bandit hunting

  1. Suicide Bandits During Quest

    During guest to hunt down 2-3 groups of bandits in vicinity, bandit AI is switched to "do not run from player" mode, making whole guest almost trivial. Does it irritate somebody else how devs sometimes try to make it trivial for player to finish the quest? Because more I play more this quest is...
  2. JA55

    Bannerlord world map Pacman hunt

    Hey folks. I've noticed that the big problem in the game is with hunting enemies on the world map. It feels like playing a Pacman and it looks too darn silly. There is a simple solution to this craziness. This is the view from me playing on "Realistic" settings. Bandits or enemies don't...
  3. SP - World Map Suggestion: Targeted Bandit Groups

    It would be nice to have a few more larger bandit groups show up (30-50), but have them target ONLY hero parties so the economy isn't disrupted.
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