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Normant vs Jomsvikingr.



RagnarGerman said:
Normant vs Jomsvikingr.

You reminded me to obtain photos I took on the Wolin festival, I haven't done it yet!
vtz said:
Wow, that's great! Very informative video, thanks for posting it here.
From what I can see, some common stuff is used to paint the meterial in red. And I thought that this color was very hard to obtain back then  :smile:
Back to the topic, there was a lecture about dying textiles in early medieval I attended on the Wolin festival. The lecturer confirmed that people in those times liked dying their clothes, and she also told us which plants and other stuff were used for such purposes. She said that early medieval dyers were able to obtain literally every color but red (they could get some reddish orange and pink, though). She also mentioned dying wool is much easier than dying linen.


I have always wondered why shields in Vikingr are so thin. Yes, I've watched Lindybeige and I do realise that a thin shield is usually better than a thick one, but shields in Vikingr are just hilariously thin, thinner even than a sheet of paper. Why? The Norman shields, for example, have perfect thickness in my opinion!


Round shields shouldn't be that thin, no- but they shouldn't be as thick as the kite shield either. But eh, it's a game- dun really matter. And besides you don't really notice in the heat of battle. :'3

Got a few pictures from the Regia Anglorum training at Usk Castle in Wales last weekend if anyone is interested. Shame it was only me and one other guy from my local group there, but it was grand all the same.


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I'll take a peek, I love me some Usk castle, Raglan has got to be my favourite in the area however. Moats get me all wet.  :fruity:


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Roman shield fragments are usually stated as 5-7mm thick as I recall.

Viking era shields also follow this, for example the viking Trelleborg shield is stated as being 8mm at the center hole(boss rim) and skillfully tapered to a 5mm at the outer edge.

Shields from the pagan Anglo-Saxon graves average 7.5 mm thick calculated out of 103 examples(Dickinson and Härke 1992).

So I guess you could take a ruler and visualize this for yourselves  :party:
Too lazy to upload, so have a link to my Facebook;


Thank you for your replies, especially for statistics provided by Mamlaz. I did took a ruler and I still think shields in Vikingr should be thicker than they are, not that much thicker as I wanted it before, though!  :smile:


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Mhh, looks like a holywood movie, only in russian.

They should let the polish do the job, they usually make some quite accurate historical movies. (Atleast more accurate than the americans do.)


Dansk viking said:
Meanwhile the Norwegians just make fun of it.

Lol that was great.
But god... Looks like they are wearing coat of plates, doesn't really fit into the viking age  :facepalm:


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RoligSnø said:

Yeah, sh*tty movies arrive

Have no idea whether these upcoming Rusiblyat productions are crap or not – And neither do you!  :lol:

Planning to watch them both, in fact.
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