1. Need More Info Game crashing - Due to older brother dying?

    Summary: I have been playing the same save file for my entire playthrough. something like 45-50 years has passed in game and the year is 1125. I am reaching a point where no matter what I do, the game is crashing. I believe that it may have something to do with my older brother character (or...
  2. Resolved Inn and Out quest gives the player 1000 extra gold

    Summary: Accepting the quest "Inn and Out" and solving it by playing against the Game Host and winning gives the player 1000 extra gold. I think the problem is that in order to play with the Game Host to solve the quest requires the player to wager 1000 gold, but the game doesnot subtracts that...
  3. Resolved Landowner Needs Manual Laborers quest bug

    Summary: After solving the Extortion by Deserters quest and taking some prisoners from them, I am not able to transfer those prisoners to the other quest (Landowner Needs Manual Laborers). Talking to the questgiver while i only have prisoners from the Extortion by Deserters quest and talking to...
  4. Lord_Greatbrow

    Resolved Typo (Village Needs Draught Animals)

    Summary: There's a typo in the villagers need cows quest description page. The word Cows is misspelled. How to Reproduce: It's not reproducing it, it's Getting rid of it is the trick Scene Name (if related): Village Needs Draught Animals Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: Windows...
  5. Necronomicron

    How to complete claimant quest?

    I have taken Lady Isolla's quest, I've conquered Swadia, the Rebel's faction became just «Kingdom of Swadia», all lords are Isolla's vassals now, but I still have the quest. Shortly after I've captured the last castle, she said «NO STRING!» to me and left the party. She also made me a marshall...
  6. Need More Info Art of the Deal profit is seen as a loss

    Summary: I bought 46 grapes for 736 denars and sold 43 of them for 840 denars which would be a profit of 104 denars, but the game thinks I lost 104 denars on the deal and makes me pay for the profit. The quest dialogue was something like "I'm sorry, the market was not as I expected. I only made...
  7. five bucks

    Minor Faction Quests to fulfill each faction's unique lore in gameplay.

    Minor factions are said in the lore to do lots of interesting things. The Brotherhood of the Woods rob from the rich and give to the poor, the Forest People do slash-and-burn farming in the deep woods, the Embers of the Flame want to bring back the child Emperor, the Hidden Hand acts like the...
  8. In Progress bug/exploit

    Hello, I was playing BannerLord last night and I ran into a interesting bug that could be exploited easily. I was fleeing back to my castle for safety as 3 other lords whom I was at war with where chasing me. During this time the “Bandit Camp Quest” started. The lord instantly started to attack...
  9. seedee

    Issues with the "destroy raiders" conspiracy mission

    1) If a group of raiders says they can't fight me and decides to surrender, it doesn't count as a party eliminated, and the quest is bugged 2) Raiders are invincible when fought by a companion's party. The raiders will respawn and my companion continuously loses troops for nothing.
  10. WouLinX

    Need More Info Train Troops Quest Bug

    I got quest from Hurunag, he said he need troops in his garrison. I did exactly what he wants from me and still i couldn't give this quest. All i can say is "I'm still recruiting troops" and "I need more time to find suitable mans."
  11. Resolved "Gang leader needs weapons" quest consuming wrong weapons - patch 1.5.7

    The "Gang leader needs weapons" quest seems to so far only ask for one-handed axes - however when i hand in the quest it takes swords/polearms/throwing knives/javelins and even bows and possibly other weapon types from my inventory instead of the actual axes. I only noticed this after...
  12. Need More Info Vinela infinite conversation bug

    Please use the directives below when posting a thread to reporting a bug. Using this draft will help us gather relevant and needed information more easily and quickly. You can use external sites to upload screenshots and Youtube for videos. There is no NDA or any limitations on videos. Thanks...
  13. niekdegrijze

    proactive quest givers

    I made this point earlier in a combined suggestion, but I thought I summit this single part again. Proactive quest givers Get quest request by messages, or even better get approached in settlements. It would benefit the immersion in the world if these quest givers sometimes send a message to...
  14. Adrivan

    Resolved Can't find Istiana or Arzagos for quest

    For the quests: "Meet with Istiana" and "Meet with Arzagos", neither of these NPCs are present in their respective cities (Epicrotea and Marunath). The quest worked fine in my previous save, which was on 1.5.7 beta. The problem has only appeared in a new campaign started on 1.5.8 beta. I will...
  15. Monkey

    Resolved [1.5.7 beta] "Landowner Needs Pasture" Quest Bug

    I escort the villager party to the target location, but instead of spawning the enemy party (whom I always tell to "bug off"), this time the game did nothing. The villager party stays there indefinitely for several days until the quest times out. Their numbers even start to dwindle as they get...
  16. Stromming

    In Progress Train troops complete pop-up in bandit leader duel

    Summary: If you bring your last borrowed troops to hideout and they die, you get the pop-up asking you to choose to keep or send back troops to quest giver. Right in the middle of a the duel / battle against hideout leader How to Reproduce: see above Scene Name (if related): Hideout Media...
  17. N.tony

    Resolved 1.5.7 Deserter Extortion Quest - hungry deserters

    I've only noticed in the recent playthrough, but whenever the deserter party is spawned, it looks like it has no food, so by the time they get to the village, they lose a lot of people (more than a dozen from what I saw) Not sure if that's intended behavior
  18. ManWithKnife

    Dragon Banner Quest Failed

    I was fighting alongside the armies of The Empire. I had commited dozens of betrayals and just as many desperate rescues. I've executed the traitors who abandoned the cause of The Empire, as well as the filthy barbarians who dared to oppose it. I watched as our enemies picked us off one by one...
  19. Short_n_quick

    Need More Info [1.5.7 beta] Quests given by village notables are "seasonal"

    Quests which are given by village notables change over time globally. I will give example. At the beginning a lot of them give "manual laborers" quest, and maybe "seed grain". There are some different ones among them, but general trend is that most of them tend to require one thing. Then there...
  20. Resolved Epicrotea Nameplate indicating non-existing Quest.

    Epicrotea Nameplate indicating non-existing Quest. Save uploaded.
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