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Summary: I have found 2 bugs in this game where I will briefly discuss them. I have seen other forums on them, but specifically for the PS5 game they have never been fixed or I personally never found where these problems reported in the PS5 section of Bannerlord.
1. Clan size limit: Well, I don't think necessarily this is a bug, but I was wondering if there is suppose to be a clan size limit or if this was a mistake possibly..? If there is a clan size limit, may you specify what the limit is? If there isn't a limit, I was wondering if you can fix this. Thanks.
Previous thread for clan size limit that wasn't fixed nor even said if there is a clan size limit:
^ Again, if this is purposely done then ignore my first statement above. However, I would like the 2nd bug to be fixed though.

2. Rebel clans not being able to join your kingdom: Once a kingdom is destroyed, there are obviously clans that are all over the place. If you go up to the clan you want to recruit that isn't in a kingdom, it doesn't even give you an option to recruit them and only A.I. Kingdoms can recruit them, which can be a bit annoying. The only option it will give you is to give them a proposal, or to just simply leave the interaction.
A thread I have found where this was discussed, but it is still unresolved as of April 9, 2024:
Hopefully you guys can resolve these issues. Thank you for reading.
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For the version number of the game, I am not sure what it is, but it is the latest version released by Taleworlds sometime in the middle of March for ps5 version (couldn't find it, but just know it is the latest update and honestly I am not even sure that the below version is even correct, but it is the latest version released to ps5)
In the current release on the pc the rebel clans will vanish if they loose their holding but had "managed to survive the 30 inital days to form their own kingdome".
So that is technically fixed whenever it comes to Ps5.

As for why we the players cant recruit them though, that Is how the game from my understanding is set up, they are the "ruleing" clan of their faction even if the faction is defeated.
I wish the devs would change it so that they would join players like other clans in the mentioned case they outlive the rebellion, but loose their fief later on.
I know its possible as modders have "fixed" it on various mods, that lets them join the kingdomes of he player.(thats pc only for now mods, and well unles Sony change it mods wont happend due to 3rd party)

I'm guessing that there wont be a new patch before the fabled 1.30 hits "sometime" no eta on it.
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