recruits from villages and towns, for both the player and npc lords, to be the faction's troops. AKA if you're part of Northvegr and conquer Scuin (whose culture is goidelic), the recruits you get from Scuin and it's villages will be NORDIC, not goidelic. Because I wanna be a viking...
  11. Black Rose Order

    Black Rose Order

    Our webside(still in progress): Any Questions? Add me on Steam: Scoutel
  12. OM-Eclipse

    Bannerlord Steam & Discord Group seeking members!

    Hey everyone. I'm creating a new group for Bannerlord called Banners & Butter (inspired from the popular Butterlord pun). I want to build a solitary band of players before the game launches. The group will include BOTH casual & competitive environments of play, meaning we will have a competitive...
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