Suicide Bandits During Quest

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Nahh, I am sure they considered making looters explode on death to increase the risk;
You don't understand. The looters were holding them back. Once they die there's nobody left to stop the eldritch ghosts from ripping your knights' souls apart.
AI been dumber then HI doesn't mean that it's done on purpose.

It is. I'm not an Expert, but I'm nearly 100% sure about this. Gaming firms don't approach AI from the angle of making it the best for a very good reason. Especially with how far stuff like "self-learning" algorithms have gotten, it needs to be balanced on purpose.

That's literally almost every other quest in the game: Go there, do that, follow this, pickup that, find it, bring it back, deliver it there...

Which is/was one of the major issues of the game last time I played. Giving those individual generic quests some meaning other than grind was as problematic in past TW games, as it is now. At least in my opinion. It never really feels like an achievement, or overcoming adversity, or a challenge. Especially so when you get 5 of the same exact quest in 5 villages you visit in succession. Not sure how pronounced that is nowadays, though.
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