1. sermen

    Cavalry penetrates Circle and Square formation at will without any significant loses, goes through the whole formation and goes out another side

    Even cavalry without lances, even singular raiders, easily penetrate "Circle" and "Square" 400-500 man formations of heavy speared infantry, kill archers inside, goes though and goes out another side. Soldiers are not active, 90% of the time simply standing and waiting for their doom not being...
  2. Need More Info Vlandian Levi Crossbowman considered Infantry

    I am not entirely sure this is a bug, but the first Vlandian crossbowman you promote from the Vlandian recruit is listed as infantry. This can be fixed manually by changing it's formation to 'II', but the formation will reset after your party no longer has any. Can be a bit annoying. Please...
  3. Stevepunk

    Need More Info Formation groups mixed up in combat - e1.0.6

    Bug Description: Heroes are set to Formation 1 in the Party Menu but in battle they are mixed in with the Cavalry Group (Formation 3). Previously I could press 1 in battle to select only heroes (2 for archers, 3 for cav, etc.), 1 selected everyone so I reloaded and now 1 selects infantry even...
  4. [Suggestion] Unit behavior based on their proficiency or "Tactics" skill

    So now a freshly started character out of blue knows every unit formation and how to employ them in battle and is able to make even untrained troops like recruits follow formation orders and orders in general perfectly. This kind of contradicts how other skills you need to level at some degree...
  5. What do healers do

    What do they actually do whilst fighting? And where should I position them? All my girl did was die :-p and I put her range formation.
  6. How would you approach this situation

    You have 40 ppl in your party. 50 archers are coming at you in open field You have an even mix of Infantrymen, horse archers, horsemen, and archers. How would you set up formations? this is mostly out of curiosity for myself as I struggle with large groups of archers currently :)
  7. kreamy

    Better Follow formation & BEING PART of a shieldwall etc

    theres no reason a line formation, or shield wall shouldnt walk with you pretty much side by side, instead of following u from behind. You should be able to get into a formation, and have a *slot* in the formation.. IE, the same way groups line up (with their little flag icon) 1) YOU can be...
  8. I love the idea of formations and commanding your units but it's lacking in it's current state.

    I like the whole aspect of formations but different formations seem to make no difference in any way. aside from shield wall against archers, because if you don't order them to go into a shield wall many units seem to openly invite arrows into their faces. Square formations don't really stop...
  9. BestMods168 Video Thread

  10. White Stallion Company - WSC

    White Stallion Company - WSC

    Anyone willing to have a go, play in a team, play with discipline, and seeking to improve is welcome to apply to join WSC! To do so, contact either a recruiter on our discord or WSC_Maj | Spearszy. - A brief history; White Stallion Company formed on the 1st of May...
  11. 84e Régiment

    84e Régiment

    Links Teamspeak: Discord: Steam Contacts Aldemar: Leaf: Lore/History The "Régiment" as the locals often call them, appeared in Calradia shortly after the empire had fallen into Civil war. A battle...
  12. M


    Give to an axe and a spear all what they deserve!
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