Can't form an army because the lords in my faction are useless.

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They can't build their parties up to above 40% of their party limit size. Which apparently is a requirement for adding them to your army. Since they're all rubbish, they've managed to lose all fiefs except from a single castle. So all 10 or so of them are just pottering about that castle trying to grab units from the nearest two villages. The result is that they all have 20-30 units and aren't getting anywhere.

There's another castle and a city nearby with tiny garrisons. Maybe 40 for the castle and 60 for the city. So if I could get together an army then I could actually take one. (every time I try with my normal party the enemy sends an army of 200-800 in size to crush me...). If I was able to take one then the lords would have more villages to get recruits from, then they would build their parties and we'd be rolling again.

Unfortunately, I guess I just can't.
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