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How about we all gather in this mead hall once again?  :smile:

I have finally copied photos from the 2016 Wolin festival which my family and I have taken and would like to share them with you.
There were several events worth photographing, such as...

Sea battles!



The mighty Czechs fought too. What is more, they arrived there with the only ship of the Czech fleet  :grin:


There were also duels!



And kind of fights in which you are supposed to push your foe down to the water.



And 5 vs 5 fights, which I enjoyed the most.



Later, I took the camera from my dad and started taking photos from the ground very close to fighters.







What do you guys think about these?

PS If you would like to get one of these photos in better resolution, let me know - they are 3072x2304 by default.



You accidentally reminded me about posting this one:

It looks like a good base for a meme, but I haven't invented any funny text for this yet!


The organization wasn't particularly good and some events from the schedule didn't take place at all. And the great battle was a disappointment to me, the aread around the battlefield was so crowded that I couldn't find a good spot for watching... And there wasn't enough place for that many warriors, so many of them didn't fight most of the battle, waiting for a hole in the shieldwall to jump into...
Apart from that, though, the event was really fascinating


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Well that's interesting, but why didn't they include a picture of the historian who managed to find such proof against the accepted norm?
Not to mention how the article paints a... different picture to what I remember about battles in general. "a West Saxon army against a combined hoard of Vikings, Scots and Irish"


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Not that that wasn't interesting, but it's pop history journalism, with all its pitfalls (melodramatic lines and catchy but gratuitous hooks, and overselling pretty much everything). All the issues the guy mentions have been discussed for decades, and the consensus stands in spite of them because, despite its problems, it remains the most likely location.

This "TV historian" fails to take into consideration other names associated with the battle, such as Dingesmere (cf. Thingwall, a few miles from Bromborough), or details such as Óláfr/Amlaíb sailing from there directly to Ireland, or the form in independent Welsh annals (Brune; and by the way, the overwhelming majority of early sources have only one <n> in the name). If the Bromborough theory "rests on the name alone" (which isn't even completely true, as I said), his alternative doesn't really rest on anything but his assumption that everybody must have taken the most direct route, as if other considerations couldn't apply (like, I don't know, two big armies manoeuvring, perhaps having to get supplies from Man, or trying to get the Welsh involved for political reasons, or looking for the support of northern and western Wirral's Norse settlers, or what have you). Also, the article tries to pass as "early sources" stuff that was written 200 years after the fact, but I wager that's just the Daily Mail being ****, not the historian's fault.

edit: also, Amlaíb mac Gofraid was warring against Amlaíb Cenncairech of Limerick as late as August 937. It's exceedingly likely that he sailed directly from there to the western shores of England, to join the Scottish and Cumbrian forces; the Battle of Brunanburh must have taken place around October 937, so there's not a lot of room for a long detour.

Dansk viking

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Scholagladiatoria has some really good videos on housecarls and the Dane axe, and more to come with his new lovely reconstructions:



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ᚦorkell said:
Scholagladiatoria has some really good videos on housecarls and the Dane axe, and more to come with his new lovely reconstructions:

So they arrived, that's geil; definitely giving this a watch!

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Is it at all possible to get a Single Player Vikingr? Or if someone has made one, even with just replacing the factions in Calradia, and adding Motomataru's formationsAI  it'd still be fun to play.

I love the mod, but I can't make it to the weekly shieldwall events because of work (they take place at 2:30 PM my time) , which is pretty much the main reason I'd like to play single player. Probably just a hopeless dream, but I figured I might as well ask.

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BNS Marko said:
I haven't heard of anyone making an SP overhaul with Vikingr's exact factions and assets, no.

But there is the Viking Conquest DLC, or perhaps the Sword and the Axe SP mod.

I've got both, but there's something about Vikingr that makes it more special. I think it's a combination of the animations (like cavalry) with the consistency of the textures and other assets.
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